It has been 2011 since I have updated this blog. Today is 19 January 2018.  I will be working on bringing it up to date; albeit little by little.  Many things have changed in the World, in American, and in my Life.  Mostly I’m pleased to say have been for the better and I’m happy.

I am especially happy that Donald Trump was elected POTUS. WooHoo!

Thank you for visiting and commenting if you like. If you don’t like what you see here, please go elsewhere (CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Etc)  to have your ears tickled.  The parenthetical mentioned will tell you everything you want to hear, rub your back, give you a snack, and a blanket so you can sit or lie down and suck your thumb.

I am a conservative Republican.  I love rights of a free nation, what is so wrong with that?

I Love America and will defend the rights of my family, friends, children, husband, and myself until my dying breath.

Upholding the United States Constitution!

Myself and my  family members have fought for hundreds of years for Her (America) freedom.  Please tell me why you or anyone else want to see these freedoms crushed and removed.

Freedom didn’t happen overnight and cannot be restored overnight.

Remember; Freedom is not Free

If you love this country and have the courage to take it back from the imposter usurper and company.

Join the Patriotic Resistance @ http://www.resistnet.com

Join Rise Up for America @ http://www.riseupforamerica.com/

Join the 9.12 Project, We Surround Them @ http://wesurroundthemusa.ning.com/

Male or Female Join Smart Girl Politics!  Begin a local group in your area; there is strength in numbers!

Join like minded Americans  on Team Sarah dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process

Or better yet, Read Up and Be Privy to the Ash and Trash B. Hussein O. surrounds himself with here: http://www.theobamafile.com

Join The American Grand Jury; be a part of making history and educate yourself to your Constitutional rights. We are growing and so will you.


17 Responses

  1. Hey, I finally caught up with you. So this is where your car is parked. Lots of reading for me to do. I didn’t know Arlene had a YouTube web page. Just driving thru.

  2. I saw you came to my site, so I decided to visit yours!! I love it. I also joined ‘patriotic resistance’. We have got to fight Obama and his socialism!! Let’s keep in touch!

  3. WG – love the new lay of the land here. One thing, though, wish you had a place for general comments not related specifically to an article. Anyway this is really advanced. You do so much I wonder that you have ant time for drive bys but I’m glad you do.

    dog overboard…

  4. Hello warrantgirl,
    I have been reading some of your blogs, I do agree with every thing you have to say here. Really nice blog site.

  5. Hey Miss Liberty,
    I triad to post on the your thoughts page. I couldn’t see it when I postd. Wassup?

  6. Where’s our friend at stopsocialism.com?

    • Hey plaidgrandma, I’m not sure where he is? I am assume you are referring to stopsocialism.wordpress.com?

      • Yes, yes, absolutely. Sorry I was not more clear. The site is gone and I was acquainted with your fine site only from the innumerable visits I’ve made to his.
        Pray he is well. His contribution to the cause of freedom has been important to me. Others as well, I’m sure.

  7. I like the way you think, from what I have read. Keep up the good work. I have a question for you if you would be so kind to reply, I would like to know what your thoughts are as to Sarah Palin endorsing Mccain in Arizona U.S. Senate race against J.D. Hayworth who is a real conservative as oppose to McCain.
    I understand that she has to be grateful to him for introducing her to the national scene, but she has an obligation to us if we are going to consider her as the best candidate to represent America and conservative values.
    Please don’t misunderstand this as an attack on Palin, the only reason i didn’t sit out the 2008 election was because I believed her to be real and not your typical career politician that is only looking out for their personal interest. I do believe that she was the reason that McCain didn’t get completely blown out. I just don’t want her to turn out to be our own version of Obama.
    If you look at McCain,Lindsey Graham, and governor Crist of Florida they are all progressives. And I for one will not support them when they run against a true conservative, which is what Sarah is doing by supporting McCain over J.D. Hayworth in Arizona, I would like to your thoughts, thank you, and I await your reply.

    • Hey toosmalltosucceed, thanks for the compliment. You know I’m not exactly sure why Sarah Palin endorsed John McCain. I have hypothesis just like you and at the end of the day I guess she was willing to put her reputation on the line for John McCain because of what his asking her to run on the ticket with him has done for her. toosmalltosucceed, brother that is all I can possibly think it could be. I am in agreement with you that Sarah Palin is genuine in all her being and so passionate about America and what is happening. It started as what was happening to her family in her area of influence (her town) and grew from there. I presume because as she worked around in different public servant jobs she realized how she could really help her community and state hence, helping her family.

      Now, I feel the way you do in supporting a true conservative in every sense of the word, however it does shed a different light on her and her motives.

      Please let me know what you think again as well. I”m going to email or post this on your site.

  8. Thank you for your reply, and I see I’m not the only one that is wondering.

  9. Hello , nice blog specialy the bill of right and the declaration of independence, i invite you to my blog to have a look and download Fall of the republic movie for Alex Jones, I’m from Egypt and a long time searcher for truth and would like to share information, will put more blogs with all Alex Jones movies, and all info i have for truth seekers.

    Hussein Said

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