School kids Indoctrinated and taught to pray to Barack Hussein Obama

Children taught to praise and pray and sing to Obama, Red, Yellow, Black, or Whte (we know that is a lie). Obama is a whitey hating half black man half white man.

Obama is just as much white as he is black, good grief. All he knows is that he wants to be a freakin dictator.

Update!  Not all parents knew of the indoctrination song led by the school prinicipal, not all children and parents should be condemed, just the principal and ones involved.  Can someone get these kids and their parents names and NEVER give them a job, let them be wards of the state just like they want. Hmmm, give them what they want!

Someone was saying this chant is being sung to the popular childrens old time gospel, “Jesus loves me”. Eventhough there are lyrics from that song, the main tune being used is, “When the Saints go marching in”. NOW, HOW STINKING INAPPROPRIATE IS THAT? The entire ordeal is blasphemy.


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  1. I watched part of that video and did not know whether to nauseous or angry. I couldn’t even watch the entire thing.

  2. Hey Tarheel, I know truly disgusting and very sad that America has stooped to this. But how else could it be? The ones that love him are following his lead which of course is stooping to new lows.

    Well, we know now not all those kids were “willing”, now that is disgusting and I hope their parents take the school to task.

  3. When I 1st saw that video it really turned my stomach. I hope this video is the turning point for the parents to take their kids out of public school & home school them.

    • I know arlene, you are right. Homeschooling my 10th grader last year was an eye opener. I think I may have told you, we homeschooled one, one was in Chrisitian private school, and one was in public school. I tell you we got an a belly full on indoctrination last year.

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