Obama and Co.: Coakley lost, not because of us…Arrogant Idiots

Yes! Obama it IS because of you and your Communist Socialist Zombie Trolls doing your best to destroy America and everything that has made her great! GO AWAY! ASAP!


Thank you Note to the president


Obama the liar, imagine that...

Obama the liar, imagine that...

A Thank-You Note to the President

Dear Mr. President, I thought it an opportune time to write you and say thanks!

 I am a conservative, voted for McCain, and have voted straight conservative since reaching voting age. You are probably thinking, “Why is a conservative thanking me?” Well, I’ll tell you — and I am sorry if I gush:

-First, thank-you for going back on every single campaign promise you made!

-Second, thanks for not closing GITMO yet, what with so many terrorists already released, going back to the battle fields to kill our troops and all-another great decision — so far.

-Third, thank you for continuing wire-taps and electronic intrusions into communications between American Citizens and Foreign Nationals! The ACLU is not exactly loving you!

-Fourth, thank-you insulating the Democrats in Congress from any intrusion from across the aisle, and by doing so, taking the full blame for everything wrong with our country.

-Fifth, thank-you for further discrediting left wing race-mongering. Bringing racial profiling into the discussion of Skip Gates’ arrest. Socialism is the new “N” word-Brilliant!

-Sixth, Thanks for bringing the Chicago Machine to the Department of Education. That should work out well for you. Voucher anyone?

-Seventh, thank-you for telling us that you advocate a single payer system.

Can you say sound bites?  abwhaaaaa

Like Chris Matthews, I too get a chill up my leg every time you speak to the masses. When you turn on TOTUS and regurgitate speeches penned for you by your cabal of radicals, looking left and right in that hypnotic rhythm, you remind the electorate of the colossal mistake they made last November. A mistake that will haunt them all for the next three years, as if they all had bodies hidden in their crawl-spaces.

So, thank you Mr. President! From the bottom of my heart. You are the best, worst president we ever had!

Matthew S. Harrison

Sarah Palin laughing all the way to the Bank amid Jealousy, Covetousness, Loathing and Admiration

Sarah Palin in her element, Wasilla, Alaska

Sarah Palin in her element

Ok, for the Sarah Palin lovers I’m sure you feel as I do;  that she will be like a Phoenix; rising up more beautiful and wonderful than ever.  Not only due to her clear, true, beauty, but her inner beauty that radiates to the outward self.  This inner beauty can only be found and is only visible when someone “walks the walk”.  In other words, Sarah Palin loves the Lord her maker, creator, and that way of life is evident in all she says and does; politically and personally.

Now, the reason the Left is so stinking scared of her?  That’s right; the Left is scared of Sarah Palin.  Why? Many reasons; Sarah was not born with the ethereal “silver spoon” as most in her arena.  Sarah did not attend ANY Ivy League Schools as most in her arena have.  Sarah has worked hard her entire life (not sitting around eating tea and crumpets or community organizing or at the Country Club) as some have claimed they worked so hard at.  Plain and simple, Sarah Palin is a threat to the Left Wing Liberals of our time and their crummy Anti-American thinking and ways of life.

Yes, yes, yes!  The Left Wing Liberal Whack Jobs as well as the untiring Left Wing Liberal Whack Job Media just Cannot get enough of our beloved Sarah.  I think it is so Funny!  The Left Wing Liberal Media is coveting Sarah Palin! ROFL.

Could Sarah Palin be Obama and the Left Wing Liberals and Left Wing Liberal Media’s NEMESIS? ROFL I think so!

The Outsider: Where Is Sarah Palin Going Next?

By David Von Drehle and Jay Newton-Small / Dillingham, Alaska Thursday, Jul. 09, 2009

Sarah Palin at her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

Sarah Palin is that most exotic of American creatures: an Alaska original, raised and ripened in an environment remote, extreme, unfamiliar — and free. A land of self-invention, where no one bats an eye at a mom-deckhand-governor-whatever-comes-next. Ever since John McCain introduced his running mate last year, Palin has been like a modern-day version of the captive specimens hauled back to Europe by explorers of old. Like Squanto in London, she speaks the language — if not always the idiom — of the audiences she fascinates. But she remains, on some level, unknowable. Ha! You can’t keep a good woman down! The Left will Never get it.
This outsider quality is easy to ignore when you see her in full dazzle on a convention stage, but it comes into focus should you find her in her habitat. Read Entire Story.

Another article written for our lovely Sarah Palin from CNN! Hahah

We will be hearing from Palin for a long time

By David Von Drehle and Jay Newton-Small / Dillingham, Alaska
Thursday, Jul. 09, 2009

Here are a few comments (Which I Love!) from the article:

Something about Sarah Palin riles people up.

… Alaskans saw Sarah Palin as a champion of ethics in government who had twice defeated oil interests, governed with Democrats in a bipartisan manner and brought down powerful members of her own party. She enjoyed record approval ratings, and her major initiatives had all been signed into law.

…of her time was spent combating a hostile media and frivolous ethics complaints. By no other than the LEFT WING NUT JOBS!

…feisty hockey mom turned political dragon-slayer, some in the media turned rumors…

Democratic partisans committed to Barack Obama’s election demonized Palin until she became the emblem for everything liberals think is wrong with America.

On July 26, Palin will be a free woman…. She can travel freely to the Lower 48 without worrying… She can defend herself and her family against slander without the controversy distracting from the duties of high office. She can make money to pay the bills. She can pick her battles without being hemmed in by the state legislature and bureaucracy.

Palin is impulsive. Her charisma is such that she does not need to hold an office to command attention or wield influence.

Her …dizzying moves ended up in victory…

Why wouldn’t Palin think another gamble might pay off?

Whatever she does will be noticed, that’s for sure. Because the attention lavished on Palin’s decision is further evidence of her unwitting ability to bring out deep-seated feelings of admiration — and loathing — in people. Read Entire Story

As a wife, mother and previous employee myself I know what the juggle and sacrifices are.  Thank God for Todd!  What a team the Palin’s are.

Join Team Sarah

Join Team Sarah Today

Join Team Sarah Today

Jobs LOST Obama Style (Stimulus) Ha! – Would you still have voted for him?

I am horribly saddened about what has happened to What Was Once Still A Great Nation until just about SIX Months ago. I do wonder if all the people that voted for Obama are without their jobs because of Obama and his so called STIMLUS PLAN. Would they still have voted for him?

I mean to me, it was obvious the Diabolical Personality Disorder he has, NOW we have PROOF So, what are you going to do? Stop him and his self centered & selfish ruining of America and the American Dream. Please see the bottom of this post to begin your journey on taking this country back from the userper.

Please watch this very informative Video (from Political Math) about What Obma’s so called Stimulus and Job Saver did, is doing and will continue to do.  If We The People continue to lay down and let him.


Join the Patriotic Resistance @ http://www.resistnet.com/

Join the Patriotic Resistance

Join the Patriotic Resistance


The Heck With it, I’m Going DEMOCRAT/SOCIALIST I have Seen the Light

Give Up your freedom! NOT!

Give Up your freedom! NOT!

I’m voting Democrat because I don’t hate myself enough for being white, male, educated, straight or middle class.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe that the best strategy in war is defeat. It broadens the mind to learn Japanese, German and Arabic. Talk about multiculturalism!

I’m voting Democrat because Al Gore says global warming is hiding under my bed, waiting to get me.

I’m voting Democrat because I want to assume absolutely no personal responsibility for my actions.

I’m voting Democrat because I’m mad that George W. Bush hasn’t caught Bin Laden. That’s because Bin Laden is the only Islamic terrorist in the world.

I’m voting Democrat because I’ve been whining like a ritalin-marinated toddler on a temper tantrum about my candidate having won a Presidential election for the last eight years, and I want to be right for once.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe that if I don’t have enough money, the solution is for the government to take more of my money. Who needs money when gas is $5 per gallon?

I’m voting Democrat because I believe that the ideal family is two homosexual bonobos, a goat and a parrot raising a human baby. Love and compassion is all it takes to make a successful family!

I’m voting Democrat because I’m not an individual. I’m a race, a gender, a religion (or lack thereof), and a sexual orientation.

I’m voting Democrat because I’d rather have gas prices be easily influenced by world markets rather than drill in the Anwar preserve set aside for the purpose of drilling. I think terrorists know how to use our money best.

I’m voting Democrat because it’s my body, and if I want to kill my baby, I’ll do it, even if its head is in the birth canal. If I want to cut out my intestines and feed them to the crocodiles, I’ll do that too.

I’m voting democrat because psychotic dictators like Amadinejad and Jong-Ill will listen to reason if I just talk to them instead of backing up my words with actions. I’ll buy them a beer.

I’m voting Democrat because our enemies on the battlefield deserve comfy hotel rooms, Pay-Per-View, prostitutes and all the benefits of American citizenship.

I’m voting Democrat because we need to make the illegal immigrants feel more at home by learning to speak Spanish. I think we should hand them welcome brochures that detail where to get government services and free Ipods at the border too.

I’m voting Democrat because having a picture of Jesus within 100 miles of me is offensive. Colored lights are offensive. Christmas trees are offensive. Hell, let’s just ban the whole holiday! Let’s put up lots of Ramadan decorations, more footbaths, more mosques and more Islam recruiting posters in our subways instead. Diversity is our strength.

I’m voting Democrat because I like the government making all of my decisions for me. I’m not smart enough to make them myself.

I’m voting Democrat because supporting a work-capable person on welfare for over 50 years is so noble. Anyone who doesn’t take pity on these poor souls don’t have a heart.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe we need other countries’ permission for me to turn down my thermostat.

I’m voting Democrat because I care about the real victims of crime — criminals.

I’m voting Democrat because the real cure for racism includes preferential policies based on race — particularly in presidential voting. If you believe that a black candidate ought to be qualified, as well as black, you’re worse than Bull Conner.

I’m voting Democrat because everyone deserves crappy healthcare. Sure, you’ll have to wait years for that life-saving cancer surgery. But it’s first come, first served at the cemetery!

I’m voting Democrat because I believe in minority rights (except in Muslim countries), free speech (with regard to pornography but not conservative talk radio), environmentalism (unless we’re talking about Al Gore’s house) and diplomacy (but never backed by the threat of military force).

I’m voting Democrat because Socialism needs another chance. Sure it failed eleventy billion times throughout history, but that’s only because we haven’t tried it yet!

I’m voting Democrat because I think the terrorists just need a big hug. I’m sure a little lovin will convince them to take their bombs off.

I’m voting Democrat because I like the words “hope” and “change.” Also “kazoo.” That’s a funny word.

I’m voting Democrat because I believe that America’s founders were rich, white, greedy xenophobes, and that America’s founding principles are hogwash requiring periodic editing from an unelected group of liberal judges.

I’m voting Democrat because I like the ideas they have over in France, but I don’t feel like moving there. I’ll threaten to move, but I really won’t. After all, I have a good job, healthcare, lower taxes, free speech and a social framework that promotes family structure. And all of it is defended by the most effective fighting force on the planet.

I’m voting Democrat because disagreeing with a black man is racism.

I’m voting Democrat because all of the history books were written by fascists with an agenda. America terrorized every country it ever set foot in, and stole candy from little babies.

I’m voting Democrat because I hate Bush. He caused 9-11, Katrina, and the nail I broke this morning.

I’m voting Democrat because successful entrepreneurs either oppressed a minority or were lucky, and don’t deserve their financial success.

I’m voting Democrat because I’m too historically ignorant to realize that we still have a large military presence in Japan and Germany.

I’m voting Democrat because I can’t get the new Iphone 3G yet, my new Hummer needs new tires already, and McDonald’s screwed up my lunch order. The economy is making life in the US a 3rd world country!

I’m voting Democrat because Sharia law sounds just neato.

I’m voting Democrat because I want the world to know that I want a weak America just like Europe does.

I’m voting democrat so I can roll over and die the next time some emo ass-clown with more prescription drugs than teeth in his body shoots up a public place. Because I can’t be trusted to personally own or carry a firearm. And I’m too unsafe to dare shooting back.

I’m voting Democrat because I want to screw one of our biggest allies in the Middle East for the third time in 20 years.

I’m voting Democrat so we can sell out everyone else the way we sold out the South Vietnamese.

If only the institution of far-left values resulted in a great country. Oh, well. That won’t stop me from voting Democrat, though.

After all, I’m voting Democrat because thought isn’t one of my strong suits.

This post was posted by Gary. Gary is a member of The Patriotic Resistance and a Patriot.

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Arlene Army – For the love of America




Why some people love the color of their skin.

Do Not Tread on Her.

Arlenearmy Homepage:

Sometimes in our lives we are pleasantly surprised as our faith in America, Americans and the American Dream is revealed to us over and over.  Upon that thought someone comes to mind, a fellow blogger aka arlenearmy.

Arlenearmy’s love for her Race and the Heritage there of are obvious every minute of every day.  Arlenearmy can be relied upon to keep her family, friends and America at heart as she speaks her thoughts and works out her convictions.    This is especially revealed in her extremely active and passionate daily undertaking in Advancing the Conservative Movement. 

Working toward equality for her family and fellow man is obvious by her presence here.  Not only does arlenearmy demonstrate these qualities, she never ceases to assist and promote Veteran Issues.  I believe we all share arlenearmy’s passion and realization that this Country has been HIJACKED!

Arlene has my utmost respect in many ways; especially of her service to our country in the Army; for One Protecting Our Right To Free Speech. IMAGINE THAT!  Especially when in this world of bloggers it can be so cut throat. 

Speaking of Cut Throat, CNN’s IReport Community comes to mind. Ha Ha!

Now, on a lighter note and back to arlenearmy, she has introduced me to a few of her fellow Youtube bloggers of which I will include some of their documentaries.  These documentaries are very informative as well as inspirational; some are inserted below for your education, information, and enjoyment.  Thank you arlenearmy for sharing of yourself and your friends here on the net. warrant aka asil.


The Gullyjuice Show Obama’s Destruction


Colin Powell’s war against conservatives is a war he can never win.

The Gullyjuice Show Pastor Manning is Right


Other Persons of Color in our country that love this country and realizes it has been Hijacked.

Why I’m A Conservative Republican

Kevin Elkins speech is the first 3.20 minutes. 

ZoNation: Land of “Zo” spelled backwards

Katrina Pierson – Dallas Tea Party – April 15, 2009

ZoNation YES WE CAN!!!

Under my bus

Top Ten Reasons Blacks Should Stop Voting Democrat by Lloyd Marcus

Top Ten Reasons Blacks Should Stop Voting Democrat 
By Lloyd Marcus
10 — The same problems Democrats have been promising to fix for 40 years are worse.

9 — In 1950, 24% of black kids grew up without dads. In 2009, 63%. Seven out of 10 are born out of wedlock. A result of Democrat-encouraged generational government dependency.

8 — The black male high school dropout rate is 40%. Of those, 72% are jobless and 60% will probably be incarcerated. Another consequence of government replacing fathers in the home.

7 — Amid the chaos after Hurricane Katrina, Democrat congressman William Jefferson used the National Guard to get home to retrieve $90,000 suspected bribe money from his freezer while New Orleans residents were trying to get rescued from rooftops.

6 — Despite documented proof to the contrary, Democrats tell blacks the shameful lie that America is racist and their only hope is to keep electing Democrats to level the playing field.

5 — Despite high test scores by inner city black kids in the D.C. school voucher program, Democrats plan to shut it down to appease their voters in the teachers union.

4 — Democrats continually seek to lower standards. Thus, proving their bigotry of low expectations from blacks.

3 — Most blacks believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. The Democrat Party aggressively supports gay marriage and proposes stronger “hate crime” laws that include protection for pedophiles.

2 — The Democrat Party strongly supports abortion on demand, including the murderous partial birth. A disproportionate amount of aborted babies are black. 50% of black babies are aborted. Some call this Black Genocide. BlackGenocide.org

And, the number one reason blacks should stop voting Democrat…INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result!

© Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus, Songwriter & Vocalist of the “American Tea Party Anthem”.
President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color)


Mr. Marcus is a member of www.Resistnet.com and a Patriot.

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