A Failed, Single Term? You Betcha!

Excuse me, but insulting our intelligence with this???? ahhaha

Excuse me, but insulting our intelligence with this?

You know, it really gets me eventhough this aricle is very good and points out many obvious reasons this joker (no pun intened) would ever be elected for a second term. Good grief people he’s not even legal to be holding that position and the democrats are guarding his ineligibilty like junk yard dogs, so how could anybody get in there to uncover the truth? What does that mean? We will still have our liberties assaulted on a daily basis until We The People can uncover the “Crown Jewels” (long form birth certificate) so to speak and put this dead puppy to bed and get the usurper out of there.

Article by Joshua Friedeman, the Millennial Perspective

Will Barack Obama join the ranks of those presidents whose time in office has lasted only one term? Will he – despite all the media- and devotee-hype – be a one-term president?

Jeffrey T. Kuhner of The Washington Times seems to think so. President Obama’s approval ratings have been going down for some time, and the strong opposition to the health care bill (according to Gallup, 54% would rather there be no reform, while 35% think it would be better than not passing anything) has obviously accelerated this decline. However, is this thought of a one-term Barack Obama presidency only a Republican pipe dream? Only time will tell. Here is what Kuhner has to say:

During the presidential campaign, Mr. Obama sold himself as a pragmatic moderate. In fact, he is the very opposite. He is an internationalist socialist whose policies will lead to ruin at home and defeat abroad. They will also doom his re-election efforts. He is flirting with political disaster.

Despite his many flaws, former President Bill Clinton established the model for successful Democratic administrations. Mr. Clinton governed as a liberal centrist. He realized that veering too far to the left early in his presidency was detrimental: His support of Hillarycare and gays in the military resulted in the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress. Mr. Clinton changed course by embracing free trade, welfare reform and balanced budgets — combining fiscal responsibility and social liberalism. This formula prevented the Republican Party from recapturing the White House in 1996.

Mr. Obama is the anti-Clinton. He is a leftist ideologue who has surrounded himself with radical and inept advisers. Mr. Clinton had political counselor Dick Morris and Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin. Mr. Obama has David Axelrod and Timothy F. Geithner.

As a result, Mr. Obama’s presidency is starting to look like the worst in 100 years. His $787 billion fiscal stimulus has failed to restore economic recovery. Unemployment remains high. Growth is anemic.

Mr. Kuhner goes on to mention other things that could hurt President Obama’s re-election hopes as well. Here are a few:

Massive, unsustainable budgets that will drag us into more than $10 trillion of debt over the next decade

The cost of health care will burden the American people and be restrictive and impeding in comparison to the health care most Americans currently have.

President Obama would have to break his no-taxes-for-those-making-under-$250,000 pledge due to the high cost of health care and his desire to have health care reform without adding to the deficit

If passed, Obama’s cap-and-trade initiative would impose huge indirect taxes on businesses

President Obama is pouring another 21,000 U.S. troops into Afghanistan. The Taliban are winning because terrorists are able to blend in with the native population and American soldiers have a difficult time distinguishing civilians from combatants.

Here are the final paragraph’s of the article:

Social democracy and interventionist nation-building do not work. They destroyed the Johnson presidency and are on the verge of destroying Mr. Obama’s as well.

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