OBAMA, The troubled man in the White House

Socialist Zombie Trolls...

Socialist Zombie Trolls...

 Listen here folks, I was just thinking in particular about this post. Not only has B. Hussein O. done what he has done, but he has turned this country into a flipping Zoo.  America is now a three ring circus instead of a super power.  Two Hundred years to accomplish and 7 months to ruin; only a narcissist could do this.

By mypoliticalparty21scentury

Obama has in 7 months divided this country beyond ones imagination…the question is why, what’s his ultimate goal in destroying America. Just maybe some of the disturbances that afflicted him and his dysfunctional family is the basis for his hatred of America..

Obama’s mother was a white women and an atheist, that preferred black men rather than one of her own race. Both of her marriages were with muslims and both marriages failed. She left young Obama with his white grand mother and grandfather and begin her wandering around the world. She died at about 50 plus years old of cervical cancer. When one reads the information concerning her life , it’s apparent that she was a very troubled women. She did not have a Christian foundation and apparently was more at home with the muslim religion and the sordid side of life.

Some of Obama’s remarks during his campaign indicated that he harbored a hatred for America and the white people. He stated that his white grandmother was a typical white. His comments to his elitist friends in San Francisco, that when times were hard whites turned to their guns and religion. More recently he insulted a white cop by calling him stupid for doing his job. His wife stated during a campaign speech that this was the first time in her adult life that she was proud to be an American, referencing her husbands campaign. Deliberate remarks, plain, simple and to the point.

Obama studied the muslim faith as a youngster, and based on his 20 years at Jeremiah Wrights church, did not embrace a true Christian faith.

During his campaign Obama’s remarks should have been a wake up call for the left… that he did not embrace our form of government, but a government based on socialism/communism. Its apparent that Obama does not care for the American people of the white race. His muslim training and his twenty years listening to the filth and garbage that Jeromiah Wright preached in his church in Chicago formed his ideology toward whites and America.

With all this said and done, the simple fact is Obamas affiliation with previous practicing terrorists, his intimate relation with gangsters and his contempt for the Constitution is enough to impeach this man, who should never have been allowed to run for President. It’s safe to say that Obama harbors ill feelings toward the white race, Christianity and our Democratic form of government.