Fantastic News! From Sarah @ C2C

LOL, hahahaahah

LOL, hahahaahah


I just got off the phone with Attorney Charles Lincoln who has been working with Dr. Orly and was at the hearing today.

The judge denied default BUT he ordered that the case proceed without any objections, and that the case would be decided on its merits.

Obama has 60 days to answer. The Judge assured Orly that the case would be given top priority and would be quote, “resolved quicker in this court than in any other court.” Charles said he feels the best about this judge than any other Judge in his entire career as a lawyer. Sarah Brooks

 At the hearing today at the Federal Court building in Santa Ana, Judge Carter said the following:

1. There will be a trial.

2. It will be heard on the merits.

3. Nothing will be dismissed on proceedural issues.

4. The trial will be expeditious, and the judge pledged to give case priority.

5. Being a former Marine he realizes the importance of having a Constitutionally qualified POTUS/CINC.

6. Judge stated that if Obama isn’t Constitutionally qualifed he needs to leave the White House. The DOJ will be involved with the case also….

I wasn’t clear if they would be trying to get to the truth or they would just be blindly representing Obama. Orly will be adding members of the military from California as plaintiffs. [Whoooohoooo! The time is drawing nigh! It has been a long slog!

Perhaps the slog will be shortened, now that we have a Marine Judge in charge of our destiny! Semper Fidelis]

I hope you will show your support by Sharing this to as many people as you can, please.

It’s time we get the word out that patriotism is NOT a sin, and the Fourth of July has more to it than beer, picnics, and baseball games.

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9 Responses

  1. We need to give additional time to obama in order to finalize all

  2. Just a note regarding the appellation “Attorney Charles Lincoln”: I feel that, in an abundance of caution I must correct any misimpression so that nobody accuses me of falsely holding myself out or any other species of unauthorized practice of law. I am acting solely in the role of a law clerk and legal research strategist for Dr. Orly Taitz as I do my best to do my duty as a Patriotic American to support Orly’s war against the disintegration and imminent demise of Constitutional government in every way possible. So please take note that I have a law degree from the University of Chicago (1992) in addition to my Ph.D. from Harvard (1990) and a few other degrees, and I have even passed several state bar exams from coast-to-coast some years ago, and I used to work as an attorney, but I am not currently an active, admitted, or licensed “attorney” anywhere. Having worked for two federal judges and conducted years of constitutional research, I fancy that I know what I’m talking about when I try to support Orly’s litigation on various subjects of substantive law, procedure, and precedent, but I’m more of a legal academic than any kind of practitioner. Furthermore, I am a greater supporter of Retired Senator Jerry O’Neil of Kalispell, Montana, who has devoted his life to bringing down the integrated bar and what I contend is the unconstitutional monopoly which it represents. The truth is that I think that my commitment to the Constitution in particular and Civil Rights and Human Liberties in General have rendered me incompatible with the vast majority of State Bar Associations and even the greater number of conformist State Bar Attorneys. I do not mind standing outside the system and looking in, in fact I kind of like it. It is my soul purpose to support Orly and her work and to advocate the perpetuation and reinvigoration of the United States Constitution and the “Rights of Man” which resulted from several important social and political revolutions in the 18th century. I believe that God will Vindicate those noblest ideals ever to frame any political society.
    Charles E. Lincoln—see generally and

    • Great post, loved it, just posted Orly’s YouTube with the major on my blog. Thanks for your input, JC

  3. Charles, Hello and Thank you for your service. I am honored that you commented here and ask that you bless me again with your presence and comments. I look forward to reviewing your site, again Thanks! WarrantOneGirl

  4. Ms. Taitz: can you prove that you are a citizen of the United States? Please post documentation to that effect.

    I have reason to believe that you are an agent of the FSB and have risen from sleeper to active status with the mission of initiating social and political discord within the United States.

    Your action with MAJ Cook is an effort to reach inside the US military and is, at the very least seditious and outright treasonous.

    George W. Bush and John Yoo had the prescience to breathe life into The Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping with people like you and your fellow birfers, members of Congress included, in mind.

    Your day of reckoning as a traitorous foreign agent no less than Jonathan Pollard approaches.

    • Joe, Joe, Joe, Please, along with everyone else that is protecting the usurper truly need to stop trying to focus on everything else except the PROBLEM AT HAND! (A usurper in our highest office). No one is doing anything wrong except him and the people that are covering it up. Thanks, here man.

    • Joe, even for a Democrat that was a very sad post you made. You are an embarrassment to your party and yourself. What is the problem with Orly’s citizenship, it is well known and not a requirement to practice law.

      She along with others will clean Obama’s clock. So take your blanket back under your bed and suck your thumb. This country is not going the way Obama wants it, and should it, there will be an overwhelming backlash when the ignorant like yourself find out what the really voted for. Your new best friend, J.C.

  5. […] Obama has 60 days to answer. The Judge assured Orly that the case would be given top priority and would be quote, “resolved quicker in this court than in any other court.” Fantastic News! From Sarah @ C2C […]

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