Caution; Born Again American is Fake Patriotism!


People, People, Beautiful People – Do Not Fall for Fake Patriotism at this site.

Thanks to Giovanni for uncovering and reporting.

Exlusive Story Here  Scroll to Tenth Comment for The Rest of the Story from giovanniworld


DO NOT Patrionize Born Again American!

DO NOT Patrionize Born Again American!







6 Responses

  1. Anything from Norman Lear is nothing but trash. I suspect those Obama worshippers will fall for his rhetoric simply because its all fluff and no substance. Not all young people are easily duped but since most are products of our public education system, they are so dumbed-down that they can’t even think straight. SCARY.

  2. And let’s not forget that Obama has put Veterans on terrorist list. Currently our soldier is being held hostage by the REAL terrorist, while Obama wants to release the taliban from Gitmo.

    • Amen to that! We have a WIMP in the White House and a diabolical woman as Secretary of State. They will SACRIFICE this American Soldier. They do not care about our soldiers in Afghanistan. Is this a terrible statement for me to make? No it is the truth. I am an ex-army wife. I know MANY soldiers fighting over there and believe me, I fear for them especially now. When Cheney was in the White House; I never was afraid for their lives BECAUSE of the government.

      Our soldiers need to come home NOW. I am not a pacifist. But they are out there on their own now. God help them.

  3. I find it odd that Hillary would go abroad pleading for the lives of 2 journalist who were in prison.

    But I have not heard a word from Obama – who is COMMANDER IN CHIEF, on our soldier who is held captive. Hillary is traveling the globe making apologies & kissing asses. Meanwhile our soldier’s life is IMMINENT.

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