Rep. Peter DeFazio vs. renowned scientist Art Robinson in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District

Democrats activate maniacal pre-election smear machine
Posted: October 19, 2010
12:13 am Eastern  © 2010 WorldNetDaily

…It’s the same old miserable pre-election tactic we’re seeing all over the country right now, like in Delaware where Christine O’Donnell is being tied to witchcraft. Or in Florida where out-of-control Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson is airing TV ads characterizing his GOP rival Daniel Webster as “Taliban Dan” by twisting Webster’s words about the Bible to say exactly the opposite of what Webster actually said. We’re seeing it everywhere…

…DeFazio is a deceitful political hack, so desperate to hang on to his coveted congressional seat he’s occupied for 24 years that he’s willing to blatantly libel and slander his opponent with wild untruths – all crafted to scare voters just before election time…


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