Hold ’em Accountable – Obama’s Bi Partisan outreach…phoey

Hold ’em accountable.
Folks you/me/we/us have to be on our guard 24/7.  Obama will continue to use his diabolical liberal progressive office holders to do what he wants.  However, this man (Obamao) has a criminal mind and will stop at NOTHING to ruin what is left of America before the Republicans that have been newly elected have time to realize what is going on.
Folks the assaults on our liberties and money are just insane.  DO NOT let your guard down just because we had a victory 2 November 2010.  Republicans MUST be held to accountability too, this is not just for Democrats, Commicrats, etc. Republicans have had their own share of shenanigans.
Obamao has only turned his attention to other bidding.  He acts as if ok, ya’ll won.  America has spoken, blah blah blah.  DO NOT believe this crap for one minute.  He has plans for you/us/me/we everybody.  Remember he does not discriminate, HE HATES US ALL THE SAME.
Take for instance the health car debacle, he couldn’t get it through LEGALLY, so what did he do? as POTUS the creep, swindles deals, cohesion, bribes and we’re sure out right threats.  How soon we forget, remember he point blank threatened Chrysler?  Did nothing but back door deals, bribes, and otherwise to shove his health destruction through. 

Cap and Tax, what is he doing????  Pushing it through the legislative process?  Selling this great idea on it’s own merits? NO, HELL NO!  He’s changing EPA Regulations to force what he wants.  WHY? WHY?

Because he’s a freaking globalist, one world government, hate America ideolog.  That’s right.  Folks, I’m not mixing words, splitting words, pettin’ and pamperin’ ya, or any of the such.  I’m telling you just as plain as you obviously need it.

You know I can’t be this angry about all this, heck it already has been prophesied.  No, no, no, I’m not saying the world is coming to an end.  I’m not saying it’s not either, because inevitably it will end.  What I am saying is that all these things must come to pass and so they are.  Just makes you/me/us realize that this stuff is for real.

It ain’t happing for our health.  It is happening for a reason.  I for one believe even with the election of B.H.O. proved the depravity of mankind.  You folks saw, watched, were privy to all of his shady “hate America” associations and you still made a conscientious choice to elect him.

Now, enough of truth.  Here comes reality.  Folks, the reality is; when ObaMao can’t get it through normal legislative processes, he’s going to shove it through executive process or simply through a regulatory process.  The EPA is a prime example.  Change regulations and force higher taxes, kill jobs, and further destroy the economy wih Cap and Trade.

Folks, ObaMao is plannig the same thing with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.  Can’t get legislation passed, can’t “sweetheart deal” it.  Regulate it! 

That my friends is the ObaMao way to Bi-Partisianship. 


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He ain’t done none of this so far with even a blink.  The man is insane and knows exactly what he is doing.

So here are a few things to watch on the horizon.  Except watch the scoundrels as they like to rename things when people catch on to the horror of it, kinda like ACORN was renamed, etc.  So, to get you started here goes.

H.R.4646   More on this too

H.R. 45: 2009-2010 Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 If it passes, lawful gun owners will become criminals if they do not fully comply.

Folks, I’m just saying.  Don’t be duped.

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Say it isn’t so, Liberal Chris “Tingle” Matthews turning on Obama?

What in the world has happened to Chris Matthews?  Has he lost that “loving ‘tingling‘ feeling”? 

I don’t know, you be the judge.

The way Matthews talks right here, I think he has …lost that loving feeling…ohh that loving feeling…

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The “Left” Squashing Free Speech and using Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” again

Of course why would this woman be so vehemently against doing something so American?

Saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” is akin to hotdogs and apple pie. What is wrong with this woman?  Well you guessed it, she’s a left wing liberal pushing the Obama agenda of death, destruction, and hopelessness across America through non other than “Organizing for America”. You know the Far Left Obama, Intimidating Task Force, much like other America hating, progressive, agitating groups birthed by the Far Left.  Groups such as the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Socialist Party America (SPA/SP), Democracy for America, ACORN, good grief people what more do you need to realize these people and groups do not have your best interest at heart.

These Far Left Groups organize to create nothing but conflict and controversy.  They don’t even care about the issues at hand, these groups want to “Wage Eternal War” WTH???? “Eternal Conflict” Sound familiar?  This is exactly what Obama is doing to America.  Hey, the Organizing for America website is none other than, WAIT FOR IT….WAIT FOR IT….WWW.BARACKOBAMA.COM  Isn’t that a hoot? 

What does the woman do when she realizes the crowd actually wants to and says the “Pledge of Allegiance”?  She demonizes them.  Scolds them as little children, when in fact she is the one acting ridiculously to “take her toys and leave” because things aren’t going her way.  She’s not being petted and pampered as liberals DEMAND.

Bradish’s supporters even get after this man to stop his “off the cuff” fliming.  Good Grief! 

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This Islamic Muslim “Holier Than Thou” attitude has got to go

Funny, now that B. Hussein O. has been elected the liberal, progressive, democrat, socialist, communist, left (they can’t figure out who they want to be on which days) wants to ensure that Muslims in America are and remain in the praise, worship, and “let them get away with anything” mode.  In other words there is this new mantra that requires no tolerance for any religion in America except Muslim.  This attitude has increased exponentially since Obama’s election, has anyone noticed this besides me?  The vulgar display of a “Free Ride in relation to security” or “Get out of Jail Free” card to this group of people is unbelievable. 

I have no problem with leveling the playing field, what I have a problem with is the weakening and degradation of every aspect of security, etc. when it comes to someone of the Islamic persuasion. 

Why?  Because this is the same group of people that have masterminded and followed through in the murdering in cold blood thousands of innocent civilian Americans, unarmed soldiers and navy personnel.

Zul-Qarnain Shahid, 58, a Muslim cleric with the city Department of Corrections, was busted Wednesday for trying to sneak three razors and a pair of scissors into the Tombs.

Well, I’m sorry but this is what will get even more American’s MURDERED in cold blood within the next seven years (three years for the usurper and co. and four years for the ones that will have to clean up behind him). 

“The tombs” as they are called due to the most dangerous criminals being housed there.  Watcha wanna bet the ones to receive the “contraband” were Muslim Islamic Extremists or recent converts to Islam?  I’d almost bet the farm on it.

However, it’s the Muslim Islamic Extremist in America that continue to be; petted, pampered, butt kissed, privileged, tolerated, cottled,  “what can America do for you now”.   Give you a government job maybe?  With government benefits maybe?  Allow you into a federal building without having to process through normal security check points?  Would you like that?  Oh, I’m sure you would.

Oh and guess what else? Zulqarnain Abdu-Shahid  (read full story)  didn’t know those were in his bag, boo hoo hoo.  O really. O Ok, c’mon in…everyone is skipping along, holding hands and playing nice.  Aw isn’t that sweet?

For example, I believe to date there have been NINE terrorist attacks  against law abiding men, women, and children on Obama’s watch.  There are over 34 Terrorist Training Camps in the United States already (in Democratic ruling states, (not for long)).  Going the way we are going there will be at least 27 more terrorist attacks (if not more).  Why? If we continue at Nine per year for the next three years, that is 27.  However I think this group of extremist will do nothing but get more emboldened and carry out even more attacks, than the mere 27 I predict.

Now, an Imam that has a job with the “Corrections Department”.  Excuse me, the corrections department?  Just figured he would get the “as usual” kid glove treatment as he was beginning his work day, only to find he had a bag full of razors and 7″ long scissors.  Good freakin’ grief.

If I was a Corrections Officer at that facility I would be so ticked off!  If this security employee had caved to the “politically correct” attitude, several Correction Officers and more would be dead, murdered in cold blood due to the Muslim Islamic Extremist Religious efforts of the Imam.

However, I would be extremely happy that the guy/gal working at the security check point was adamant about this joker (no pun intended) sending his bag through the x-ray scanner.  Why? Because this security employee, DID HIS JOB which had a direct result in saving many lives that day or rather this week.  Can’t you people see the dangers here?

Now, I think it’s time for some kid glove interrogation of the Imam and maybe some of his regular inmate visitors.  You know play tiddly winks and just ask them what they were planning on doing with the razors and scissors.  Like maybe ambush some correction officers, slice and dice their way out of The tombs.???? 

Hey, these folks are psycho they have NOTHING TO LOSE!  And EVERYTHING to GAIN (70 Virgins) for killing infidels.

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Silent Liberal Left Communist Media and the 912 March on DC

Conservatives Tired of the Communist Take Over being led by Obama and Co.

Conservatives Tired of the Communist Take Over being led by Obama and Co.

Better late than never…


How about the Liberal Left Communist Media that doesn’t exist? Ahahahaha!

912 March-These people really don't exist or so says the Liberal Communist Media

912 March-This man really doesn't exist or so says the Liberal Communist Media

Protesters came from every state in the union. This man came from San Antonio, TX. He said that he was really sorry he hadn’t brought his family. He stated that being a black conservative he was afraid to expose his children to what he expected would be a lot of liberal abuse. He was thrilled with the tenor of the event and the fact that no liberals were present to harass him. He spoke about how incredibly intolerant the left is to black individuals who don’t bow to the party line.

912 March-These people really don't exist or so says the Liberal Communist Media...

912 March-These people really don't exist or so says the Liberal Communist Media...

This is the first great conservative anti-statist manifestation in American history. The conservative movement, which developed in the post-WWII, Cold War environment has now fully matured into the most significant political movement of the 21st century. I believe that this day could be referred to in the not too distant future as the day that changed America. This was the day the great silent conservative majority finally found its voice.

Many of the attendees were quite meek and timid and were unsure of exactly what to expect, this being the first time in their lives they’d been involved in a protest movement. Their fears evaporated early in the day and I saw people reveling in the camaraderie , the joy and sheer civility that was exhibited at the entire event. Chants of “Freedom, freedom, freedom”, “No more czars! No more czars!” carried through the air without the slightest hint of rancor or incivility which is the norm at the leftist rallies I have photographed over the years.

This lady certainly knows what is going on!

This lady certainly knows what is going on!


Ya think 'ol Nancy might get this??? Ahhaha

Ya think 'ol Nancy might get this??? Ahhaha


Jews, Germans, Doctors, and Nurses say No to a Communist America

Jews, Germans, Doctors, and Nurses say No to a Communist America

Obama, Soros and Co.’s Evil Plot against America

Hey guys, you know what? I sure am getting sick and tired of the constant and daily assaults on our liberties.
Nevertheless, I will continue from time to time to post information which I feel may be of interest to you.

Here is some good information to know and pass along if you so choose.


Good grief even congressmen are calling Obama the LIAR that he is! Ahahaha

Want to see some more of the People and Organizations Obama surrounds himself with and what they do?
See the Youtube videos of ACORN employees telling Prostitutes how to get around the IRS! Ahaha

Please Shut Up, If you helped elect BHO, Pelosi, Waters, Sebelius, Specter…yawn the list goes on

Obama and Specter

Obama and Specter










Angry mobs? Yes, of course you should be mad, however the way I see this is YOU have self inflicted wounds and I don’t feel sorry for you one bit.  Perhaps you folks should just listen to your own party, there is nothing but hate speech, hateful acts, and just pure hate coming straight out of the White House.  Imagine that.

When “We The People ‘disagreed’ ” with your annoited one, we were called “Racist”. What is funny is that Democrats are “DISAGREEING”, so you are calling your own party “Racist” which is so funny. Now, the game on the left has changed and anyone that opposes what you are shoving down America’s throat is being demonized and called an “Angry Mob” . Funny isn’t your whole approach from Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals”?  For the left to Demonize anyone that opposes their views.  That behaviour sounds pretty radical to me.

Do you know why? You are so ignorant and probally should not even be allowed to vote, however I cannot stop you (you are a product of your own devices).

Sebelius Supporters

Sebelius Supporters









I have an idea, how ’bout all you cry babies that voted these jerks into office go look at the map as to how you voted in the past several elections. You know I don’t like being so mean to you folks, but I “think” you are getting exactly what you deserve. Unfortunately you are dragging the rest of us down into your hell hole. See this post for an explanation of who voted for BHO.  

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters

Why don’t the idiots in DC (the usurper included) wake up, stop searching for something to just give away (on our dime) and do something worth while like; lower taxes, encourage entrepreneurship, improve education (voucher system is proven effective). STOP telling Lies such as “no tax increases”. What a freakin LIE; your payroll tax may not increase but the tax on your property (EVERYONE) will increase and the sales tax on purchases (EVERYONE), your food, products, services, (EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY) will increase and the tax on your licenses (drivers, boat, hunting, car tag, etc.-EVERYONE) people, the list goes on and on.  You Will Be TAXed, remember, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…” John 10:10        Don’t get me wrong either people, I’m all for “…render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Mat 22:21

Oh yea and one more thing, don’t cry about them not reading the bills if you don’t do your “homework” about who the heck you are going to vote for so that you can vote intelligently.