Police Officer, Wesley Cheeks says, It ain’t America No Mo…

Reston VA police officer Wesley Cheeks auditions for Obama civilian defense corps:

Ok, hello do you remember good ‘ol Uncle Bob; Cheating during the family game of Yahtzee or Dominoes? Making up the rules as he goes? Yep well you got it, that is what local law officials are beginning to do on a regular basis under the despotic Obama administration. Police are making unconstitutional rules and laws as they go. Imagine that. See Michelle Malkins’ article.

You know people, you are witnessing the fundamental change Obma promised you, so…

I can’t believe it but, we are witnessing the “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE OF AMERICA” that Obama promised.


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  1. Internal affairs complaints can be filed against this officer for violation of civil rights at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/police/inside-fcpd/internal-affairs-file-complaint.htm

  2. Officer Cheeks is a sworn police officer with the Fairfax County (VA) School District Police. If you would like to file a complaint against Officer Cheeks, go here:


    Complaints should be addressed to:

    Major James A. Morris
    Fairfax County Police Department
    (703) 246-2918

    Let Major Morris know that, contrary to what his officer thinks, this is STILL America, the Constitution has not yet been scrapped, the First Amendment still applies, and their oath requires that they respect the right to free speech of all Americans, even when the officer does not like the speech. The First Amendment does not just protect speech the officer on the scene agrees with, and he is not free to implement his own mini-constitutional suspension zone.

    You can also read more about this incident at OATH KEEPERS:


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  4. I saw this video last night on youtube & could hardly believe my ears. What ever possessed that officer to say that this aint America anymore?

    I ended up thinking that he must had been a security guard & didnt know any better. But on oathkeepers website, it apparent he’s a real police officer.

    I will complain to the Fairfax Police Department about this.

    I personally think that Cheeks is an obamanite and took it upon himself to discriminate against the citizen w/the sign.

    • Hey Arlene, yes of course girl. I couldn’t believe it either. I’ve had a couple of commenters give sites, phone numbers and suggestions as to what can be done.

      Personnally I believe not only are they obamanites, but based on his presidency, have and are allowed to work their despotic acts on We The People.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Ladies its going to get worst before 2012! We’re in for a hard life until we remove Obama from office. All we can do is fight back with all we have left, let our voices be heard until its taken away from us.

    Warrant One Girl there is a link on the below link that you might like the videos, Link name is ” CIA Rattles White House Cage”


    By the way another great post Warrant Girl 🙂

    • Hey Goodtime, I know brother and I hope you are wrong, but I know you are probably correct. Good Grief, what in the world did those unthinking people do voting this despotic person in office?

      I will check out your link.

  6. Hey WG
    Love the new blog look!!!!

    I hope they fire that officer! I remember a time when I really thought the ‘law’ was our friend…..and a time when the court systems really believed in justice for all……those were the days…..how naive can a person be!!! Sad—so very sad!!

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