Watch Obama during Ramadan

Muslims for Obama, isn't that sweet?

Muslims for Obama, isn't that sweet?

The Hate for Infidels

The Hate for Infidels

Hello people, beautiful people, settlers in Judea are watching and know exactly what Obama is doing in his usual clandestine way. Guess what it is? Obama will be celebrating Ramadan; the month long fast for Muslims.

During Ramadan, Muslims wake up before sunrise and eat a meal then they fast till sunset. During this daily fast they neither eat, drink, or smoke. At the end of the month there is a feast call Id El Fitr. I have heard that many Muslims gain an enormous amount of weight because they feast all night dreading the impending sunrise.

1st Ramadan (Fasting Begins) August 22, 2009 Keep an eye on Obama from this date till Sept 20th when Ramadan ends.
If you want to wish him a happy Ramadan Month, the proper greeting is Ramadan Kareem.

I suspect that his big to do with Gates and Crowley, inviting them of all things, a BEER, was intentional to make us think that he drinks alcohol which is against Islam, OTOH it is a fact that terrorists have a dispensation to drink alcohol and eat pork to fool us infidels.


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  1. Well, my take on this is that Obama favors the muslim world (Arabs & such)due to his formative yrs. & his longing to be associated w/him daddy’s side of family.

    ———– The Low Down ——–
    No doubt, the 1st church that boy ever attended was a mosque. He turned heathen when he started taking dope & probably validated his heathen ways thru his mom’s “rambler” ways. She really didn’t give a damn about him & he knew this for the get-go. And he had no father figure in his life.

    I think he fell off the wagon when he got into the world (smoking dope & running wild). Before his mom dumped him off on her parents, the Indonesian step dad probably was strict on him. Indonesian dad probably made his ass go to muslim school ( & enforced muslim disipline). He was not gonna tolerate Obama’s ass sitting around his house doing nothing .. being lazy. His mamma probably let him have his way (skipping out on chores); & this probably caused riff & discord between her & Indonesian husband.

    So step dad probably said that Obama gotta get out of his house. And that boy went down hill ever since. Obama probably would not behave his grandparents, though they sacrificed so he could have things in life such as a home, food, clothng & an education. Then I think Obama got disrespectful to them. Hatred built up inside cause he got no daddy to love him… his mama dumped him.. his step daddy put him out .. & by the time he got to grandparents he was already damaged.

    Later on in life, he DELIBERATELY sought out to game on the system. He learned it very well. Obama, no doubt, convinced himself that there is NO GOD !!!!

  2. Obama is a muslim so its not a suprize that he would act in such a manner!

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  4. F*ck Islam and Obama2 J.C.

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  7. Im sure many of you are like me and one of the first things you do in the morning is head here and check out the new post. Along with seeing the new posts, I’m also always checking out the blog roll rss feed and watching them grow, or shrink sometimes. In one of my past …but all in all excellent site. Keep it up!

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