“We Do Not Understand Even Now What Is Happening In Patients That Receive These Quasi-Vaccines.”

HT to Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal for this post. Dr. Robert Malone (start at ~8:00 in the video): “We declare, and the data confirm, that the the Covid-19 experimental genetic therapy injections …

“We Do Not Understand Even Now What Is Happening In Patients That Receive These Quasi-Vaccines.”

BREAKING! Russian Collusion! Be the first to know! Read this!

I Freaking LOVE President Trump! Actions speak louder than words!

Conservative Voices will NOT be silenced Anymore!

Why? Because he is one awesome man.

Let me name a few reasons and examples of why I love President Trump.

1. Because Trump unequivocally LOVES America! It is obvious!

2. Because Trump won’t be bullied by “The Squad”!

3. Because Trump won’t be bullied by the weak, ineffective, untruthful, lying, and crooked Lame Stream Media.

4. Because Trump won’t be bullied by the Left Wing Liberal Hacks that have infiltrated our government.

5. Because Trump won’t be bullied by the RINO’s that have infiltrated the Republican Party.

6. Because Trump won’t be bullied by Russia, China, North Korea, Mexico, or any other wannabes.

7. Because Trump will not be bullied by the Communist, Marxist, Socialists that have infiltrated America’s government.

8. Because Trump will not be bullied by the Terrorists Domestic and Foreign that have infiltrated America’s government. Simply named Creeping Sharia.

If You are a hard-working American citizen; dedicated, productive, loyal, and you love America; Trump loves YOU!  Trump does not care what color your skin is, what you look like, or what your religion is, Trump loves America. Trump plans to save America and her Allies.

If you have a tiff with Trump or have had a tiff with Trump. Get over it! Wipe your tears, stop being a baby, pull yourself up by your boot straps and let’s all get in this together to save America and Make America Great Again.

Trump loves American citizens and Trump is a fair man, you can take that to the bank.

For your reading pleasure and PROOF of Trumps Good Will toward ALL Men:

US Formally Withdraws From Nuclear Peace Treaty With Russia and will test new missile.

Trump’s Actions Prove He’s NO RACIST

Candace Owens Reveals Why She Likes “The Squad”



Why “Democrats” Do Not Want a Wall


The Democrats, Progressives, Leftist, Communist, Marxist, Socialist, Globalists Do Not want Trump to build a wall.

Why?  That is simple.

Because it will work. Plus, this is the lefts voting base…

A wall is the first line of defense against the illegal entrance into America across the American / Mexican border.

Illegal Aliens not only from Mexico but from every other COMMUNIST, TERRORIST, SOCIALIST, DICTATORSHIP country from around the world are entering from Mexico as well.

I don’t like being mean and I’m not that smart, but hello people. What are you thinking? Seriously.

Support the President, get this wall built and you will see even more improvement in your life, you families lives, and the lives of all Americans. What is so hard about that?

Passing of HC Destruction, 20 Million jobs lost; Unemployment Skyrockets to 30%

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Now, that America’s destruction has passed through skull duggary, illiicit acts, bribery and threats, America has a new burden.http://stats.oecd.org/Index.aspx?QueryId=251. (Here’s a little ditty regarding unemployment stats from the Bureau of Labor, 2008=8.9% | 2009=14.3 | 2010=14.9 that is nearly a 100% increase in unemployment since your messiah was elected, but you smarty pants on here do the math).

Oh I know, it’s Bush’s fault anyway.  No, it is not.  It is your fault, Mr. Obama; “I won” you gloated.  Well brother you sure as stink did, so stop blaming everyone else and take charge.  Lead; you know that is what you are supposed to do.  Listen folks this man isn’t in charge of his own bodily functions let alone running this country.  Heck, he’s spent more tax dollars golfing before December than Bush spent in eight freakin’ years. 

Whew, Ok I’m back.  That soap box was just getting bigger and bigger but folks, here’s the problem. 
HR Includes the provision that student loans will be handled by the government.  In other words financial institutions (free market businesses) handling student loans now, will lose that business, hence cutting jobs by the millions or closing all together.  I predict by fall (season) of 2010 (20) Million more Americans will be without employment.3590
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Oh, You think I’m talking about the Health Destruction burden?  No, no, no.  I’m talking about the unemployment burden and the ever increasing price to live now that HR 3590 has passed.  Huh?  What do ya’ mean Liberty?  We passed health care, not anything to do with unemployment.  Besides, Unemployment has stabilized at 14.8%

Please wake up and join the majority of Americans that have awoken from their Rip Van Winkle stupor.  The majority I speak of are not only republicans; they are republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians, conservatives, liberals, and every political persuasion you can imagine.  These are people that like myself realize the error or our ways and intend to do something to never let something like this happen again.  They are passionate about bringing about real change and ending government corruption and encroachment into our lives.

Guess what else?  Who is gonna pay for the health destruction?  That wealthy guy? NOPE! Me? NOPE! That Ultra Wealthy guy? NOPE!  YOU!!!!  Yes, you, me, the wealthy and ultra wealthy guy will be paying for it. How? Well let’s see.  Everything you and I eat, drink, wash, visit, our haircuts, oil change, gas, water, electricity, groceries.  Folks everything you need to live, the current price will increase oh say by around 300%.-gas bill
-water bill
-light bill
-hair cut
-oil change
-tennis shoes
-day care
-car wash
-etc., etc., etc.
A few more things that are going to be taxed out of whack… ALL repair services on appliances and HVAC, roofing, & most construction materials. THEN on top of that, expect about a 3% national sales tax. Most people dont realize the hidden taxes in everything from cosmetics to appliances the manufacturers pay the taxes, then ‘hide’ the taxes in the cost for the consumer.
Yep, government enslavement straight up folks.

The Student loans… built into the bill is a bit of underhandedness to screw students… they are going to have to pay more for health coverage until they get their loans paid off… so that’s interest to the government and more money in the health care throw away fund.Why do you think Obama is doing all this? Why must he ensure more and more people lose their jobs?  I know! I know!  Because then they will be more dependent on the government.  Remember my previous post on top down societies. 

OH!  I almost forgot since I quit smoking nearly 19 years ago, are you guys ready to pay $20 bucks for a pack of cigs or around $120. for a carton?  Yep, it’s coming.  Remember what ‘ol Liberty said, she warned us. That ‘ol sassy Liberty; she warned us.

Now, why are all these products and services increasing exponentially???? Because ENERGY prices will continue to increase and cause products and services to increase simply because it cost more to make, transport, or do what we did before, you know Farm to Market costs a lot more these days. TAXES on everything you/me/us consume or use will increase.  Bottom line folks, taxes and government entitlement programs are always passed along to the consumer; one way or another not the big Rich guy as Obama knows your ears love to hear.  Nope folks it is YOU, who will pay.  I guess ya’ll were ready for a 300% increase in everything just like Sharpton (was it him?) that said, Americans voted for socialism because they voted for Barak Obama. Tee, he he he  OH!!!! Reminds me of another perfectly suitable cartoon for this paragraph.  Hmmm, here it goes.
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Also, more and more business (not just financial institutions) will shrink in size or close, causing more unemployment, then there are less and less taxes being paid into the government on a regualar basis, making this ENTITLEMENT program UNSUSTAINABLE.

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I predict Soup kitchens will expand to include the family, passage of this bill will create dependence upon the government (we already are by extending extending unemployment benefits) Not that I’m against that, but where will it end? and continue to stifle creativity as well as entrepreneurship.

Why do you think Obama is doing all this? Why must he ensure more and more people lose their jobs? I know! I know! Because then they will be more dependent on the government. Remember my previous post on top down societies. Yep, government enslavement straight up folks.

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Your Doctor, Your health, B.O.’s Health Destruction-What really must be done


Shovel Ready, you are not kidding...

Shovel Ready, you are not kidding...

You know I’ve been thinking on all this health destruction talk coming out of Washington D.C.  Hey People while I agree that something needs to be done regarding Health Care and the costs associated there in.  This piece of legislation is Not about that.

Friends, this isn’t about better Health Care.  This is not about controlling Health Care costs.  This is not about assisting Doctors.  This is not about assisting Health Care Decisions. This is not about assisting the Health Care Community.

Folks, This is about Control.  Control of your medical information, control of your finances, control of your free speech, control of your children, control of your parents, control of your friends, control of your bank account.  I have heard it said, this will be the governments’ lanyard attached to your life; and ready to Yank you back in line should you ever deter from Big Governements plans for you.

People, this is about Control. Period.

Now, what can you do as a concerned American citizen that is being assaulted on a daily basis?  Not only in the health care arena, but your Second Amendment rights, your First Amendment rights, and the liberties afforded Americans today.

1.  WHAT: Contact; visit, call, and or write to your Doctors.  Ask them if they support H 3200.  If they do you must let them know that you will be finding another physician.

2. WHY:  Let your Doctor know that it is obvious they do not appreciate you, your business, your health, or your money.  Let them know you will be giving your money to a doctor that appreciates your money and the sacrifices you make and have made to provide yourself and family with Health Care Coverage.

3.  WHEN: Immediately if not sooner.

Here is a short video that shows the tip of the iceberg of your life, post Approval of  H. 3200.  

 Here are some other posts of good information regarding Health Destruction facing Americans today. One and Two and Three and Four.

More reads on Health Destruction from KarmaHD


Charming Liar, I don’t think so…Consummate Liar, Yes…

Oh good grief beloved people. We all know this man will not do ANYTHING without “moi” getting the lions’ share.  Obama to get millions in Health Care Destruction Scandal.

See RJJRDQ’s Obama Suckles Big Pharma

Thanks go to jcscuba at Stop Socialism Now for the find!

Obama Pledges Full Amnesty for all Illegal Aliens By 2010


Exclusive, See Post Details here

BO "Thinks" he is master of the univers; Good Grief

BO "Thinks" he is master of the univers; Good Grief

Radical Change for America

Our Unconstitutional Census


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What the Heck?? Has this Illegal Immigrant lost her mind?

What the Heck?? Has this Illegal Immigrant lost her mind?

We Know these Illegal Immigrants Disrespect American & love BHO

We Know these Illegal Immigrants Disrespect American & love BHO

News Flash! – Angry Mobs are Democrats!

Guess What?  Democrats are the majority of participants at the Town Hall Meetings where congressional members are on recess and etc.

But guess what? The liberal Democrats are demonizing their own. What the heck? This is all sounding very familiar, isn’t that wild animals do? Eat their young? People, it’s gettting really, really bad, I guess when the usurper turns against all Americans.  He may just barracade himself in the WH or the Capital and it will be him against the world? ya think?  Well that is what I think, he is essentially painting himself into a corner; that corner is getting smaller and smaller.

This Video was filmed 22 June 2009, I guess the Obama administration is just catching on, ahhhaaahhhh