Obama: Free Pass to Terrorist – Court Martial for USA Military

Wow, wait a minute this isn’t happening is it?  Americans are witnessing just one more of the most horrific demonstrations by the Obama administration to demoralize American Military members while uplifting and glorifying the Muslim Islamic Extremist’s and their agenda. Again, what a pos Obama is. People, this is madness and must be stopped, please watch and read below to understand how the terrorist burned alive, drug their bodies through the streets and hung from a bridge four Americans. The Islamic Muslim Extremest claim the Navy Seals gave them a “fat lip”, oh good freakin’ grief, candy ass terrorist cowards.

Americans are rallying to the side of the brave Navy SEALs who are being persecuted in the name of political correctness. Rep. Dan Burton and Rep. Dana Rohrbacher have demanded that the charges be dropped. It is time for the outrageous charges which resulted from the false accusations of a terrorist murderer to be dismissed against these fine men, and for their names to be cleared.

The time is NOW to put the final pressure on the Secretary of Defense to drop these charges. But thus far only one new outlet–FoxNews–has even reported this outrage. We need to get the word out to Americans across the land about this outrage, so they can put pressure on the powers that be to put an end to this injustice.

Please help us run TV ads to get the word out to the American People, who can act to stop it!

What Happened…

Three brave Navy SEALs captured the most wanted terrorist in Iraq in a daring nighttime raid on September 3rd, 2009. But now those SEALs are being charged with assault because that same terrorist–who planned the savage murders of 4 Americans in 2004–claimed they gave him a “fat lip”. Despite no physical evidence to support his claim. And despite the fact that the Al Qaeda manual directs terrorists to falsely claim abuse. A Court-Martial has been scheduled For APRIL, and these fine men face a year in prison over the lies of a murdering terrorist!

This same terrorist, Ahmed Hashim Abed, and his followers killed 4 American bodyguards, burning three of them alive, dragged their bodies through the streets, and hung them from a bridge over the Euphrates River. It was a horrific crime. And these SEALs risked life and limb to bring him in after 5 years on the run. Yet now the politically-correct military is prosecuting the very men who captured him, because he claimed they gave him a FAT LIP? Why is the military taking the word of a murdering terrorist over our brave fighting men?According to the SEALs’ attorneys, their clients face up to a YEAR IN PRISON. They DENY the charges and have pled not guilty. But the fact that they were even charged for rough handling of a mass-murdering terrorist is an outrage.

We must stop this madness. We have heard it from military experts, from Congressmen, from attorneys: Once the Court Martial begins, public pressure is more likely to be ignored. But these experts have told us one important fact: Public pressure DOES effect whether charges are DROPPED. Popular pressure has prevailed in the past, and MUST do so now to halt this gross injustice against the heroes who captured this terrorist murderer in a heroic operation.

Secretary Gates, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, can intervene at any time to dismiss the charges against the three SEALs and direct that they be restored to duty.

What We are Doing…

“,,,We need to target the leaders who can make this disgraceful witchhunt go away: Secretary Gates, the Congress, the Armed Services Committees, the military brass, and the Administration. Due to mainstream media censorship of this issue, we believe the best way to do this is with TV ads. We have to act FAST to get the word out to millions of Americans, who will be OUTRAGED into action when they see these ads, and flood the marbled offices of Washington with their phone calls, faxes, emails and letters.”

What You Can Do…

Even if you cannot afford to help us run our ads, please use our website’s resources to CALL, EMAIL, FAX and write LETTERS to the decision makers in the military, Congress, the Administration, and also on Talk Radio and in the Media. Sign our petition (over 38,000 have so far) which we will deliver to Defense Secretary Gates and Congressional leaders. Write an Op-Ed piece in your local newspaper. Anything will help get the word out about these men being railroaded for the sake of political correctness! Don’t we all owe these brave men a minute of our time to call, email or fax on their behalf?

Our soldiers and sailors are the men and women that have kept terrorists at bay for eight years. These are the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for you and your families. These are the men and women who have the enemy on the run right now so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

These are the men and women being shot at, blown up, injured and killed, and they are shooting back at the enemy to defend you against terrorists that would otherwise be in your town, shooting at you, taking your loved ones hostage and beheading them.
This MUST not stand! We CAN stop it if we get the word out to all Americans. We must not fail these fine men.

Thank you, and God Bless.

Jim Westerbrook

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6 Responses

  1. Outstanding post. The charges are total bullsh*t, and I’m thinking this will be a good test case actually. We get a proper decision on this behavior (the terrorist) and we’ve got a Achmed v US decision to reference.

  2. Actually, what we need to do is hold the government accountable for this crap. With the total violation of the Constitution being performed by Nancy Pelosi regarding the “deeming” of a bill as law, the “Slaughter” thing, she is a traitor. Plain and simple treason. And anyone who stands with her.

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  4. Hello!

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