BLACK and WHITE Race Genocide in America

Black Genocide in America Blog post by Jason Leverette.

The following videos will enlighten, hopefully and with prayers everyone who views them will ensure these videos are passed on to ALL of the information gathering websites i.e. Twitter, et cetara!

Apparently every political party advanced the desire to obliterate the black race since President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves…the black race!

Today we have a president who continues the process of Roe v Wade genocide law since 1973! More than 50,000,000 American babies of ALL RACES have been murdered. Tiller the abortion specialist in late term murders of VIABLE, HEALTHY babies murdered more than 60,000 babies!

No reasons were forthcoming concerning the mother’s health why but, some say ALL the pregnant women needed could use the excuse of having their babies murdered was…I have a headache or I cannot jog!

This is also obvious, President Obama is just another puppet of the “BILDERBERGERS” who, decide who will be President of almost every country and own ALL of the money in the world!

Eventually the United Nations will control ALL departments of governance in AMERICA which will become the CAPITOL of the New World Order!

The United Nations is also under the “BILDERBERGERS” control and finances genocide of black races round the world through the UN!

These super wealthy narcissists control over $51,000,000,000,000 in currency, gold and other assets et cetera! These people are akin to Obama (Hope & Change) who is also a narcissist! They have all the wealth in the world! Their one and only desire is to enslave the world…WITH THEIR POWER!!!

Better to die fighting for freedom than to die enslaved…ask a black American who was enslaved for 250 years, how if feels!

Obama and Planned Parenthood- Can you believe he ADVOCATES MURDER, While people clap???? I can!  See Iran, Somali, and other Sharia Law countries… 

Jason is a member of The Patriotic Resistance and a Patriot.

Join The Patriotic Resistance here.

Welcome, Join The Patriotic Resistance Today!

Welcome, Join The Patriotic Resistance Today!


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