Big Labor Unions are counting on more diabolical legislation to amass their Monopoly over Fire Fighters and Police

Union Thugs Go For Broke

What is this evil legislation? H.R. 413 and S. 1611.

Ultimately how will Big Labor affect the community and people where I live?

For many towns and cities this will be the last straw to break their financial back. Why? Big Labor plans on monopolizing all Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers across the nation under Union Boss control; when a city or town refuses to “go along with the plan” the Federal Government (Obama and Co) will turn over your “First Responders” to Big Labor anyway. You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t.

Union Boss thugs are ready to make their move, seeing right now as their best chance in years to take control over fire fighters and law enforcement officers across the nation. Brutalizing cities and towns, large and small from east to west, north and south leaving no stone unturned union boss thugs intent is to guarantee citizens pay more in taxes and get less for their tax money in return.

The usefulness of Unions during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s is over. Since then unions have progressively negotiated contracts that have forced previously prosperous companies to reduce their workforce, reduce product output, and eventually bankrupt the company.

See, union boss thugs have already driven many American companies into bankruptcy, near collapse, or heading in the same direction.

Union thugs have preyed on our auto industry, our public school system and totally ruined state and federal government with unsustainable “Cadillac Health Care (under Obama)”, “Cadillac Benefit Plans” unusually high pay for blue collar type employment.

For example, take Detroit Michigan car manufacturing companies. Employees making around $75.00 per hour were offered reduced pay to be able to keep their jobs. In other words, you will not make as much money, however you WILL have a job and benefits. What did the Union thugs do? Said, Nope no way these people want to lose their jobs and have no income rather than compromise. Many employees that wanted to negotiate were threatened and harassed by Big Union Labor trolls.

For additional information visit National Right to Work Committee

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2 Responses

  1. Good post Liberty, you know I could go on for hours, talking about unions my personal experience with them 31 years ago. How then, just being a young man, I realized that they were nothing more then a syndicate of crooks exploiting the worker. One day when I have a chance I will write an article as to how I joined and within a month, the first meeting I canceled my membership.

    • Hey toosmalltosucceed, yes you should write an article. I remembered years ago, I loved to read and came across a book about unions, like when they were just forming and how it was a good thing. I wish I could remember the name of that book, I read it when I was between 15 and 20, I’m 47 so late seventies early eighties? It was a great book and had very violent descriptions of what was going on in companies to show unions were needed. However now I think the same thing as you do.

      Even more so, they are diabolical and feed off the backs of the worker.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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