MMM MMM MMM, Raise your hands in the air, you don’t matter, you don’t care and neither does he, Obama!

Obama: The most beautiful sound in the world is FREEDOM! Wrong, NOPE!

Obama: The most beautiful sound in the world is the Islamic Call to Prayer the Adhan with many repetetive phrases such as “Alahu Akbar”, sound familiar folks? Yep! You are correct if you said, “that is what the panty waste Nidal Hasan yelled as he cowardly murdered UNARMED SOLDIERS at Fort Hood”

Folks you guys are “throwing your pearls at swines feet”. Of course you will not believe it and must continue down your path of destruction.

As I’ve said before here ya go folks, this man doesn’t give a rats behind about you. You are nothing more than a pawn in his game of chess with America.

And here is one, “the heart is deceitfully wicked”, “out of the mouth spills the truth”

Consummate Liar = Someone who willfully lies, while holding and knowing the truth while speaking the lie with utmost surity and conciousness so as to appear as telling the truth.

I really don’t think in my life have I ever seen a bigger liar than Hussein is. I’ve heard him called a “charming” liar, but “consummate” liar hits the nail on the head. My seventy year old father coined that phrase, “consummate liar” and man is it true. Very fitting.

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  1. Just keeps on coming with the hits.

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