The only way to stop Obama and destroy Liberalism forever


Friends, it’s no longer 1984. It’s 2009, and this is YOUR America. Are you going to lie down and die… or are you going to FIGHT?

Posted by: The American Vision

Whoever would have believed that an American President would distance himself from America’s Christian heritage and speak of the “Holy Quran” in a nation that will not allow the gospel to be preached or Christian conversions to take place?

-Whoever would have believed that an American President would speak about “common ground” with a religio-political system that wants to rule the world and eliminate all religious and secular competition?
-Who would have believed that the government of the United States, at the direction of the President and his cabinet, would own private businesses with almost no opposition voiced by the media and Congress?
-Who would have believed that members of the media would refer to a president as “some sort of god”?

Friends, it’s no longer 1984, it’s 2009, and this is YOUR America! What are YOU going to do about it?
If you think week-kneed politicians are going to represent your interests, think again.
Most of them are in the business of protecting their jobs long enough to retire with a sweet pension that you and I can only dream about and a hoped-for cushy ambassadorship in the next administration. Sure, there are some good ones, but their voices are drowned out by the accommadationists. In fact, the real statesmen are a threat to the political status quo on both sides of the aisle. NEVER FORGET THIS!

If we are going to get our nation back, we’re going to have to do it. Bad ideas got us into this mess and good ideas will get us out.

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t have any idea what these good ideas are. They’ve been brainwashed by government schools, led astray by a hostile media that does not have America’s best interests in view, and corrupted by an entertainment industry that distorts history and defines deviancy down almost any chance it gets.

But all is not lost, and it’s not too late. It doesn’t take a majority to turn a nation around, but it does take an informed and dedicated minority. In fact, God has put a great opportunity before us. In times of disillusionment people are ready for a shift in worldview thinking. Of course, it can go all bad as did during the French and Communist Revolutions and the rise of Nazism.

Americans have chosen the better path in the past.

We’ll celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in a few weeks. Who would have given those 52 signers a chance against what seemed to be impossible odds? I’m not sure that even they believed it could have been done.

Great Britain certainly didn’t give them much notice until it was too late. From that humble document, the greatest nation the world has ever known was brought into its fullness and the rest of the world noticed and beat a path to her shores.

We MUST revive and embrace the principles of our earliest founders and go forward in a new spirit of liberty, independence, and optimism.

We won’t do it by politics alone. It’s imperative that we understand what makes a nation great and the dangers inherent in unbridled political power.

There are no religiously neutral nations. Even atheists believe in god; it’s called the State.

America was founded on biblical principles. Liberals will deny it, but the facts are there.

Too many Americans believe that the way to change government is from the top down. This is a huge mistake. Our founders understood how important county and state governments are to a nation’s health. The Establishment and Limits of Civil Government, back in print after 160 years, shows that it is neither biblically nor constitutionally wrong to oppose civil tyrannies. The concept is built into the Bible and the Constitution. Romans 13 does not give unlimited power to the State. Civil government is also under God. State governments, through the Tenth Amendment, can oppose draconian rulings from the Federal government. State governments are also “ministers of God.”

Christians are under the false impression that they should not be involved in government. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Civil government was established by God. Our earliest founders understood this. That’s why they were deeply involved in civil government.

I do not own this book but am purchasing it very soon. THAT, is how important America and American values are to me. Passing the Torch of Liberty to a New Generation, back in print after 200 years, shows how the clergy made a point of applying the Bible to the civil sphere. This unique book and the story behind its publication will inspire you to follow their example.

“…small changes over time net huge results. We lost our country one small step at a time. We can win it back one small step at a time.

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What can you do? Join the Patriotic Resistance at

Join the Patriotic Resistance and make a diffrence.

Join the Patriotic Resistance and make a diffrence.



33 Responses

  1. Wow, you really are crazy. Good luck with that.

  2. Godless,

    To each his or her own. I for one believe in God. Though I disagree w/your you, you might be a 1/4 notch above Obama. You could had been a HEATHEN.

  3. Ha, I’ve seen that Zo guy before. Pretty funny(?) stuff.

    I am a heathen.

  4. Godless,
    Your blog page identifies you. It says:
    “We are a liberal, left-wing, progressive, and atheist blog”.

    Note the word ATHEIST.

    Godless, there is a difference between atheist & heathen. You can’t be both.


    Atheist – One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods.

    Heathen – an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible

    Since you now declare yourself to be a heathen, then you may want to change your blog statement to reflect the following:

    “We are a liberal, left-wing, progressive, and heathen blog”.

  5. I’ve always found it amusing that the followers of all these many ‘ HUMAN MIND CREATED ‘ entities ( God , Allah , Zeus , etc ) refer to people that think in terms of physical reality as ‘ atheist ‘ , ‘ agnostic ‘, or ‘ heathen ‘ … thusly inferring that ‘ poor buggers just don’t get it ‘ , as if their is really this ‘ invisible man who lives up in the sky ‘ … to quote George …BULLSHIT !!! … ( see my ‘ Inspirations ‘ section of my blog , click on George Carlin ‘ ) …

    Now , Arlene , before you give me YOUR label , I am neither Atheist nor Pagan nor Heathen … I’m me , I THINK FOR MYSELF and think within the realm of reality. We are merely one species of animals on this planet ( that has managed to dominate for a number of centuries ) but flesh and blood none the less … There is no ‘ divine plan ‘ from some ‘ supreme being ‘ … We evolved out of a complex series of chemical interaction and we came and we shall surely ‘ go ‘ at some point in infinite time … ( yet another ‘ human ‘ creation … )

    • Morb
      I’ve not labeled you or anyone for that matter. As I define myself.

      I believe you are speaking to the comment I directed to Godless w/a suggestion that by him being a self-declared atheist, he may be a notch better than Obama who is a Heathen.

      It was Godless who labeled himself as “atheist” via his own blog. And personally, I don’t care what his troublesome leanings are(atheism); or the lack of “anything” (heathenism). As you will read herein, Godless RE-IDENTIFIED himself as a heathen.

      Therefore, I suggested that he retitled his own blog to something like: “Left-Wing Blog of Heathens”. No need to thank me for the catchy title.

      • ?! That makes no sense ! … but if it makes you feel better … go for it …

      • You went to great lengths to describe a certain dictionary definition of ‘ heathen ‘ and ‘ atheist ‘ for Godless … yet you say you ‘ haven’t labeled anyone ‘ … you were speaking directly to him !!! Thus putting the ‘ label ‘ that you felt fit upon him !!! … Don’t try to squirm out of that one !!!

  6. Just clickin’ on the ‘ follow up option ( I neglected to on my original post …

  7. I apologize for my misspelling of ‘ there ‘ … that’s gonna bug me all day !!! …

    • Good Morning Morb, we all understand on misspelling.I don’t have time right now but will likely bbl to chat about your comment.

      Have you checked out Tickle Tickle lately? I have a RedStateUpdate…updated…

  8. I shall be checking in from time to time … in anticipation of your chat ! ~;-)

  9. Morning Morb, I take you as a gentleman/lady?? who likes to determine things via logic, or the rational mind, let me throw this Koan out there, what was here before nothing? Logic in IMO cannot get its hands around that, nor can anyone with any certainty answer that question for the following reason. We as a species have not evolved to the point of being able to comprehend nothing! I you picture a void, IE; blackness, or clear you still have something, black is a color, and clear has to have a reference point to be clear?? See what I mean, and what do I mean? There is no biological entity that has the brain power to determine really where we came from, not the human experience, but the universe which can be explained by reductionist theory back to the begging of either the big bang or what ever theory you might believe in, but what was here before the big bang??? Wrap your hands around that chicken or egg conundrum.

  10. @arlenearmy

    “Heathen – an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible”

    I’m atheist. You haven’t converted me, and I don’t acknowledge the god of the Bible. I’m, also, heathen.

  11. Hello Karmahd … Nice to meet ya !!

    First off , I can see you having a bit of trouble with my avatar , but if you saw my blog header you’d see I’d make one LOUSY lookin’ lady !! I am indeed of the male persuasion ( hopefully worthy of the term gentleman ! )…

    Secondly , on to your first point … We , as humans , generally can’t get a grasp around the concept of something having ‘ always been in existence ‘ … We tend to demand that something has a beginning and end … That’s a human trait , not necessarily a fact. That’s not been proven to this point … The universe may have ‘ always ‘ been here … I don’t particularly embrace the ‘ big bang ‘ theory , I entertain it from time to time , but , like you , I question what was before it then …

    Thirdly , technically speaking , I must correct you … black is the ‘ absence ‘ of colour ( Canadian spelling ! ) , it is not a color ( American spelling !).

    Point four … If you go back to my ‘ chemical reaction ‘ statement , that answers where the chicken came from , hence laying the first egg … conundrum solved …

    Finally , my point is , why … as we don’t have the answers … do people leap into a fantasy world of deities to get them through the day ?! …

    My guess is that clinging to the thought ( as that is all it is …a ‘ human ‘ thought ) that some supreme being is ‘ in charge ‘ of their life makes it easier for them to get through the day. Myself , I don’t mind wrestling the conundrum … I know I , and I alone , carve the niche that will end up being the microscopic iota of my presence upon this planet … comprised of many molecules of matter … that came together in a way that I have little understanding of.

  12. Hey Mr. Morb, my goal is to not get into a pissing match, but one correction, being black and the absence of color is still a reference point, take that back one level, to have absence of color you must first have color so you are not at square one with black.

    Second, I am speaking to faith, not god, if you prescribe to the random theory of the universe, you would have to have something to be random with, IE; my original point, we as a race or being cannot or do not have the capacity to determine what was here before here was here. So then comes faith, and those who choose to attach that faith or “objectify” that as a human presence or GOD so be it, but I do have faith that we are but the smallest of the small on a universal sense and should not be so arrogant as to claim we either know god or god does not exist, we clearly are not developed to that point of first intelligence or evolvement to make that platform. Cherieooo, Karma

  13. Again , I state , this ‘ god ‘ concept is man created , so I lose no sleep KNOWING it is non existent … Simply because I don’t have the explanation for the whole universe being here does not fill me with the urge to ‘ have faith ‘ in a man made fairy tale … and then go about killing and destroying all others who believe in a different ‘ fairy tale ‘ …

  14. By the way , we could go back and forth with the ‘ black ‘ thing all day … I can chase the dog around the barn too ! … Semantics ! Worthless !! Just as your comment on the big bang theory …’ what was there before …’ , I acknowledged that point …

    I was speaking of the science of light , think the Dark Side Of The Moon album cover … I see no point in stating an absence infers that something came first to have a reference to there being an absence …

    See how this could go on forever ?!!!

    My point is , is the only way you can get your head out of this circular discussion is to ‘ have faith ‘ that there’s a deity controlling everything ?

  15. Obama isn’t a heathen, he’s a Christian. He’s said so many times.

  16. I thought all you folk were up his ass about being a Muslim !!!!

  17. Again !! The fairy tale factor creeps into play !!! …

    • Morb, What is the fairy tale factor?

      • The generations old brainwashing of the young that speaks of ‘ the invisible man up in the sky ‘ !!! that ‘ watches over you … and is in control of your life … BLAH , BLAH , BALLS !! …

        RELIGION !!! …

        What a crock !!! …

        • Brainwashing, not Morb. C’mon man. (brainwashing the youth) ??? What about people like myself? that were not “born again” until age 32? No one brainwashed me, but that due to a significant event in my life I “Saw the Light” so to speak. But anyway. Did you study history? If you studied Caesar, etc. Jesus was there, he was a man of history too. The Jewish (not messianic Jews) say he was a Rabbi Messianic Jewish beliefs are similar to that of Christians. So He (Jesus) was there. Take for instance Intelligent design, (God) nothing can evolve into something better or more exquisite, in other words we are created in His (God) image, think, feel, have emotion, etc. There are no other animals on this earth like man. Morb, sorry for taking so long to respond here. As well I will be responding to some other comments of yours. Take care man and thanks for expressing your views.

  18. Morb
    Not a lot of trouble at all. He’s a heathen….. I had to break it down for him.

  19. Arlene .. that’s YOUR point of view … not necessarily accurate , simply because you choose to think that way … You type obtusely , as if ‘ you had to set him straight ‘ , as you know all ! … In your own mind , ie thought process …

    I’m all for being firm in one’s convictions … but don’t think you can put one of your labels on me , or anyone else , for that matter …

    Which particular man created fairy tale do you ‘ believe ‘ in , by the way ? God … Allah … Saint Thomas … Saint Richard … Saint Harold ? …

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