Sotomayor’s Supporters Intimidate Senate’s Witness

See Report and get All you need to know to contact officials in Sotomayor Confirmation. Exclusive.  ALL CONCERNED PEOPLE PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SENATORS and ASK them to ASK RICCI the following question: Get it here!

Frank Ricci and family intimidated by Sotomayor Supporters

Frank Ricci and family intimidated by Sotomayor Supporters


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  1. Thanks for yet another great post. Keep up the great info, i have become a great fan of your blog.

  2. M2 Said:

    If a Republican said it…

    Ed Whelan writes:

    Judge Sotomayor says “eminent” when she means “imminent,” “providence” instead of “province,” “story of knowledge” instead of “store of knowledge,” and so on. Does the fact that she is a Latina immunize her from attention to that sort of (admittedly not uncommon) foible?

    To answer Whelan’s question: These malapropisms would only be noteworthy and revealing if they were spoken by a certain country bumpkin Republican governor of Alaska. When a wise Latina accidentally says “vagrancies of … the moment” instead of “vagaries of … the moment” during the oral argument of the Ricci case, we’re supposed to ignore the slip-up, as the Wall Street Journal did, but make sure to inform readers that they should be impressed by the fact that “The Catholic-school-educated judge clearly knew the Latin plural of ‘forum.’”
    But enough about her errors of diction. I wouldn’t want to get Sotomayor’s reputation for writing pieces “that didn’t distinguish between substantive and trivial points, with petty editing suggestions–fixing typos and the like–rather than focusing on the core analytical issues.”

  3. I left a comment under “Your Thoughts” today for you. Please use what I left to help stop the health care legislation. We all must stand up and fight for America now. This is the time.

    • WIAN
      He here in Oklahoma are hard at work to stop the health care legislation. A democrat congressman – Dan Boren claims that he wont vote for that bill. I woke up late this morning & was not able to make it to the rally that was held in front of his office.

  4. Thanks for posting this WG.

  5. You got that right, but it’s going to be a done deal with some of her testimony used against future nominees to make sure we don’t get anybody more libersl. She tilts the scale in no different way than Souter

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