I’ll tell you the freakin motive…”Kill The Infidel”! Get 72 virgins, right Hasan will be eternally burning while he waits for them

Terrorist Hasan's Victims

Jihad, Obama…Jihad, get it?

I’d love to tell you exactly what I’d like to do about this, alas but I cannot.  This whole incident and EVERYTHING surrounding it have just made me sick, absolutely sick to my stomach.  Sick and hurt for the families of the MURDERED.  Soldiers murdered in cold blood senslessly by one of the many many COWARDS within America, usually products of Islam and the Muslim persuasions.  Many of these same cowardly people are the ones that have infiltrated the threads of America; the core…Excuse the cliche’ but if you’ve been to our nation’s capitol lately you will see all the hotels, restaurants, and business are owned by terrrorists middle easterners.  Just go on vaction to most any tourist town, have you noticed who owns the businesses that once were owned by the local yocals?  Right, you guessed.

Thanks to a bunch of blood thirsty lawyers looking to make a buck forcing America to be subservent to the peoples’ who orchestrated Thursday’s attack of innocent soldiers, 9-11, USS Cole, Marine Barracks in Beruit, etc. etc. etc. etc.  Can’t we just stop the freaking madness??  STOP THE INFILTRATION!  One of the many army terms one learns is “we are only as strong as our weakest link”.  People this is true, we must stop the contstant  assault on the weakest link.

Below is a National Press Release before going on the attack in the Media let us all pray for the victims and their families in this terrible tragedy in Ft Hood we all need to pray.


In the wake of the cowardly Ft. Hoot mass fatal shooting of 11 or more unarmed U.S. soldiers by Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan, America has the right to know the truth about sleeper war cells in the U.S.
Walid Shoebat Former Islamic Terrorist who was once part of Jihad war cells in the US and understands fully the mindset of terrorists has been warning America of the potential of this very type of tragedy and worse for many years.
Shoebat contends that the US Army, Navy, Air Force, FBI, CIA, Dept. of Homeland Security are all infiltrated with Muslim Extremists.
“America needs to awaken from its sleep and its unwillingness to face the issue of fundamentalist Islam in our midst which undoubtedly is the cause of the tragedy in Ft Hood” says Mr. Shoebat, adding, “Some very serious decisions need to made when it comes to having Muslims protecting our country, as it is impossible to know whether they maybe honorable or foxes in the hen house.”
Walid is the author of the book “Why We Want To Kill You, The Jihad Mindset and How to Defeat it.”
By Walid Shoebat:
— Nidal Malik Hasan is NOT a convert but Jordanian Muslim SINCE BIRTH! Infiltration by Islamists in the military is a fact My own brother served in the United States Air Force and his loyalty was to his ideology, yet allowing him to guard nuclear facilities should be on check. Religion is a sensitive issue but we should not undermine our security from fear of ‘Islamophobia.’
— Muslims by Sharia Law are mandated never to fight Muslims. Muslim soldiers need to be questioned whether this is an issue, yet we virtually never question them.
— Converts to Islam are susceptible to Islamization, the case of Sgt. Hassan Akbar from Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait killed two Americans and was influenced by the MSU (Muslim Student Association), also Ali Muhammad a double agent that worked for the FBI and collaborated with Al-Qaeda
— Speaking at the Air Force Academy in Colorado to expose the infiltration of Islamist. Not only were over a hundred of Middle Eastern Muslims allowed to infiltrate, but were also allowed to threaten us with death with no repercussions whatsoever — Omar Khalifa, a student, got away with the threats and while Khalifa was related to Osama Bin Laden’s son-in-law, he was largely ignored!
— At the Marines, our event was cancelled as to ‘not to offend Saudi visitors. At Camp Bullis was a Muslim in the U.S army who said he was ‘offended’ that I spoke on the issue of terrorism. Has ‘Political correctness’ seeped into our military apparatus to the point where no one can say anything lest they risk we offend someone? When Americans are being killed,all issues should be on the table.
— The big question: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or Terrorism?
Nidal never served in Iraq or Afghanistan to qualify as a candidate for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.


28 Responses

  1. WG:
    I think most of America knows the motive. This was no PTSD in my opinion. This was a terrorist attack. I am so sad about what happened. Actually, I am still in a state of disbelief! I have fond memories of Ft. Hood.

    That terroist who killed our soldiers should be hauled straight to GITMO or go to the firing squad. And Obama needs to be impeached for the safety of this nation. Personally, I could not serve under Obama.

    • Arlene, I couldn’t server under him either and that amongst other things has me up in arms about my husbands service, believe me it’s not for Hussein, it’s for freedom. Husssein better send the needed troops to get the job done too.

  2. Warrant – I am SOOOOOO angry as well. Please read my latest blog – “outrage” It says it all. I am as mad as you are and I am starting to be politically incorrect. Time for the gloves to come off.

    They are taking over Europe and America. They will destroy our culture and belief systems. We need to suspend freedoms as far as they are concerned and restrict immigration for them. Mexican immigrants are not out to kill us. They will live side by side with us. Muslims have it in their laws that they cannot live with the infidel. They either have to convert us or kill us. I am now unafraid to say this. We must stand and fight them. We must. The beginning will be to get the progressives out of Washington that are selling us right down the river.


    • Amen Sister! That is our resolve, no more blood shed in vain. My husband was 20 feet away that day and if he had been murdered and after what obama hussein said, I would be killed scaling the fence at the white house to strangle that usurper idiot. I don’t know how those families are living with this.

      Senseless killing and Obama is all for it and he can’t say he’s not.

  3. You know Sam, this is just my opinion but as far as I”m concerned, Islamofascism is not a religion and therefore does not require the suspension of any rights. It is a terrorist, political ideology that threatens to undermine our government and our very way of life.

    I agree with you, it must be named, spotlighted and destroyed before it destroys us!

  4. Great blog, btw! I’ve learned a lot reading here.

  5. I will offer this analysis…..I think the guy was a nutcase….for over two decades. He simply hid behind Islam and the Army image as some kind of shield….but he’s been emotionally unstable for the majority of the time.

    Look at the apartment he rented at Fort Hood….it’s the typical $350 a month job. As a major…..the army was offering him well over $1000 a month to rent a full-up house or a $1000 a month apartment….why would rent something less? He was very likely the only officer in the entire complex…..with almost all junior enlisted being the rest. Something about this doesn’t make sense.

    He had virtually no life….for well over a decade, and likely going back to university days.

    So I’m not into the terrorist ID on this guy…..he was a pure nut….and nothing less. He was that ten years ago. The Army should have come to some realization and just encouraged him to leave the service.

    Course, now….in terms of punishment…..I don’t see anything less than Army execution for the guy….even if he is nuts.

  6. RoyH, sure I agree he was a freakin nutcase OBVIOUSLY, but doggoneit he WAS A TERRORIST too.

    Yes, I say army execution for this guy too can’t wait till the idiot gets his 72 virgins or whatever he thinks is waiting for him in the pits of hell.

    • It’s like Bernie Goldberg said: if this guy were a Christian or they could link even a sliver of evidence of this attack on his Christianity, that is how the media would have led this story. Headline “Crazy RightWing born again Christian goes on Arny Post Killing Rampage.”

      The fact that he is a Muslim will be excused. They are blaming this story on the military. Now it’s PTSS that caused him to “snap.” Or he was bullied by his peers and that made him go crazy.


      He is an IslamoFascist. End of story. And I think there is a legitimate and growing fear that these people are infiltrating many of our institutions. The military need to take stock of this at the peril of their own and this whole nation.

      The military is the victim, this time.

      Yes, he’s a nutcase but he is first and foremost a Muslim fascist. That is the lead in this story.


    • at least you can ask if the person your are about to kill is a muslim ,if they say yes ,then kill the mother fucker before he kills you,.america has to make a stand .let the end begin,,,,,all glory to god fuck all the rest to come and get me….fuck you ali or how ever you spell your name ,try the spelling shit head you liar copycat of the word ,the native people of the planet curse you and yours. for it is evil what your doing and your cause will fail,.the just will survive …take off that rag you have on your head for ill cave it in with a mighty blow. from this day on i can have only hate for your kind ,for to think your kind is only is the makers peoples your are wrong .i only have to surender to become a muslim .for worthless dirt and ignorince you keep killing seek the true word of the true lord and give peace to the so needy world …see the truth or we all die togather ,what is so wrong with living ……in the words of the old people give peace a chance ..in the words of the new people give peace a chance ,,,,,amen.

      • Hello kei,

        I allowed your comment (albeit profane) because you are not atttacking me as some commenters do.

        Those commentors I allow them if they have the guts to go there and comment (the left wing nut blog and Spleen Venting). Those pages and blogs are reserved for the Kool Aid drinkers.

  7. WG,
    Glad your hubby is OK! Man, that’s too close for comfort.

    What do you think can be done to protect our troops if the US Army, Navy and Air Force are all infiltrated by Muslim extremists?

    Can we possibly weed out the extremists at this point if they are so deeply rooted that they have even infiltrated agencies such as the FBI, the CIA and the Dept. of Homeland Security?

    In this case, it seems that the actions of Major Hasan in the months prior to the killings sent up a warning flag that the Obama administration chose to ignore.


    • Hey Mountain, as I replied to roxannadanna the emotions are nearly too raw to act decent. It’s almost like, a don’t get me started thing. I’m mad as hell. Ok, I retired (army) in 08 annual mandatory training SAEDA (Subversion and Espionage Directed against the U.S. Army), you know all the training in the world won’t prepare you for the IslamoFascist wackjobs that have infiltrated our military (BUT IT SHOULD!) because political correctness is forced on EVERYONE by greedy lawyers pampering and petting everyone just so that America becomes so freakin watered down that we cannot effectively protect ourselves from anyone or anything or any act of violence. That includes military training (boot camp) if you will; has become so easy that the normal “weeding” out of those that can’t “hack it” are not weeded out, so what happens? You have the weak weenies that do not belong in the military – in the military and they are of little use to the mission and are weak links, doggoneit. and crap like this happens. another instance comes to mind is the soldier that “wandered” off his post and was caught by the Taliban. Has he been seen since? One time maybe on a video in gray garb covered from neck to hands and feet. I have no idea about that soldier or his situation and I’m very sorry for him and his family since all we can see were his head and hands it’s no telling what the rest of his body looks like. In that garb no trauma is visible to the rest of his body (if there is trauma).
      Sorry, that was off subject here but I guess a little relevent to the “weeding out” of soldiers that may prove to be unsuitable. But another thing is that the administration under obama should have put that Terrorist Soldier on the Road and they didn’t!!!!! And do you think Obama cares? I don’t know but I don’t think so. He’s too self absorbed.

      The pure training of SAEDA should have been enough to detect that defective soldier and have gotten his dead beat self out of the military before he did what he did and now is being praised for it by all of the People That OBAMA RAN AROUND THE WORLD BOWING TO AND APOLOGIZING ABOUT AMERICA TO.

      Mountain, it is a shame.

  8. OMG Warrant – I had no idea that your husband was only 20 feet away. Please to to my blog ON MY WATCH at samandimp.wordpress.com and see the dedication to your family. Bless you.

    • I had to go back and re-read this again because somewhere I missed that your husband was this close to the tragedy.

      I’m so sorry for him and so pleased for you both that he is alive and with you.

      My prayers and thoughts,

      • hey roxannadanna, yes I actually have two posts about Fort Hood. I actually feel like the blood has been drained out of me; it’s hard to explain. Actually I can’t explain the raw emotions I feel for what occured at Fort Hood and the subsequent actions of a man that is supposed to be the president of the United States of America. It is blood curdling and blood boiling at the same time. I just cannot imagine how the families of the fallen are feeling, helpless I’m sure by a country led by a man with obvious muslim/islamic sympathies and is obviously stuck between a rock and a hard spot (since he’s flown the globe trashing and appologizing about America and siding with Arabs and Everyone else that is against the West and Christianity as well as against decency) . Friday my husband said the day was sorrow filled as the flag draped caskets were sent to Dover. What makes it so hard is the fact the a man usurping the presidency is minimizing islamic extremest terrorist activities directed against americans, civilians, and military personnel. He proved that during his idotic speech he gave where he gave a “shout out” to some guy and even quoted the wrong award proving his ineptness and incompetence.

        I am forever thankful to God that my husband escaped that fate.

  9. The motive: To murder, to kill, to destroy. This was an OBVIOUS PREMEDITATED MURDER PLOT. The fact that this Islamic terrorist told his friends goodbye, gave his belongings away and then proceeded to gun down soldiers and civilians all located within a room (like shooting fish in a barrel) doesn’t need much more of an explanation for a motive.

    Americans do not understand the Islamic faith because in America, we have Christians who use their faith to suit their own person views or desires. They take their “faith off” and “put it on” as they see fit. They are not true Christians. This impedes their ability to understand Muslims.

    Here are a few facts about Islam:

    Religious practices include the Five Pillars of Islam, which are five duties that unite Muslims into a community.Islamic law (Arabic: شريعة Šarīʿah) touches on virtually every aspect of life and society, encompassing everything from dietary laws and banking to warfare, welfare, and Jihad.

    Jihad means “to strive or struggle” (in the way of God) and is considered the “Sixth Pillar of Islam” by a minority of Sunni Muslim authorities.Jihad, in its broadest sense, is classically defined as “exerting one’s utmost power, efforts, endeavors, or ability in contending with an object of disapprobation.” Depending on the object being a visible enemy, the devil, and aspects of one’s own self, different categories of Jihad are defined.Jihad, when used without any qualifier, is understood in its military aspect.Jihad also refers to one’s striving to attain religious and moral perfection.Some Muslim authorities, especially among the Shi’a and Sufis, distinguish between the “greater jihad”, which pertains to spiritual self-perfection, and the “lesser jihad”, defined as warfare.

    Within Islamic jurisprudence, jihad is usually taken to mean military exertion against non-Muslim combatants in the defense or expansion of the Islamic state, the ultimate purpose of which is to universalize Islam. Jihad, the only form of warfare permissible in Islamic law, may be declared against apostates, rebels, highway robbers, violent groups, un-Islamic leaders or states which refuse to submit to the authority of Islam. Most Muslims today interpret Jihad as only a defensive form of warfare: the external Jihad includes a struggle to make the Islamic societies conform to the Islamic norms of justice.

    Under most circumstances and for most Muslims, jihad is a collective duty (fard kifaya): its performance by some individuals exempts the others. Only for those vested with authority, especially the sovereign (imam), does jihad become an individual duty. For the rest of the populace, this happens only in the case of a general mobilization. For most Shias, offensive jihad can only be declared by a divinely appointed leader of the Muslim community, and as such is suspended since Muhammad al-Mahdi’s occultation in 868 AD.

    Unfortunately, the liberals and idiots who voted (yes I said idiot) for the current president of the U.S. put a Muslim in the White House. We have a person who will stand with Islam over America any day of the week. This, if not already obvious to Americans, should be perfectly clear now.

    We must pray to the Almighty God for redemption of OUR SINS (individually and collectively as a nation) and that He will appoint a Godly leader for the U.S. who will do according to HIS WILL (God’s). This is the only hope for America. America exists to help the Nation of Israel. When American has stood with Israel, American has been blessed. When it has stood against, America has been cursed. Note: all presidents who have taken a stand against Israel have suffered problems throughout their presidencies and were one-term presidents. Even H.W. Bush.

    This all fits together. There is no way to handle this other than to turn to God. The die has been cast, these things are written in The Bible, which is the Word of God; without error. Christians are not to look at “the world” and be distressed, we are to LOOK UP for our redemption draweth nigh, when we see “these things come to pass.” Just remember, the good guys win the war.

    I wish my best to all families touched by the terror attack at Ft. Hood. It has touched my family personally as friends have been wounded there. But, these people are brothers and sisters in Christ. When they hurt, I hurt.

    • Amen, amen and AMEN.

      I’m staring at my screen thinking of right words and there are none. You said them all. Anything I could add would be trite.

      my prayers and thoughts,

  10. Did not realize your husband was so close to this tragic massacre. Cannot imagine how this has impacted you, am very thankful for you both that he is safe.

    My prayers go out for those who were injured and for the families who are suffering.

  11. It was his failure to understand the difference between an act of war and a crime [1993 World Trade Center bombing] that undermined President Clinton’s administration’s anti-terror efforts and led directly to 9-11. It would appear that President Obama is going down the same road of denial and minimization of political harm. There may be casualties at Ft. Hood, but Obama is determined that his popularity will not be among them.
    Dick Morris

    Thought you might like to see this quote.

  12. And one more thing, WarrantGirl, I love you. I have been praying for you (since BEFORE this happened). As you and I have talked; you know that I have had personal “feelings” that something might happen related to Afghanistan but had no dream it could happen at the largest base in the world.

    My prayers are constantly with the families of our soldiers. I know, very well, what it feels like to have a husband deployed to the Middle East and I understand Islam. I understand the daily stress this takes on you and your family, but most especially on you. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers as I will continue to pray for the safety of our troops deployed and on assignment all over the world.

    I am always here if you need me. I can be at your house in three hours.


  13. I could have gone down there, point by point, agreeing and perhaps enhancing the statements. Excellent post. Again though, let me see what you think of this: http://www.joinden.com/

  14. So the doctors say he’ll be paralyzed. Does that mean they have to lift him from the chair to put him in the other one, or do they just stick him while he’s in the one with wheels? I say put a severed pigs head in his lap, pour that pigs blood all over him, then pump him full of acid while he’s still awake. Televise it, worldwide, so the pisslamofascists can see how nasty we can be. They videoed the beheading of Daniel Pearl to show us how mean THEY were, let’s return the favor.

    • cmblake6, man excuse the cliche put you hit the nail on the head!

      I wish I had more time to do a blog of the bastards doing what they did to to Daniel Pearl with a sideby to how this islamoPOS is being treated by the US under the B. Hussein O. admin bunch of freakin weenies, American Haters, and Islamic Jihad lovers is all the Obama Admin is. They all disgust me. Obama and Co. every last one of them.

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