More than half a million letters delivered in opposition

The problem…One problem I see with this for one, the name is very misleading (isn’t that what dems do best?, mislead the public…Also, why can’t we all just go apply for a job and instead of checking the box for our ethnicity (to be included in affirmative action) we can then just check the box (Homosexual) or (Transgender) or (Cross Dresser); where does it stop people? I heard a man on TV the other day, cant remember who he was but he said, “I know people who used to be homosexual, but I don’t know anyone that used to be black…” Now, while I am not an advocate of “affirmative action” in context (I believe in hiring the “Best Man” for the Job) to me this is another attempt to Dumb Down, Dillute, and Pollute current policies as well as Muzzle the Conservative voice.

 More than half a MILLION letters have been delivered to members of the U.S. Senate in opposition to what critics have dubbed the “Pedophile Protection Act,” but with reports that a vote on the issue is imminent, the hours of opportunity to protest the plan are dwindling quickly.

Letters against Pedophile Protection Act

Letters against Pedophile Protection Act

The campaign to defeat the proposal, also known as the “hate crimes” bill, already has generated some 632,000 individual letters sent by Fed Ex to all 100 U.S. senators. The effort, organized by WND columnist Janet Porter, who also heads the Faith2Action Christian ministry.

Opponents say the bill would designate homosexuals and others with an alternative sexual lifestyle choice for special protections under federal law. At the same time, many believe that by criminalizing thought, it would lead eventually to Christian ministers and others being prosecuted for their beliefs and statements, especially biblical condemnations of homosexuality.

There have been several recent reports that a Senate vote on the bill is imminent; possibly by Monday, June 22.

 Read Article and get directions on what you can do to STOP The Pedophile Protection Act.  Sources working with senators opposing the legislation say the campaign has shaken up the dynamics of the debate.

“This bill was supposed to sail through the Senate, but it suddenly has become much more controversial as a result of all these letters,” one source said.

 P.S. If there was ever a time to stand and fight with everything we have, that time is now. The window of opportunity to filibuster is closing fast. We must use it NOW before it’s too late.


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  1. Once a rump ranger and a pole smoker, got to take care of your own. J.C

  2. We can start w/David Letterman.

  3. My name is Keith Smith. I was abducted, beaten and raped by a stranger. It wasn’t a neighbor, a coach, a relative, a family friend or teacher. It was a recidivist pedophile predator who spent time in prison for previous sex crimes; an animal hunting for victims in the quiet suburbs of Lincoln, Rhode Island.

    I was able to identify the guy and the car he was driving. He was arrested and indicted but never went to trial. His trial never took place because he was brutally beaten to death in Providence before his court date. 34 years later, no one has ever been charged with the crime.

    In the time between the night of my assault and the night he was murdered, I lived in fear. I was afraid he was still around town. Afraid he was looking for me. Afraid he would track me down and kill me. The fear didn’t go away when he was murdered. Although he was no longer a threat, the simple life and innocence of a 14-year-old boy was gone forever. Carefree childhood thoughts replaced with the unrelenting realization that my world wasn’t a safe place. My peace shattered by a horrific criminal act of sexual violence.

    Over the past 34 years, I’ve been haunted by horrible, recurring memories of what he did to me. He visits me in my sleep. There have been dreams–nightmares actually–dozens of them, sweat inducing, yelling-in-my-sleep nightmares filled with images and emotions as real as they were when it actually happened. It doesn’t get easier over time. Long dead, he still visits me, silently sneaking up from out of nowhere when I least expect it. From the grave, he sits by my side on the couch every time the evening news reports a child abduction or sex crime. I don’t watch America’s Most Wanted or Law and Order SVU, because the stories are a catalyst, triggering long suppressed emotions, feelings, memories, fear and horror. Real life horror stories rip painful suppressed memories out from where they hide, from that recessed place in my brain that stores dark, dangerous, horrible memories. It happened when William Bonin confessed to abducting, raping and murdering 14 boys in California; when Jesse Timmendequas raped and murdered Megan Kanka in New Jersey; when Ben Ownby, missing for four days, and Shawn Hornbeck, missing for four years, were recovered in Missouri.

    Despite what happened that night and the constant reminders that continue to haunt me years later, I wouldn’t change what happened. The animal that attacked me was a serial predator, a violent pedophile trolling my neighborhood in Lincoln, Rhode Island looking for young boys. He beat me, raped me, and I stayed alive. I lived to see him arrested, indicted and murdered. It might not have turned out this way if he had grabbed one of my friends or another kid from my neighborhood. Perhaps he’d still be alive. Perhaps there would be dozens of more victims and perhaps he would have progressed to the point of silencing his victims by murdering them.

    Out of fear, shame and guilt, I’ve been silent for over three decades, not sharing with anyone the story of what happened to me. No more. The silence has to end. What happened to me wasn’t my fault. The fear, the shame, the guilt have to go. It’s time to stop keeping this secret from the people closest to me, people I care about, people I love, my long-time friends and my family. It’s time to speak out to raise public awareness of male sexual assault, to let other survivors know that they’re not alone and to help survivors of rape and violent crime understand that the emotion, fear and memories that may still haunt them are not uncommon to those of us who have shared a similar experience.

    My novel, Men in My Town, was inspired by these actual events. Men in My Town is available now at http://www.Amazon.com

    For those who suffer in silence, I hope my story brings some comfort, strength, peace and hope.

    For additional information, please visit the Men in My Town blog at http://www.meninmytown.wordpress.com

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