Obama Pledges Full Amnesty for all Illegal Aliens By 2010


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BO "Thinks" he is master of the univers; Good Grief

BO "Thinks" he is master of the univers; Good Grief

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  1. I can understand that cause Obama also wants to turn the terrorist out of Gitmo and onto the streets of America! Giving terrorist a clear path to America is his plans from what I see of his actions so far!

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  3. And now Brazil is about to get $10 billion from U.S. taxpayers for drilling its offshore rich oil fields! Obama didn’t want America to drill offshore, but he will help Brazil to drill! Something wrong with this I say! I posted about this today!

  4. It is time to recruit a mandated E-Verify, a part of the SAVE ACT in the extraction of foreign nationals from any business, throughout the United States. We should also recognize it as a major deterrent against other sections of fraud, against federal, state and other government entitlements. For decades welfare has been involved in fraudulent benefit conversion to individuals or groups. Progressive, modified E-Verify will remove the stigma of some–BUT NOT ALL–corruption in the programs, meant as a safety-net for citizens and permanent residents? This is why parasite businesses that use–cheap labor–have been at the fore-front of nullifying any immigration enforcement program, with the assistance of a many politicians who have been brought and sold with campaign contribution and other questionable monies.

    Millions of angry voices have caused a remarkable change on the leadership in Washington. Have made them address E-Verify as a positive tool in the minimal arsenal of immigration law enforcement. For once the uppermost politicians have ignored the demands of corporate profiteering because of the deafening vocal blast from an irate population. However, we must not drop our guard for one minute towards those who legislate the laws, as a gap in our armor will bring down upon all taxpayers billions of dollars to support illegal immigrant families. Taxpayers have been the supplier for years without any relief, as corporate welfare recipients–WHO PAY NOTHING–to their upkeep. The fight is far from over as the oncoming months will bring to the capitol chamber another rush towards AMNESTY.

    Another AMNESTY means even more millions breaking our laws, to take advantage of our plentiful government entitlements. It means overcrowded schools and even more cramming our already saturated hospitals–NOT TO FORGET THE MASSES IN THE CRIMINAL PENAL SYSTEM. We are already the deep pockets for illegal immigrant families in the mandatory emergency room doorstep.

    We as a nation can no longer afford to underwrite the poor of other countries, who break our sovereign laws, as the bill is already in the trillions of dollars according to the Heritage foundation. What we need is an orderly recruitment of highly skilled professional engineers and scientists and not those who will become public charges. We must do all we can to reduce illegal immigration.

    Complete a national two-layer border barrier as originally designed, upgrade the regional police law 287 G federal laws, introduce E-Verify enforcement inspections auditing companies–big and small. Propose a reward to the public who notifies ICE of illegal immigrants in the workplace. No weakening of ICE raids on suspicious businesses around the country. TIME WE TOOK OUR NATION BACK! Keep the politicians feet to the raging fire and call 202-224-3121. All your question answered relating to corruption and lies at NUMBERSUSA AND JUDICIALWATCH. BE AWARE THAT OVERPOPULATION WILL BE AN IRREVERSIBLE ENVIRONMENTAL NIGHTMARE?

    • Britannicus, Very thorough disseration of the state of affairs in regards to illegal immigration, our criminal systems, our hospitals, not to mention our economy. Disgusting what polititions have and are doing to We The People.

      Thank you for you advice here too.

  5. Here’s a twist you may have not thought about: Re sustainability of a civilization: At a birth rate of 1.6 per couple a culture or state cannot sustain it self. All over Western Europe this is the case. However they are allowing Muslim immigration who tend to have 8 children per family. Kadafi recently was quoted as saying we will take over all of Europe in two decades with out firing a shot.

    The U.S. is hovering close to the 1.6 but with illegal hispanics they have about 4 children per couple the U.S. has a chance of remaining viable. That being said with Obama as president we don’t have much of a chance anyway. J.C.

    • oh, yea. Great, just stinking great. That is exactly what muslims are trying to do with the 8 children they are having. Good Grief.

      However, God is in sovereign and will handle this morass when we get finished screwing it up.


    If the “Gang of Three” (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) get their way and the unconstitutional Health Care bill is somehow rammed through the congress and signed by the imposter President, against the will of the majority of the American people, full Amnesty for the illegal aliens will be next.

    If the communist style nationalization of the American Health Care system is completed, the Democratic-Communist Party will next try to steamroller the legislative approval of the remaining parts of their American Communist Manifesto before the elections in November of 2010.

    Amnesty will be first, followed by Cap and Trade and then they will come after our guns.

    President Obama has already approved a tentative plan drawn up by Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that will allow illegal aliens to be put on a path to citizenship, offer green cards to keep high-skilled foreign university graduates in this country and create a temporary program for low-skilled workers, with some of these workers also getting the chance to become citizens. How does this help the American worker?

    Thankfully, there is some resistance to this plan already. Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said flatly that it can’t pass. “The bill doesn’t have a prayer, because the American people oppose rewarding lawbreakers, which then encourages illegal immigration,” he said. “Allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay and take jobs away from citizens is like giving a burglar a key to the house. Illegal immigrants should return home and play by the rules like millions of legal immigrants.”

    Congress last looked at the illegal immigration problem back in 2007, when President George W. Bush joined with Democratic leaders to write a bill. But a bipartisan majority of senators joined a filibuster to block the bill.

    The supporters of the 2007 effort concluded that Americans didn’t trust the government to secure the borders and enforce the laws, even as they were offering legalization, particularly since illegal immigration has only grown since a 1986 amnesty.

    The Schumer-Graham Plan has four main components:

    1. an easier path to citizenship for illegal aliens
    2. a program to let in even more foreign workers,
    3. improvements in immigration enforcement (we’ve heard this before) and
    4. the introduction of biometric Social Security cards to help employers weed out illegal workers, unfortunately and unconstitutionally, American workers will also be required to cary national worker ID cards to make this work under their plan. “Show me your papers?”

    According ot the proposed plan, illegal immigrants would also have to demonstrate they are proficient at English and pass background checks to gain citizenship. More smoke and mirrors.

    The plan would offer permanent legal status to foreign students who earn a post-graduate degree from an American university (so they can compete for jobs with our own college graduates), and will also create a future program for low-skilled workers (so they can compete with other American workers). Businesses could only hire them if no American worker is available, and the number allowed would fluctuate depending on the U.S. economy’s needs. Workers who have kept jobs for a long time and have proved valuable members of their community could earn permanent legal status. How does this help the American worker?

    This is just another piece of smoke and mirror amnesty legislation proposed by a couple of marxist-communists in the Senate and the White House that is designed to completely destroy our country.

    Why would we want to continually import foreign workers into the USA when our own American born workers cannot find jobs? How does this help the American worker?

    If this immigration amnesty proposal is successful, America, this great beacon of freedom in the world, will be turned into a communist, third world, multi-lingual, dumbed down, uneducated mass of humanity that can more easily be controlled and manipulated by their new Masters, the new American politburo and the old establishment oligarchy.

    John Wallace

    • Wow John Wallace, Thank you for this wealth of information! I clicked over to your site, it is very impressive, I will be back for more.

      I guess I can find a plan of action on your site as to what else we can do to help stop these assaults??? Thank you!

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