Update!! Health Destruction – Obama Style H.R. 676 (USNHC)



People Good Grief Ok, can you imagine the government being your health care provider? Go ask a Veteran, you may get a better understanding of Government run health care.

Think about the last time you renewed a license or better yet when you are trying to straighten something out with records at the Court House or some other government run service?  Most services provided by the government STINK!  In other words, Long lines, inattention, lunch time oh well, see you in an hour and blatent incompetence?

 That is what we all will have if WE do not Stop The Insanity!  Are you tired of the constant assaults from the BHO administration? Don’t just sit there, read this article and resist the government intervention on All Americans Health Care. H.R. 676 

If you need health coverage then that is what we need to do; get you health coverage. Not ruin good health coverage for yourself and everyone else.

Must Reads:
Letter to Patients
Letter to Doctors

K Street Files: Lobbyist, On Call
June 10, 2009
By Kate Ackley and Anna Palmer
Roll Call Staff

Dr. Hal Scherz, a pediatric urologist in Atlanta, has launched a group called Docs 4 Patient Care to give Members working on health care reform a dose of his lobbying message.  Read Article in it’s entirety.

Dissecting the Kennedy Health Bill

Parsing the Health Reform Arguments

UPDATE FROM FELLOW BLOGGER What’s in a Name: http://fourredbullsaday@blogspot.com

I have a copy of the health care legislation and it is not healthy and not American. It is dangerous for health and dangerous for America. It takes away OUR FREEDOM. We must FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM by fighting this bill. Now is the time to STAND AND FIGHT America! People must get off of the SOFA and away from the television and FIGHT. The bill is passing from committee to committee and soon will be on the house floor. We will need to call, BURN the telephone lines up. The key to beating this is the BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS in the House of Representatives.

Here is a pdf file with ALL OF THE BLUE DOGS names, telephone numbers and contact information. People, anyone who reads this, please USE THIS LIST. CALL or FAX EVERYONE ON THIS LIST and tell them to VOTE NO to the health care bill.

PASS THIS PDF FILE ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW and ask them to do the same. Moveon.org does this and Acorn did this and they stole the Presidency like this. WE CAN BEAT THIS BILL.


New Video of Canadian National Health Disaster






Sign The Petition @ Free Our Health Care Now – Online Petion

 Reverand Manning on Obama’s Health Care

If you love your freedom and have the courage to defend it, Join The Patriotic Resistance Today!

Join The Patriotic Resistance Today

Join The Patriotic Resistance Today


7 Responses

  1. […] Original post by Warrant One Girl – asil […]

  2. Obama can’t be trusted with NUMBERS, and we want to trust him with our HEALTHCARE? Read this from the Wall Street Journal this morning?

    • yes girl, you are correct. good article I like Rove except what he’s saying about Palin (I don’t like that) Everyone that says any unsupportive or unkind thing about her from a conservative will Have EGG on their face. Watch what I say on that one honey.

  3. I’m a member of the Patriotic Resistance. Glad to see you promoting it. Yay!

    I am SO against govt health-destruction. I can’t bring myself to call it health care.

  4. i have been following your posts for a while now all i can say
    is they are great. I look forward to reading more from you.

  5. […] some other posts of good information regarding Health Destruction facing Americans today. One and Two and Three and […]

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