Free taxis for Muslims in Amsterdam and rioting in Brussels means it’s Ramadan! (video)

Hello people, thanks to all you “ignorant” obama voters for ensuring he has the power to enforce and enhance the muslim, islamic, jihad, sharia law agenda on you bunch of fools.  You know, I just hope you are the ones that reap the most benefits from electing this diabolical usurper.

Thanks go to CreepingSharia for reporting.

The joys of Ramadan. And appeasement to Muslims. The month of jihad continues apace as Europe burns.

From De Telegraaf: Gratis vervoer voor moslims in Amsterdam (hat tip proud2bTexan)

AMSTERDAM — Moslims krijgen in delen van Amsterdam vandaag gratis taxiritten om toch op familiebezoek te kunnen tijdens het islamitische Suikerfeest.

[In English] Muslims in parts of Amsterdam today get free taxi rides to still be able to visit family during the Islamic Feast Sugar.

Almost the entire area within the A10 ring road is now a prohibited area for motorists.

From Gates of Vienna: Police Lost Control in Brussels

Here, undercover police explain how the state actually prevents it’s own institutions from acting against immigrant crime, and how ‘no go zones’ form. The time to stop calling this a ‘youth’ issue … 

More: From Expatica: 43 arrested after mob violence in Brussels

Brussels – Forty-three people were arrested overnight in a heavily immigrant neighourhood of Brussels where there have been clashes between police and mobs of youths, police said Saturday. It was the second night of incidents in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean area, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Brussels populated by immigrants mainly from Morocco.


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  1. Let us hope that America has awakened enough to realize that Obama’s agenda is dangerous. His social radicals surrounding him in the White House, along with his radical ideology is something our grandfathers and fathers (and many of us) have gone to war against to free other countries from. These are people who should never be allowed to be in charge of our country, much less ever in the White House! They must be removed; at any cost. Is this radical? No, this is American. Anyone who does not believe what I am saying IS RADICAL and this would include the radical left who would subscribe to what Obama is preaching.

    Those who can best fight what is happening here in America and all over the world are CHRISTIANS. And today is the day we should choose who we serve. Are we IN this world or are we OF this world? We cannot serve two masters.

    We have one purpose here. Those of us who are Christians know our purpose. The “Nation of Islam” can rattle it’s sabres all it chooses, it cannot hold us in it’s chains of fear, threats of terror or threats of death. Our Almighty God has already defeated satan and satan is the muslim god. I do not regret making that comment for it is true. There is only one true God, it is Jehovah God of Israel and of those of us who follow Jesus, the Son of God. All others are false gods.

    The Islam faith is not one of love it is one of hate. It is one of darkness. God brings everything in the darkness to light. We are children of the Light. As Christians, we can fight this plague on the nations by prayer and staying in the Word of God. We must speak the Word of God, which satan will flee from.

    We know how these people will meet their end and it won’t be with their virgiins and paradise. No, it will be in the pit of fire and eternity in hell.

    • Oh girl, honey you are not kidding! Thanks and this is a wonderful comment. Thank you.

      Yes, our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against evil wickedness! Ephesians 6:12 I truly believe the upheavel and unrest of patriotic americans is because as a nation we are turning from our wicked ways and praying and asking for forgiveness and he is listening from heaven and hearing and working on healing our nation. 2 Chron 7:14

      Amen sister!

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