Ways to Circumvent Congress and Quickly Enact Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Folks, want to see what POS’s Obama and Co are? Well, here it is… To be implemented FY-10 FY-11.

The following are the opening sentences in the attached 11 page memo on how to circumvent Congress and relatively quickly enact amnesty for large numbers of illegal aliens (in groups of 50,000, 33,000, etc, etc. beginning in 3 – 12 months).

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can,
in the absence of Comprehensive Immigration Reform,
extend benefits and/or protections to many individuals and groups by issuing new guidance and regulations,
exercising discretion with regard to parole-in-place,
deferred action and the issuance of Notices to Appear (NTA).

USCIS could reinterpret two 1990 General Counsel Opinions
regarding the ability of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) applicants
who entered the United States (U.S.) without inspection to adjust or change status.

This would enable thousands of individuals in TPS status to become lawful permanent residents.

Similarly, where non-TPS applicants have been deemed inadmissible
under section 212(a)(6)(AXi) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (“the Act”) for having entered without inspection,
USCIS could grant “parole-in-place” (PIP) in the exercise of discretion to create a basis for adjustment in the US.

Illegal Immigration Acceleration Memo – 080210_USCISMemo

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4 Responses

  1. Hope you liked those bits of information. This illegal amnesty post of yours should, hopefully, be the death knell for demoncraps in DC.

  2. Since my fellow Floridians chose to make a big mistake, I have gone on an extended vacation away from the daily grind of all the stupidity that abound us every where I look, read, or every major news channel I tune into. They refuse to speak or report the truth and continue on their fabrication tour of lies and deceptions. it’s sad to see that after all we have experienced in this last decade and specifically in the last three years how we can still as a country be divided in half. It’s rather frightening to say the least how people can continue to accept the daily lies and fall into the trap of party politics. Just one small question, what if the democrats are not as stupid as we believe them to be and if they have registered as republicans just to vote for the weaker candidate that they feel they can win come November?

    • Hey TSTS, I know I feel much the same, it is very disheartening to see what has/is happenng to America. I was telling my father that even though Obama has proven his ineptness and inability in the job he usurped, the sheeple are still drinking the koo aid. I was not around for Hitler, but it seems very much like the spell Hitler had on the people.

      It is obvious BHO hates America and is deliberately trying to destroy her.

      I don’t understand why the sheeple can’t see that.

  3. Right before the 2008 presidential elections we had a big push for new citizenship in my home state of Florida. I also recall the same happening in 1996 as well. We are being ruled by elitist gangsters who pretend to be be on opposite sides but are in reality just playing us. Look at Karl Rove the other night!

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