Creeping Sharia and Obama Advancing the Movement

Hello, ok good grief people The President of the United States has plenty of time to immortalize the Muslim Islamic violent religion (if you don’t think so, then you might not understand about “killing the infidel”, hey Freedom of Speech is yours too) and no time to recognize nor participate in the Christian Relgion on which this great nation was founded. Thanks go to and are in order for the Left Wing Progressive Liberals that put this evil man into the highest office of our land. It is prophetic and we are as Americans getting what we deserve.

Election of this monster is setting the stage for Biblical Prophecy to be fullfulled. Folks our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against evil, spiritual wickedness… (Ephesians 6:12).

The battle belongs to the Lord, God sets kings up and God brings kings down… (Daniel 2:21).  Pray People, Pray! (2 Chronicles 7:14)

More PROOF of his despotic, diabolical, agenda for America along with a severe psychotic personality disorder.
Voodoo & Witchcraft in the White House
White House Ushers in Ramadan
Obama Pledges Full Amnesty for all Illegal Aliens By 2010
Our Unconstitutional Census
Watch Obama during Ramadan
Obama Personality Disorder and Destruction of America
U.S. President Obama Praises Islam as ‘Great Religion’
President says Islam is “part of America,” hails the religion’s “commitment to justice and progress”

Now, how ’bout some examples proving the evils of Islam and Muslim activities worldwide. Which also prove America is in a Cold War within its borders.

Beslan School Massacre – Sep 1, 2004 (video)
Thanks to Creeping Sharia

“those who forget the past are destined to repeat it”
Beating, Raping & Killing Children for Allah – The Beslan Massacre

Thanks go to Creeping Sharia for updating us.
Duty of jihad is linked to zakat

A few years ago the chairman of the Bank of England could have stopped the internal usurpation of the British financial system. Now it is too late. For America it is not.


3 Responses

  1. Great article, this stuff has to be stopped soon or we will be getting into some serious stoning and I don’t mean on the bong. These goat effing towel heads need Black Jack Pershing treatment for Islamic Militants, Jim

  2. That liar OBama should be f****** impeached, he denied being muslim. Guess what, he’s muslim.
    The news media still won’t call a spud a spud.

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