American’s Safety VS. Obama Arrogance and Ignorance

First off people, How freakin stupid?????? Stupid is as stupid does… That’s obvious, good freakin grief.

Not providing an appropriate number of troops to “get the job done” (because bho is so much more knowledgeable than seasoned military advisors)

Well, we all know what the H is going on, Obama does not give a crap about America only his Jihadist buddies and helping them. Excuse me, but Obama, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Your actions are the most ignorant and show your obvious and VULGAR disdain for America and all her people.

All you people that are SMARTER THAN ME...Shut up and drink the Kool AideObama you spit in the face of Reason and Intelligence with your arrogant stupidity and ignorant DECISIONS.

Now, with your little “game” you play with the Military, America, and America’s future on your little, “Here is my military plan” (since you know so much about strategic military defense operations).

Well, how ’bout a little prophetic military insight from someone who does not portray to be a military defense know it all as Obama does? You know what I think will happen, good Lord we hope and pray it happens this way because it can’t happen without you Lord (divine intervention). Obama’s goal is for America to “die on the vine”, however General McCrystal being the seasoned military man that he is will do as we say and make Lemonade with the lemons Obama and Company have dealt him.

No, General McCrystal, nor will the American troops be supported by the president. They will be “given less to do more with” (as usual). Isn’t that Obama’s Modus Operanda unless you are ACORN, SIEU or some other corrupt organization? Then of course you get the “Lions Share”.

Yes, General McCrystal will do the best he and his troops can possibly do with the meager Obama droppings; you know why? Because THAT is what Good Army Generals Do! Doggoneit, they make the best of a bad situation and we all pray for the safety of our troops against the wiles of the devil (Islam).

You know the other thing Obama will do once General McCrystal has succeeded, Obama will take full credit because that is the kind of scum he is made of; imagine that.

Troop build up and sustainment has been part of the mission and has been going on since day one of this war; Don’t let Obama fool you into believing this was his idea because it was Bush’s idea.

The troop training for their own self sustainment has been going on for many years during this war. This is nothing new. I know and have known plenty of soldiers that have gone over and trained the Afghan troops.  The problem with a troop build up on their end is the constant fear and devastation brought on by the local terrorist groups that promise the Afghan soldiers bodily harm to their families for joining the Afghan army. Local terrorist groups offer safety, food, water, and shelter to those young men to join the terrorist groups as opposed to joining their own military to retain safety in the region.

THAT IS WHY GENERAL MCCRYSTAL NEEDED THE TROOPS HE ASKED FOR, not to be second guessed and insulted by some dumb butt community organizer.

Hey there is no one more than me that wants our troops home, but we want them home with Honor, Dignity, and the obviously Selfless Service they have provided.

We want VICTORY! Nothing Less

Definition of victory in Afghanistan for CRYBABY, LIBERAL, morons:  An Afghanistan with sufficient military and law enforcement personnel to sustain safety for the Afghanistan people. In other words, protect and remove the terrorist threat from within


Otherwise, coming home on Obama’s timetable will no doubt bring (within two weeks on to American Soil) The Taliban, Hamas, and every other self serving, disgusting, hateful mad men Terroist, Jihadist over here. These men will be right on our heels. Good Freakin Grief, They are already here and working just fine. Remember “Hasan” Obamas Homeland Security Guy that just hollered Allah Akbar and killed American soldiers on Fort Hood?

Hey? Who got me started on this anyway? If I come up dead or my knee caps rearranged, watch after my children until my husband returns from Afghanistan fighting for freedom.


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  5. Well spoken dear. One more thing though. I pray that they remember their OATH when they come home. And DOMESTIC!

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  8. Good to see you are still alive and well Lisa, Jim

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