B. Hussein O. Popularity Lost! Americans are finally waking up after their almost year long Rip Van Winkle Stupor

Folks here is your Change, You got it!

Folks here is your Change, You got it!

Excerpts from Michael Goodwin article, all I can say is Amen brother!

What is sooooo funnnny to me is watching how MAD he gets now that he’s having to answer and deal with the tough questions.  As opposed to being petted and pampered by everyone as he has been.  I predict B. Hussein O. will do something along the lines of “going postal” as the demise of his popularity continues it’s downward spiral.  There is No Way on God’s green earth that BHO will Go Down, as gracefully as he Went Up! and I’m smiling…

…But in answering Garrett’s question with nonsensical insistence he had been consistent, the President damaged his credibility and missed a chance to explain how his thinking has evolved since the June 12 election.  Oh yea too, Major Garret better watchout for the Obama Voodoo doll or it might come after him…as No One messes up BHO’s hair like Garrett did, woohoo!

“…getting defensive and saying, “Only I am the President of the United States.”  See my post on the disease Obama has.  In other words, there is no “I” in TEAM. hahahahahah

The notion that victory carries a blank check is fantasy. Especially in a polarized country with a nonstop media blitz, a mandate must be re-won on every major issue….

Oh, hey People, what I really loved was how mad he got when asked about his SMOKING!!!  Now That was funny!!!!


11 Responses

  1. Good post WG. Major better watch out. I’m sure a tax ausit is coming.

  2. You are funny warrant with your B. Hussein O. What exactly is your point with that?
    Obama “No Drama” go postal? lol. that would be something to see.
    ok, just a driveby…see ya!

    • Hey Rose! glad you gave me a drive by. Well the point is and explaination as to why he is so Anti-American. His name expalins it all.

      • gotcha, thanks for explaining. I thought we were a nation of immigrants. I would bet the farm that there are more people in this country with Hussein as their middle name than who have my middle name. My ancestors came from Europe. My name reflects that. Real “American” names would be “Walks Lightly” or “Brave Bumblebee”. Our names often reflect our heritage, but not our nationality. Noone has proven to me yet that the President wasn’t born in this country. Until its proven, his nationality is all assumption.
        ok, hope you have a great day in this wonderful place on earth.

    • Yes, Rose very well said and I agree mostly, except that our govt and people that want him to remain in power will be coming up with a resonable facsimilie and insulting our intelligence on it. But the real question lies with his college, passport, and birth records. Those records will have prooof positive he is not Armericn born. See my post on his executive order his first day in office (hiding his records) https://warrantonegirl.wordpress.com/2009/05/15/barrys-first-executive-order-imagine-that/ and my passport/records post I did. https://warrantonegirl.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/question-about-obamas-passport/

      Thanks for coming back Rose. Warrant

      • wg, I am willing to admit that until we see the proof, we really don’t know for sure where he was born. I am not convinced either way. I just contend that until there is proof of his African birth produced, we cannot say unequivocally that he was born in Kenya. Why is there not one photo, interview, shred of evidence that he was born in Kenya ever produced?

        • Hey Rose, he is hiding those records and now that he is president he signed into Law (hello) a protection against anyone ever finding his records and exposing him. Now we all know Kenya is very used to living under oppression (which is what bho does best; oppress). Plus the fact it gives attention to Kenya and the Kenyan’s are all for it.

          Bottom line, Where there is SMOKE, there is FIRE.

  3. wg, I ‘m trying to organize an expedition to kenya to investigate. wanna go? lol.

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