Obvious DISGUSTING Narcissist Usurper; good grief...

Obvious DISGUSTING Narcissist Usurper; good grief...

Thanks go to Diane at Freedom’s Wings.

This Picture Says It All
Who is the real stand up guy in this situation?  Sgt. Crowley, of course, who helps a man that called him a racist down the stairs as our illustrious leader follower completely ignores his “friend”.

Good grief people, this man just continues to PROVE your unworth as an American citizen he is such a coward and has a personality disorder that will be the destruction of America.

Actually everyone is, in his eyes unworthy except for him and all the Ash and Trash he surrounds himself with. Gross.


5 Responses

  1. 8a.m. sept 8 2009 hearing on obama birth certificate. will hillary and bubba rat him out?

    • Hey Carmen, Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      I sure hope someone gets enough gumption to do it. I don’t know what will be left for us to work with if someone doesn’t rat him out!

      Great Point!

  2. Where on earth did you find this photo? This is remarkable, Warrant.

  3. Yes, this picture no doubt proves it: Obama is a Godless socialist with a narcistic personality disorder. OMG.

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