Spleen Venting


If you really want to get crazy, go to your LeftWingNut Page.

Venting of the Spleen is a page created in the Blogsphere by my good “cyber” friend, Blogwood aka Foxwood at The Animal Farm

I am contemplating exactly what to do here.  Based on recent activity from an irate blogger/commenter.  Since the comments made were very inflammatory I reported them and filed the comments under spam.

Not only were the comments inflammatory, the blogger/commenter did not leave a “link” or a palatable “email address”.  So, hey you Socialist Zombie Troll wannabe, do not talk to me about “censorship”.  Having the guts and mind to have a blog is a privilege whereby the owner can chose to moderate.

Now, I feel that this blogger/commenter is stalking me.

This is what I have to say to any blogger/commenter that is stalking:  There are cyber stalking laws of which I will aggressively pursue.  Stop contacting warrantonegirl.  You have been officially warned.

Now, if you do not like what I have to say on my blog, since (Freedom of speech is not a crime, YET) I suggest you browse the reports on CNN’s ICry IReport.  There is plenty of room for more Socialist Zombie Trolls at IReport.

Also, if you would like to discuss something in a civil manner, please do it here.  However, I am very busy and may not respond right away or ever…


7 Responses

  1. GRITCH GRIP GROAN #&@*~!!!
    PIECE OF &$@#!!!
    AND STICK IT UP YOUR $%#&@!!!

    Enough spleen venting… 🙂

  2. WE – I received that same Bozeman letter. I think it is viral. I think I’ll contact the local paper and see if it’s true. I am confidant it is partially true. I am just sick to death of the contrived news and other media events and the lying. It is like a bad dream. I’ve never said that before about life in this country.

  3. Hello :

    I loved it when I saw all the Photos of the Protesters in Washington D.C.

    Its been a Long , Long wait , but MAYBE Now the American people will start getting off their Fat Asses and tell Obama to get the Hell out of our Whitehouse and go to Kenya where he and his whole Family BELONG !!!

    I have been so depressed ever since We the People of our USA elected a Dam MUSLIM to be our President .

    I still can NOT believe the American People are that Stupid !!

    I still do not believe We the People will be able to get that DAM MUSLIM out of the Whitehouse UNLESS it might be a lot of Violence in getting him out .

    I hope I am wrong and that sooner or later it will be proven that his Birth was NOT in USA .

    I can NOT understand why it is taking so long to get a Court to REQUIRE !! this MUSLIM to show all of his FAKE papers and Prove 1000% exactly where he was really born .

    Or maybe this might happem AFTER the USA is completely BROKE !!!!!!

    • William Davis, Brother I couldn’t agree more it is truly disgusting what garbage is eeking out of every sewer from every scum bucket mobster, criminal area of
      ghetto cities. You know that is exactly what and who elected this usurper who’s only agenda is to ruin and destroy America.

      See these posts if you haven’t already seen something similar.

      Thanks for stopping by and “Venting your Spleen!” Ahahah

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