Sarah Palin laughing all the way to the Bank amid Jealousy, Covetousness, Loathing and Admiration

Sarah Palin in her element, Wasilla, Alaska

Sarah Palin in her element

Ok, for the Sarah Palin lovers I’m sure you feel as I do;  that she will be like a Phoenix; rising up more beautiful and wonderful than ever.  Not only due to her clear, true, beauty, but her inner beauty that radiates to the outward self.  This inner beauty can only be found and is only visible when someone “walks the walk”.  In other words, Sarah Palin loves the Lord her maker, creator, and that way of life is evident in all she says and does; politically and personally.

Now, the reason the Left is so stinking scared of her?  That’s right; the Left is scared of Sarah Palin.  Why? Many reasons; Sarah was not born with the ethereal “silver spoon” as most in her arena.  Sarah did not attend ANY Ivy League Schools as most in her arena have.  Sarah has worked hard her entire life (not sitting around eating tea and crumpets or community organizing or at the Country Club) as some have claimed they worked so hard at.  Plain and simple, Sarah Palin is a threat to the Left Wing Liberals of our time and their crummy Anti-American thinking and ways of life.

Yes, yes, yes!  The Left Wing Liberal Whack Jobs as well as the untiring Left Wing Liberal Whack Job Media just Cannot get enough of our beloved Sarah.  I think it is so Funny!  The Left Wing Liberal Media is coveting Sarah Palin! ROFL.

Could Sarah Palin be Obama and the Left Wing Liberals and Left Wing Liberal Media’s NEMESIS? ROFL I think so!

The Outsider: Where Is Sarah Palin Going Next?

By David Von Drehle and Jay Newton-Small / Dillingham, Alaska Thursday, Jul. 09, 2009

Sarah Palin at her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

Sarah Palin is that most exotic of American creatures: an Alaska original, raised and ripened in an environment remote, extreme, unfamiliar — and free. A land of self-invention, where no one bats an eye at a mom-deckhand-governor-whatever-comes-next. Ever since John McCain introduced his running mate last year, Palin has been like a modern-day version of the captive specimens hauled back to Europe by explorers of old. Like Squanto in London, she speaks the language — if not always the idiom — of the audiences she fascinates. But she remains, on some level, unknowable. Ha! You can’t keep a good woman down! The Left will Never get it.
This outsider quality is easy to ignore when you see her in full dazzle on a convention stage, but it comes into focus should you find her in her habitat. Read Entire Story.

Another article written for our lovely Sarah Palin from CNN! Hahah

We will be hearing from Palin for a long time

By David Von Drehle and Jay Newton-Small / Dillingham, Alaska
Thursday, Jul. 09, 2009

Here are a few comments (Which I Love!) from the article:

Something about Sarah Palin riles people up.

… Alaskans saw Sarah Palin as a champion of ethics in government who had twice defeated oil interests, governed with Democrats in a bipartisan manner and brought down powerful members of her own party. She enjoyed record approval ratings, and her major initiatives had all been signed into law.

…of her time was spent combating a hostile media and frivolous ethics complaints. By no other than the LEFT WING NUT JOBS!

…feisty hockey mom turned political dragon-slayer, some in the media turned rumors…

Democratic partisans committed to Barack Obama’s election demonized Palin until she became the emblem for everything liberals think is wrong with America.

On July 26, Palin will be a free woman…. She can travel freely to the Lower 48 without worrying… She can defend herself and her family against slander without the controversy distracting from the duties of high office. She can make money to pay the bills. She can pick her battles without being hemmed in by the state legislature and bureaucracy.

Palin is impulsive. Her charisma is such that she does not need to hold an office to command attention or wield influence.

Her …dizzying moves ended up in victory…

Why wouldn’t Palin think another gamble might pay off?

Whatever she does will be noticed, that’s for sure. Because the attention lavished on Palin’s decision is further evidence of her unwitting ability to bring out deep-seated feelings of admiration — and loathing — in people. Read Entire Story

As a wife, mother and previous employee myself I know what the juggle and sacrifices are.  Thank God for Todd!  What a team the Palin’s are.

Join Team Sarah

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Join Team Sarah Today


9 Responses

  1. You hit the head on the nail! From the very start, the liberal media never saw her coming. They scrambled, trying to figure out how to “spin” her. How does one put someone like Sarah Palin, who is smart, beautiful, an EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN, a mother who made the CHOICE to NOT ABORT a special-needs child but gave birth to him, and while in office :O , and enter right, Sarah Palin, tapped for Vice-Presidency!

    From the start, she wasn’t qualified. Yet, she had held local office, she had held state office. This was more than Barack Obama had done. She had stopped corruption in Alaska, taking down a very popular Governor and his cronies in the process. All of this and in her high-heels without even donning her cape.

    They criticized her HAIR, they criticized her saying she was “dumb”, (yet she gave a perfect speech, off the cuff at times, WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER), and she won the hearts of Republicans who had not known her name before then. But many knew exactly who she was. I, in fact, predicted she would be picked.

    Was it the religious views? Is it the fact that she prays before making decisions? I find comfort in that (God on her side is a BIG DEAL to me; rather have HIM than Allah because I know who wins in the end- read the book, know the ending),

    But, despite all the “spin” on the resignation I do believe she saw all of the negativity coming and the lawsuits (which due to the cleaned-up ethics laws in Alaska – she cleaned them up 🙂 ) anyone can bring any lawsuit against her and she must defend herself. This costs the state of Alaska a lot of money as well as her family; money they do not have. Raising a family of how many children? does cost a lot of money. She wanted to save her state a lot of grief, negative press and money so she handed it over to her Lt. Governor. I don’t see that as “quitting”. I see that as doing an unselfish thing.

    In these days of selfish, primping, prima dona politicians, how can we expect any of them to understand what she did and why? And who cares anyway? The people LOVE Sarah Palin and that’s because she is one of US. Let’s not forget that only 20% of people consider themselves “liberal or progressive”, 40% “democrat” and 40 “republican”. Somewhere in those numbers are “independent” voters. It is those voters who will decide the next Presidential election. AND, the 2010 elections are being handled to the GOP on a silver platter if the GOP will begin NOW to take advantage of it. Hey, start running advertisements NOW. It could be HILARIOUS. I’m serious.

    I’m not saying Sarah should run for President in 2012, but I’m not saying she shouldn’t. There are some good ones out there; DeMint, Boehner, not too crazy about Pawl-whatever his name is, and Jindal looked bright but I don’t know. Now the Governor of Mississippi seems to be throwing his hat in the ring and he IS a good Governor. Being a southerner, I know he is a good one; but hey, if we’re going to get a Governor – let’s get Sarah. And then ALL the Independent women and GOP women must fight for her. It’s been said that women won’t vote for a beautiful woman. Not true. I love Michelle Bachman. I’d vote for her and she’s pretty. I’m no dog. I’m sick of ugly women. Pelosi, Clinton, Ginsberg – throw ’em to the sharks. Oh yeah, they are sharks.

    But I digress….Go Sarah. Give ’em hell.

    • hahahaahhahah!! Great blog here sister! And good advice! Yes, ugly women to the pirannahs with aesthetically pleasing Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachman leading the way (getting the USA straight)!

      Right on sister! NO TELEPROMPTER! Praying before decisions, speeches, political and family matters is important to me too.

      Bottom line, Sarah Palin scares the heck out of liberals! Can I get a witness?!

  2. A great report about Sarah. I just posted about her coming back to national politics IMMEDIATELY!
    Let the media handle her on a stump – no one can beat her off a stump!! I can’t wait to see her in action again. She is really brave and this news that she is coming right back is going to scare the liberals – I hope Sarah finds a few possible running mates so they get a head start. Didn’t Obama campaign for 2 years?

  3. Andf the liberal nuts must really steam in their own hate for SArah making all that money – they can’t stand anyone making a profit.
    All the liberal comments about health reform have been about health insurance company profits. As if profits was a bad thing. That is what keeps the country running, people investing and eventually retiring with something in their saving.

  4. Right on, the left and the right are so scared of her they don’t know what to do. I can see her do a couple of things, go out and speak for both parties candidates that are conservative, consider running for the Senate. Let Hillary run against Obama and try to clean up the mess Obama has brought upon us. People have asked me ” and you would want her a heart beat away? HA you betcha, I want her as president now. Lets hope this country can stay together for 8 years, she doesn’t need the back biting of the phony Republican, she could be the first “real uniter” Jim

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  6. Great Blog Post, Dear!

    And now… Sarah has ‘RELOADED’ and is hunting for Communist Bear roaming Washington, DC.

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