Indoctrination of the Obama children

Obama girls being indoctrinated by evil father

Obama girls being indoctrinated by evil father

Ok, what I see here is indoctrination of the evil from within the Obama household. You can tell she has the same permanent frown (hate for America) of her mother.

Tips to Opus #6 for this post.

This is not OK. Malia Obama is 11 years old. How DARE her parents use her body as a canvas to express THEIR political will! Most political parents try hard to keep their kids under the radar. They don’t RENT SPACE on them like a BILLBOARD. Don’t tell me that this is Malia’s idea. An 11 year old girl shops under supervision. She could never wear something like this without the full support of her parents. And isn’t it ODD that she wears this symbol of nuclear disarmament immediately after Obama reaches an agreement with Russia limiting the number of nuclear weapons? Not odd. WRONG.

Here is my message to the Obamas:
Your daughters are already thrust into the spotlight. Your best tactic, to help them grow up as normally as possible while living in a fishbowl, is to help them keep a LOW PROFILE. Besides, urging or encouraging them to make political statements as minors is inappropriate. Frankly it strikes me as a parental political expression, and not one of the child. What are you trying to accomplish? If you want to wear a peace sign, wear it YOURSELF. Because if you push your LITTLE kids into the harsh, glaring spotlight even more than they already are by circumstance, there may be SERIOUS consequences for them. Turn your kid into a celebrity at their peril. How do child stars usually fare in our society? Not well.


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  1. Warrant, on the news the other day I saw Obama give a speech w/Malia on balcony standing next to him. I think it was her birthday. She was sporting a red/white/blue face painting. I declare that she did not look happy. I can tell that her parents made her wear it & Michelle was nudging her.

    Dont get me wrong, I am into the patriotic stuff, BUT I think she is too big to be wearing face paint. And if she is still a ‘little girl’, the Obamas need to stop sending mix signals. One while, Malia is presented as the “little girl”; but at other times, she’s out switching like she’s older teen dressed inappropriately in public.

  2. btw, I thought Malia was older than 11. Really & truly I did. There’s trouble in the making w/that gal. I recognize certain signs. There is a certain prediction I wanna make, but I won’t do it today.

  3. Arlene,
    I was sort of appalled to see the girls go on this trip and be dragged around like walking billboards. And their grandma is there too. We are paying for security for all of them. The more of them that go out of the country the easier they become targets out there.
    I think that the Obama’s are exploiting their girls – want them to be famous, live little American Princesses – prominent in the news. I am also sure the Obamas have already planned out their girls future.

    Both of them are dressed most likely with their mother’s poor taste – some of the outfits they have had look really bad.
    The younger one, Sasha, is thick in the middle like her mom – I think she will always feel second place to Malia – their difference is the same as Michelle vs Carla Bruni

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