White House Blocks Access to Visitor List

Hiding It's what he does best

Hiding... It's what he does best

Transparency of Obama Administration – Ha Ha Ha; so much for that
The U.S. Secret Service is refusing to release the list of guests to the White House since Jan. 20, 2009, prompting a lawsuit by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

In a move that puts a cloud over transparency, White House officials are blocking access to the lists of the names of visitors to the White House.

The practice, carried over from the Bush administration, argues the public does not need to know who comes calling at the Executive Mansion, even for policy purposes.

“We are deeply disappointed,” said Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington spokeswoman Anne Weismann, whose group is suing to get the records.

“The president, who has committed his administration to transparency and accountability, now takes the position of the Bush administration that the public is not entitled to know who visits the White House. These are not the actions of a pro-transparency administration,” she said.

Read full story here.


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