Your Doctor, Your health, B.O.’s Health Destruction-What really must be done


Shovel Ready, you are not kidding...

Shovel Ready, you are not kidding...

You know I’ve been thinking on all this health destruction talk coming out of Washington D.C.  Hey People while I agree that something needs to be done regarding Health Care and the costs associated there in.  This piece of legislation is Not about that.

Friends, this isn’t about better Health Care.  This is not about controlling Health Care costs.  This is not about assisting Doctors.  This is not about assisting Health Care Decisions. This is not about assisting the Health Care Community.

Folks, This is about Control.  Control of your medical information, control of your finances, control of your free speech, control of your children, control of your parents, control of your friends, control of your bank account.  I have heard it said, this will be the governments’ lanyard attached to your life; and ready to Yank you back in line should you ever deter from Big Governements plans for you.

People, this is about Control. Period.

Now, what can you do as a concerned American citizen that is being assaulted on a daily basis?  Not only in the health care arena, but your Second Amendment rights, your First Amendment rights, and the liberties afforded Americans today.

1.  WHAT: Contact; visit, call, and or write to your Doctors.  Ask them if they support H 3200.  If they do you must let them know that you will be finding another physician.

2. WHY:  Let your Doctor know that it is obvious they do not appreciate you, your business, your health, or your money.  Let them know you will be giving your money to a doctor that appreciates your money and the sacrifices you make and have made to provide yourself and family with Health Care Coverage.

3.  WHEN: Immediately if not sooner.

Here is a short video that shows the tip of the iceberg of your life, post Approval of  H. 3200.  

 Here are some other posts of good information regarding Health Destruction facing Americans today. One and Two and Three and Four.

More reads on Health Destruction from KarmaHD


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  1. Love the poster!!!!

  2. Obama’s solution to Conservative “Overpopulation”, ObamaCare… Don’t Run for President in 2012 Without It

  3. oh… and… TICKLE TICKLE!!! 😀

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