Ok, People Now it’s time to Get the Birth Certificate!

Barack's Real Birth Certificate

Barack's Real Birth Certificate

WND Drops The Eligiblity Ball –  Latest OBAMANations  — Day 156

[Allrightythen, now we have seen first hand how it’s going to be, with his irrefutible weakness in the light of severe worldwide oppression and violence.  ALSO, the crybaby spoiled child response now that the media is asking some tougher questions, puuulease gimme a break! People, as sick as this makes me I can definately see this happening, sorry but gross.]

One of these days the Obama administration might serve up for your culinary consumption the most perfect long form birth certificate you could ever imagine.  Hawaii officials will vouch for its authenticity under oath if need be.  And numerous forensic experts will substantiate its veracity.
Then the POTUS eligibility movement is going to look like a vast nutjob right wing conspiracy.
And the ineligible one will be so much stronger and more powerful for it.
“…The BC thing is a side dish, not the main course.  Any discussion of the BC issue should be subordinate to the dual nationality issue…”


Read Article in it’s entirety here.


21 Responses

  1. Too funny !! I love the pic … speaks volumes !!!

  2. Actually, this issue is quite hilarious. I choose to try to look at the “humor” of it. Because it is very sad. This man CANNOT be a “naturalized” citizen as the U.S. Constitution calls for the U.S. President to be in order to serve; not as Amendment 14 subscribes which is what some people say he should be. That is NOT what the POTUS’s requirements are.
    And WHY was John McCain vetted so thoroughly and no one even bothered with Obama?
    AND, Obama stated on his Senatorial website that his father was born in Kenya under British Rule. This is proof that Obama is NOT a naturalized citizen! British citizenship is passed down at birth.
    This is more than a slap in the face of every American. And, to call those who would question this “birthers” is well, I won’t use profanity here…it is not my blog.
    This man is dismantling our country. He is turning the military (of other countries and the UN) it is suspected via Homeland Security on American citizens if “we” “act up”. Homeschoolers, Constitutionalists, Christians, and other “normal” people are “right-wing extremists” but those who are, in fact, a danger to our society are simply looked over.
    Yes, it is time to call for STATE RIGHTS. And, it is time to get smart and withhold all tax money from the federal government throughout the year. Pay only if you must at the very end of the line. At the end of the filing deadline – that would be after a tax deadline extension. And, if one is owed a refund, get that back after filing on February 12 (or the soonest day one can e-file). It’s time to be “smart”, and hit the government where it hurts the most- in the pocketbook.
    What does this have to do with Obama’s birth certificate? EVERYTHING. The faster his “popularity polls” fall and the quicker his “approval ratings” fall, the more disenfranchised people will be with him and we can boot him out of office in 2012. In the meantime, anybody seen a good candidate for President?

  3. Hi Lea Nice to meet you.

  4. The WND is now offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can prove they attended Obama’s birth.

  5. FYI, Justin is a stealth spammer…

    just edit his comment and mark it spam…
    his username is a link to a business.

  6. WG
    Ebay snatched the auction of bid on Obama kenyan bc, from the site. They did this today when the bid got over 1 million $$. This makes the 5th time ebay has done this & they are intimidating ebay users/potential buyers who communicates w/the seller. This is bs what ebay is doing & it makes me think somebody in ebay is in the obama camp.


    • Oh Arlene! girl thank you so much for keeping me up to date. I’ve been self absorbed (on vacation) but i’m wifi too! hahahah

      Hey, this is great, WHERE THERE IS SMOKE, THERE IS FIRE! woohoo! I’ve had a guy on my Obama is Marxist post debating, so that is where my time is going (I guess)

  7. Im moving rather fast today because of what ebay has done. I have sent email to beck, limbaugh & hannity on this matter. I have also sent a small donation to WND to help them out on this BC matter.

  8. ROTFL !!! This is TOO FUNNY !!! …

  9. So LBJ was in on the assination of JFK , right ?! I mean Oliver knows !! The CIA too !!! … LOL !!!

  10. And Marlboro Man BHO is ready to sidle up with Allah and sell the great US of A down the tubes !!! … All by his lonesome !!! … That’s one clever Kenyan !!

  11. There’s a $25 mil reward for Obama real birth certificate. The problem I have w/the contract is that it specifies that Obama will get the 25 mil if HE produces the long-form real birth certificate. I think that the folks who find that document (as great risk of their life) should get the reward.

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