I thought the Expiration Date had run out on blaming Bush and Republicans…

Health Destruction = 100% Supported by the Elderly and Small Business Owners

Health Destruction = 100% Supported by the Elderly and Small Business Owners

Regarding the Health Destruction

How come the first 10 words out of his mouth tonight were, “I inherited” (from Bush and Republicans).  Then he went into this whole dissertation about how it is someone elses fault, ok.  Excuse me here brother, but Guess What?  It is YOUR economy now…

You know what I say?  BHO, You are a follower, NOT A Leader; everyone knows what a good leader does and that is to LEAD By EXAMPLE; does he? NO!  When asked point blank if his family would fall under his health plan for “We The People” he expicitly said, NO!  

Dear President Obama,

When does the “Expiration Date” run out for blaming the President before you? We already said, 15 April 09, but you know what, You haven’t stopped blaming him yet. Your days should have already run out and they have, but you just can’t seem to move forward. 

Speaking of The Obama Presidency staying in the past and the inablility to move forward (actually I can think of numerous issues).  Always looking to the past and slipping in your wedge so deftly to spread your racism.  There is no video of your PLANTED reporter to place here in this post, however if one comes available I will put it in. 

Remember during your health care sell job tonight on the news? The LAST reporter that asked about some man somewhere arrested trying to get into his house?   For a president to jump up and answer the way you did and accuse all Law Enforcment Officers of Racial Profiling is a disgrace.  What I did hear was you say something to the effect, “long history of African Americans and Latinos being disproportionately accused or stopped for doing NOTHING wrong”  Generally speaking, of course I don’t know if someone did something wrong or not and you surely don’t know. I did hear you also call the officer “STUPID”. Now, Mr. President since you stated up front, “I don’t know any details” then how can you call the officer “STUPID”? Here is another case of you dumbing down the office of the president. PLEASE STOP! Let’s see here now, how many people so far have you brought up to the Office of The Presidency; Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly,Police officer…

We The People are NOT Stupid! It was obvious that reporter was planted and her question was too.  What a masterful way to defer your Health Disaster plan than to end with a planted reporter and turn the entire evenings focus to racism.  Mr. President, you are the Axis of Racism.  Now, back to the Blame Game.

Your days of complaining have run out.  It’s your presidency, now take it. YOU WON as you gloated, so act like it.

President George Bush did not COMPLAIN, when 9-11 hit and blame it on Bill Clinton. Never heard him once say that in the news. He took the responsibility. His friends who knew him said that was just how he was. He was gracious in that sense and wouldn’t blame another United States President. We The People suggest you do the same.

You copy his spending in a much faster pace, and yet say, “he did it?”  Then why are YOU doing it in a more frightening frenzied faster way, and making it worse? I suggest while you imitate Bush’s bad faults as you say–maybe you can copy the good ones and respect the “office” of the presidency and your predecessors.

You have no more days to complain;  your time has run out! You’re the Captain now. You are at the wheel. Take responsibility and stop creating crisis’ using other American presidents as an excuse.

Signed, The American People

Excerpts reprinted by permission of Caroline.

Caroline is a member of The Patriotic Resistance and a Patriot. If you want your freedom and have the courage to defend it join The Patriotic Resistance.

It’s time we get the word out that patriotism is NOT a sin. 

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20 Responses

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  2. President Bush did what he had to, to keep America safe from terrorist. Most brave and strong presidents would have done the same. Obama is a Jimmy Carter and will campaign while he should be trying to get our Great Country back out of trouble and protected! In other words all talk no action!

  3. For Obama, he will be able to use the Bush excuse for at least the rest of his presidency over the next four years and hopefully by then the public will be out of Kool-Aid and realize that we have bamboozled by this Oligarchy created before us. Obama is just the front man and the people are buying what he is selling. But by 2012, they can’t possibly buy his drivel anymore and then hopefully we have a Reagan to take over.

  4. WG, I’m not going anywhere 🙂
    Now! We MUST demand that the media shut up already about this “racial police stupid homeowner friend of Obama” non-issue. This IS a planned distraction from this ver

  5. Ooop! Hit the wrong button! Where was I? Oh, right there. Very import issue of the DANGEROUS HEALTHCARE LEGISLATION. It contains EUTHANASIA, RATIONING,.ABORTION FUNDING, LOWERING OF MEDICARE BENEFITS, LOSS OF CONTROL over our personal health records, mandated health insurance purchase (loss of freedom of choice -against Bill of Rights), a person who believes we can abort a child up to age 2 will be making decisions regarding our children’s health, (a world without special-needs children?). What kind of ANIMALS WROTE THIS LEGISLATION?

    The lies being told to the American people by our half-breed, illegitimate Islamic terrorist president are jaw-dropping. He is committing TYRANNY. It is time for us to continue to call our congressman and senators and tell them that the American people will not stand for this and a YES vote will mean a certain NO vote for them at the ballot box.

    It is time for all Americans to seriously consider our options for removing this president from office. We cannot have anymore unconstitutional czars appointed that do not answer to the American People or Congress. Obama is creating a shadow government that he will use against congress and the American people. We have options and we must act on them. We must contact our state senators and Governor and DEMAND 10th Amendment State Rights be enforced and steps be taken to protect our states from further federal mandates and we must do so NEXT WEEK. Time is of the essence.


  6. FRBAD/WIAN, Thank you so much for this information!

    Here is some more on the health care destruction.

    Health Care Bill Pages 22-700 (more to come) click on link to read aboutthis wonderful plan that Obama is proposing for you. Wake up before it istoo late.


  7. Let’s face it WG. Every bill that comes out of this Administration is just souped-up WELFARE bills, with a side of CONTROL and a dab of POLITICAL PAYOUTS. This is called Reparations. He doesn’t give a crap about the Environment, your health, my health, jobs, foreign relations…

    For him to blame Bush Republicans show’s how below his “current paygrade” he resides.

  8. Hussein Obama seems to be a great campaigner he really lacks knowledge and experience to be a effective president. To make thing worse he has filled white house advisory and administrative positions with people less knowledgeable than himself in domestic and foreign affairs.

    • pobept amen sister, yes honey his personality disorder keeps him from surrounding himself with smart people. As long as he surrounds himself with people he feels are not his equal or have more brains than him, he is assured to think he “looks good”. Which is precisely why he picked Joe Biden.

      Joe Biden is NO COMPETETION as well as most of those he is being advised by.

      Incompetence Breeds Incompetence.

  9. […] (3) I thought the Expiration Date had run out on blaming Bush and Republicans… […]

  10. WG,
    That is so BO to still recall he inherited this. I hope the DEMs are now so splintered that this health plan disasters does not pass. We only need look at medicare how well Gov can do health care. Most people have switched into private sector Medicare Advantage plans. I don’t know how much money the gov has to pay for my insurance pland when I switched to Humana PPO and never want to deal with medicare again.
    Good work WG, keep it up!

    • Newsbird, well I do have to wonder that “splintering” of knee caps might be why the Health Disaster does get passed.

      Of course, anything the government runs is ruined. Time and Time again the government has proved that it cannot run a business effectively. Just take the routine task of getting a license. Lord help us.

  11. That was an incredibly written piece! Have you considered sending your writings to various online sources like Human Events, News Max etc? You have quite a future as a writer. Damn I forgot we have no future. In my case my favorite song is by Willy Nelson, “I’ve got a wonderful future behind me”

  12. Your blog ROCKS. Hey, maybe you will want to join the other blogger club I started over at Smart Girl Politics ning site. It might bring more traffic getting you on that list. Although you are doing very well already.
    There are 48 members of that club, and a long list of conservative blogs.

  13. I went ahead and added you to my “friends” blogroll, too.

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