Safety in The Military – what a bunch a bunk Now that Obama is in charge

Conservative Voices will NOT be silenced Anymore!Well, people this whole Fort Hood Islamic, Muslim Terrorist Act has my mind reeling as I’m sure it does yours.

My military career was been pretty uneventful as far as war time and here is basically how it went. Prior to attending the warrant officer academy I had a Frirst Sergeant that said “if you are not on the front line fighting the war, then you are supporting someone who is”. My friends, that is true. Eventhough I do lament about not being part and figting on foriegn soil against the GWOT I am proud of the work I did to support those “frontline” soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors, and coast guard warriors.

I joined the Army, trained active duty boot camp at Fort Jackson, SC, assumed assignment to a National Guard Unit where I was further trained active duty at Fort Bragg (home of the 82nd Airborne), Fort Benning (home of the infantry), Fort Belvoir, (home to Army Information Systems Command, Army Intelligence and Security Command, Defense Logistics Agency and Defense Technical Information Service), Connecticut Military Camp Installation, (Niantic, CT), Randolph Air Force Base (home of Air Education and Training Command for AF or DoD), Camp Shelby, Mississippi, Alabama Military Academy (Fort McClellan), 117th Regiment Tennessee Military Academy, Camp Joseph Robinson, AK, Maxwell, AFB, Gunter, AFB. Many meetings  and work in Washington,DC (the security wsa unreal(great)) I’m sure there may be more but it doesn’t really matter, what matters is:

No military Post or Base that I have ever been to, been trained at, visited, taught, conferenced at, etc., have I ever been in fear for my life.  Especially not one time in my military career have I ever feared some freakin’ Jihadist opeing fire on me and my battle buddies whilst we were going about our duties.  Now, I’ve been told and heard that soldiers are cowaring and fliniching all over their posts. You may say I’m crazy, but when I’m on Post or Base, I never lock my car doors. If you can’t trust the military who the heck can you trust?

Now, GUESS WHAT? Under the Obama administration and all this stinking political correctness you are more apt to be gunned down simply doing your duty on Post or on Base by a Muslim/Islamic Extremest Jihadist Wackjob. You know what is worse? Obama does not give a screaming crap in hell. Hey people, don’t forget Obama is a freakin Jihadist too, he’s a liar, he’s a closet muslim (amongst other closet activities of his).

Hey all you Obama Jihadist Muslim Extremist denial wackjobs, GUESS WHAT????? Obama, OBAMA tapped him to be in his (Obama’s) Home Land Security Task Force…. HOW STUPID IS THAT????? Can you say Obama is a Jihadist Sympathiser???? YES…True, True…

What does that say about his character? Not much in my opinion, why? Because Obama Hussein is not much…just a pos…

Oh, don’t forget, The Obama Administration has stopped any investigation into the Massacre at Fort Hood. What does that tell you? Huh?

Obama not forthcoming about Fort Hood Massacre


8 Responses

  1. WG
    I hope you find yourself surrounded by family and friends this Thanksgiving. Will pray for your hubby’s quick and safe return home.

    Please express our gratitude to your husband for his service to our country. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Hi Friend,
    I am thinking of you and continue to pray for you and your family. You are always on my mind as I know where YOUR mind is…

    We have much to be thankful for, even though we have loved ones far from home. Let us not forget the greatest thing we have is our gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Times may be getting “hard”, probably much worse; but we have peace in our Lord and we know the “good guys” win the big war.

    I’m always here if you need me – for anything.


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  4. That was a superb rant, I enjoyed every word of it! You do remember that part in his book where he said “if TSHTF, he’s with the muslims”. He is one. If he’s not one, he’s a whole hearted sympathizer. He is NOT an American. Even were he born in Hawaii, which I doubt but don’t scream, he is a “dual citizen” at best. And on top of that, he was raised in total socialist indoctrination. I could go on, but this would be one long comment if I let fly.

    • cmblake6, yes man. thanks. I am totally glad you enjoyed, the jihadist are leaving me thier little snide comments that I will not allow through! Ahahah

      Just like their follower! Obama~! I will have no opposing views! ahahah (only if’ I’ve planted them as he does…pos…)

      cmblake6, why did you get me started again???? hahahaahah

      hey come back soon.

      I’ll be back to blogging soon, maybe….

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