Inquiring Minds want to know. Follow these Black Conservatives across America if you want to “be in the Know”

See what has happened is the Sociopath Socialist have stirred up a hornets nest.

Follow these courageous Americans on TWITTER and or visit their websites. You will not regret doing so. Of course there are many more and I will post updates as they come available.

Additional Reading

Additional Reading
Voting Female: Heads Up DHS, Bertha Lewis is plotting racial violence and civil unrest
ArleneArmy:  MSNBC Maddow Attacked Les Phillip: Because He’s a Conservative Republican Who is Black
OhioBelle: MSNBC’s ratings are falling faster than Obama’s approval ratings


4 Responses

  1. Wanted to stop by and take a look.

    My body stunk
    but I kept my funk.
    Every picture tells a story don’t it?


  2. Hey Blogwood! hahhaha

    You are funny brother!

    Yes, every picture tells a story so wake up Maggie I think I got something to say to you….WHY ISN’T IT NOVEMBER YET?

  3. Allen West , is from my state and I’m behind him 100%. He’s a smart man, and every time I have heard him speak he has proven to have good common sense and comes across as an honest man. Not a typical politician that will say one thing to one group and another thing to another group.

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