Pre-screened and Pre Selected Obama Townhall Meeting

This is how a democracy ends; when the press is in bed with the leadership and all public presidential discussions are  pre staged. 

In other words people, the so called “TownHall” Meetings are not townhall at all.  Obama’s townhall meeings are pre-screened from start to finish, the reporters are pre-selected as well as the questions have been pre screened.  Mr. Obama has his Teleprompter ready with his handpicked rehearsed answers ready to woo the sheeple.

Press Secretary Grilled About “Prepackaged” Questions @ Obama’s Town Hall

Hey People, what is really funny is when Gibbs trys to bribe this reporter by telling him he can have the First Question which is usually asked by the AP.  Helen Thomas is even getting a little ticked off by the whole affair.

And why is Obma doing this???? Because he can have No Opposing Views, see a previous post on this issue.


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  1. Hi Warrantgirl,
    You’ve been very quiet lately. This can’t be good. I am just dropping by to say keep the good blogs rolling out. I love them! And, party like its 1773 tomorrow! Find a Tea Party to attend, its liberating!
    Take care/ Viva la Freedom,

    • Hi Fourredbullsaday, Thanks for visiting. Vacationing, (got wifi) but very self absorbed here! ha ha. Yes I’ve been trying to get someone (here) to send me the location but haven’t heard anything yet.

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  3. […] the past and slipping in your wedge so deftly to spread your racism.  There is no video of your PLANTED reporter to place here in this post, however if one comes available I will put it in.  Remember […]

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