Van Jones Thugs Give Glenn Beck Ratings Boost

Thanks go to rjjrdq for the post.

Free speech is getting more popular not less as a result. Well, they have a plan for that too. We can only hope that it fails as badly as this little Alinskyan escapade.

When Glenn Beck spoke the truth, the White House was uncomfortable. When Glenn Beck spoke race, Obama minions pulled out their card and sprang into action. A group called the Color of Change, a group associated with Van Jones, the current green czar, the self proclaimed “rowdy national and communist” is behind the boycott. This group is turning the screws on advertisers on Beck’s program, and many have dropped their advertising.

Well, success, right? Not so fast. Since the attack on free speech boycott, the ratings for Beck’s show have skyrocketed. Yes, skyrocketed. In addition, some of these advertisers have pulled their ads from the left leaning competition.

I said earlier that Van Jones is, or was associated with the Color of Change. The reason that description was so murky is that these groups tend to form, then fall apart or morph into a new group, or even congeal with several other groups so tracking the origins of the group and who founded or co-founded can be difficult. Van Jones had a hand in the formation of this group. He now has the ear of Barack Obama. Van Jones is a communist. His words. Van Jones is a radical. And Van Jones is certainly not the only radical in the Obama administration. More on that is coming.

This issue isn’t about race. Certainly Barack Obama can’t have a problem with it or he would have walked out on Jeremiah Wright 20 years ago. He at the very least doesn’t have a problem with the concept. This is a concerted effort to silence free speech. Beck is laying out the Obama agenda and all its radicals player daily. He’s painting an easy to understand big picture. That’s what this is all about. We bloggers talk about the details (which are extremely important), but Beck is piecing those details together in a portrait of the big agenda. We need the details, but we also need someone to put together the puzzle from hell. That’s where Beck comes in. Color of Change (or whoever is currently winding their clock) want to shut him-and us down. Their mistake is that they think we need Glenn Beck. We don’t. We want Glenn Beck. The first amendment will live on with or without him. But if they get to him, and if they are successful in silencing him, you can be sure they will eventually get to you.

Don’t stand for it. It’s very easy to get a list of advertisers that have pulled out of Beck’s program, and a list of those that have stayed-or just signed on. You have the power to buy. Who do you want to support with your dollars? Companies that don’t mind hearing the truth, or companies complicit in the stifling of free speech? Your call, your money.


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  2. Im glad that you posted this. I have been watching Glenn Beck daily. And one of the best things we can do is to watch his show. Also, there’s a website called:

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  5. Did you hear that Glenn Beck surpassed OReilly in the ratings as of thursday. He had over 3 million viewers.

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  7. Here is a video of Rev. Peterson defending Glen Beck

  8. Opps ! I linked it incorrectly. Anyways, below is youtube video of Rev. Peterson defending Glenn Beck

  9. I have been hearing in the blogesphere that Vann Jones must be fired!

  10. The right of representation and self-determination was one of the primary reasons for our Constitution. All our founders were ministers of the Word of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Word is the proven absolute truth. The standards the founders set in place were not there own but inspired by the cohesive gospel truth. The Bible is proven to be truth through scripture interrelated by each of the 66 books of the Holy Scriptures. Our Nation has been guided by the Providence of the Sovereign God of the Universe. This nation is the only government that has not changed forms of government. The Mayflower Compact, the Monroe Doctrine, The United States Constitution, and The Bible are interwoven with each other.

    They are a road map for all those that choose to follow. How will you use your free will? Jesus says; “To lose is to gain”.

    1 John 4: “Perfect Love casts out fear”

    The Tea Party Movement is no different than the American Revolution, the Christian Revival Movements of 1735-42, The Prayer Movement of 1857, and 1900; that is seen as The Holy Spirit enveloping God’s believing creation to awaken his children to the truth.

    God Bless You

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