Lines in the Sand: Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is a declaration of WAR on the gun owners of America



Rush Limbaugh, Ken Blackwell and the National Rifle Association all agree – Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is a declaration of WAR on the gun owners of America. This is the most egregious attack on our liberties yet. And it must be defeated.

Please relay this email on to all of your contacts, as we have. Everyone must participate in this fight.

Contact information for Ohio’s two U.S. Senators is at . A personal visit to their office is the most powerful statement you can make. The second most influential contact is a personal “snail mail” letter (but you need to get it out quick!). The third most effective is a telephone call. Emails and faxes are also effective. Use one, then another, then another until we are assured by both Ohio’s Senators that Obama’s choice of the anti-gun nominee is “Dead On Arrival”.

Absolutely do not allow her to become a member of the Supreme Court so that she can uphold her own appealed ruling denying your rights to own a gun.

Following is further information about this issue:…

MY Reply to all of this follows:

I went on the Internet and searched for everything I could find on the social and political climate in countries immediately before revolution. We appear to be there.

Government debt and attempts to disarm citizens are the leading causes.

As governments coffers go dry, taxes are raised. As taxes are raised, citizens make it known to those that govern that they are not happy. When government begins to fear the wrath of the people they begin to fear for their own lives. Government believes they have no choice but to disarm the people for their own protection and survival. History has proven that this situation always causes revolution.
I don’t know of any remedy for this. We are writing and calling and faxing our leaders to tell them of our discontent. We are having Tea Parties all over the country. We are still being ignored. None of the issues of the people are being addressed by government. Their answer is to do a study on Americans and decide anyone who does not agree with government policies is a terrorist and a danger to government. Actually, it’s the other way around. Renegade government that treats citizens as if they were owned and can be compelled to do everything government mandates is an insult to people who have been educated to believe they live in a free country with government instituted by the people to serve them. The attempt to disarm the people will fail. It is the most irresponsible action government can attempt.

If government is so ignorant as to avoid what history has taught, they are doomed to repeat it. Americans will never surrender the one mechanism they have to remain free. They will fight to the death to stay armed. It’s nothing short of folly for this government to think Americans will be willing to surrender their guns because a treaty with a foreign power was signed, or the majority of politicians are personally against firearm ownership and therefore Americans must be disarmed.

Consider this as notice. We don’t care what Washington D.C. says. We don’t care what the courts say. We don’t care what the U.N. wants. We will replace government before we surrender our guns.

Mr.and Mrs. Politician, read the Original Organic Constitution for the United States of America. The one that stood for the Republic, not the one you use that stands for your converted corrupt Democracy. The Republic belongs to the people. We will not lose freedom through edicts under your emergency rule. You can have your created democracy. You can function under your own fraud. Just don’t expect us to obey. We have been good and honorable citizens and continued to serve the Republic even as you were dismantling it. The Organic Constitution may be ignored by you, but to us, the people, it is alive and intact. We will not accept corruption of the Bill of Rights. If you attempt to make them null and void under color of law you do so at your own peril. The people have spoken and we are resolute. There is no compromise.

The people have been lied to, abused, made bankrupt, all their property and labor taken for use by you, an irresponsible criminal government. We are no longer stupid. We now know the truth of what has been done. Knowing this we have not come for you.

We are telling you now……

End the corruption. Rescind Emergency Rule. Give the Republic back to the people. We are involved in an imperfect war declared by you against us. A declaration of war by government against its own citizens is TREASON.

Any attempt to disarm us will signal us to make your imperfect war against us perfect. The people have drawn their line in the sand. You have been placed on notice. Ignore this at your own peril.

Posted by Gerry.  Gerry is a member of the Resistance (to the Obama led Socialist Agenda) and a Patriot!


33 Responses

  1. Why is having a gun so important to you ( the States ) people ? … I wouldn’t trust most of the people I’ve known all my life with a loaded gun in their hand !!! Arrest the people that sell and possess guns that have no business doing so … that’s half the problem right there !!! Control the manufacturing of guns …

    Charleton Heston’s statement of ‘ You’ll have to pry it from my cold , dead hand ‘ speaks volumes of the mentality !! … Civilians don’t need guns !!!!

  2. Good article on Lines in the Sand: Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is a declaration of WAR on the gun owners of America

    I left you a message at VF blog:

    Whaaa – is that Warrant? You move so fast and throw out so many good ideas I had better get on-star installed on my computer so that I can get help in case our ideas run into each other.

  3. That’s the mentality I’m referring to … YES , YOU feel you NEED a gun in your house , when your husband ( who SHOULD have a gun , when fighting militarily ) leaves the house … Why ? … Because there’s a whole lot of assholes out there that have guns as well and none of ya should have one !!!! Quite frankly , from what I’m hearing here , I don’t think it wise that you have a gun in your house with children , despite the fact you spent a bit of time in the military …

    Military ( when actually performing that function ), Police ( Ditto ) to round up the morons that we don’t need to have in the world , Animal control … yes … But take the guns and rifles out of houses ( no one NEEDS to kill animals to place on their mantle piece … there’s plenty of other distractions to get involved with )… I don’t like the fact that you , with kids , and probably your neighbours , have guns and ammo in your house … where a bit of booze and the wrong word spoken has ended many a life because of this American thought of ‘ THEIR god’s ‘ given right to ‘ bear arms ‘ … Again … WHY ? …

  4. Oh , and by the way … I’m all red from catchin’ too much sun out by the hot tub over the weekend … You didn’t rake me over any coals ! Trust me ~;-)

  5. Morb
    The short answer to your question is:

    “To protect us from the government …. the US government”

  6. ok, Morb you are correct I do have children in my house of which are precisely the ones I will protect.

    I guess you prefer to have someone in office that will strip you of your rights to any and everything.

    Yes, 21 years in the army of which I was always a sharpshooter with the 16, 60, M3, etc. That is not the discussion here.

    You haven’t seen what the government is about to do here brother.

    I have to update some of the Bills these crazies are passing, all to render you inept. AND when that fruit cake and co enact marshall/martial law and have the ability to ransack your house you might remember why americas are preparing for this.

  7. Morb
    The reason why we (Americans) have constitutional right to bear arms is to keep us from being overthrown by a CORRUPT government. Period !!!! Folks can spin this & but I will put the real reason back on the track.

    The constitutional right to bear arms had nothing to do w/hunting. If hunting was an issue, then metropolitan cities would not be able to own them.

    The constitutional right to bear arms had nothing to do w/protecting your home & family from getting robbed by crack-cocaine addicts or a homegrown gang-banger who broke into your house. We do have the right to protect life & property, but that is covered under a different law.

  8. I must add, the the reason why foreign nations have not invaded the United States of American is because of our right to bear arms.

  9. Of all the folks in US who have fire arms, The US Armed Forces represents a fraction of that number. So who the hell you think will help fight the war when we get attacked on our own soil ?

  10. The population of U.S. citizens are BETTER armed that our U.S. Military.

    Also, one may want to see what Switzerland is doing. I believe every household has a firearm. I believe they are government issued. Sooooooooo… can anyone tell me if tiny neutral Switzerland has been invaded.

    • Great blog there Arlene, and amen sister.

      I’m sorry some people are going to be sitting on their thumbs going, gosh I wish I would have listened…

      Because guess what, B.Hussein is god now?

      What the hey?

  11. The Voices of America – Being Bold, Being Strong, Amen Sarah!

  12. Morb
    And lastly… you mentioned something about a God’s Given right to bear arms ….

    The right (that you speak of) to bear arms is not a God-given. It’s CONSTITUTIONAL (2nd amendment).

    • Arlene, yes I thought that thought too, thanks for saying it! Somehow I got lost in translation on my coal raking, !hahahaahahah morb said I didn’t do it, he did it in the sun anyway.

  13. Morb – I lived in Toronto in the 1960s. Police there at that time I believe were unarmed. I could ride the metro or whatever it was called in the middle of the night with no problem. Then the city grew from its wonderful human-scale self into the glass hung canyons like NYC and with it came more people – many without the consensus that had existed about what constituted civilized behavior. The police carried guns and things got the way they were in every other North American City. I am not a great gun officianado and I don’t keep one because in my case, I would shoot my toe off before I harmed another. However, in light of the growth of violence in my favorite city, by extension would not that growth continue and make it almost necessary that people had guns in their homes? I agree, more guns, more opportunity for accidents. However, with the sharp turn the US has taken toward divisions that could lead to civil disruption, wouldn’t you foresee a time when guns in the hands of homeowners would be appropriate?

    • very well said, SamHenry-Thanks I was feeling a little like????? I almost can’t believe someone (themorb) feels like this. But I’m sure he’s not the only one that feels this way.

      Now, I’m sure you saw what I said on vf’s post about this very thing.

      Oh well, you can’t please all the people all the time.

  14. WG – I can’t believe Morb is unduly undone by having a point of view that differs from you. He was just asking you some questions to get you thinking about your position – he was not grilling you having captured you out with your firearm without a license with possible intent to commit murder! Relax. Last time I heard, we in the western world enjoy a modicum of free speech. You do a good job WG. I may not always agree with you but I will always like you!

  15. I failed to come back to this discussion , until now … I did not realize that it had garnished so much response !! … Arlene , I’m not so impressed with your tone … that constitution you are referring to was written by somewhat ‘ uncivilized ‘ men , ‘ agreeing to disagree ‘ amongst themselves ( totally ignoring the indigenous people ) in a time centuries ago , who invaded ( not just ‘ popped in for a visit ! )another continent…

    Sam !! I’m not ‘ undone ‘ in the slightest ! I enjoy this sort of conversation … I find it fascinating to hear other’s thoughts … With me , however , you can’t just march in a parade and repeat other’s rhetoric … you have to fully articulate your point of view … you have yet to do so …

    W1G … I haven’t had a chance to peruse all the links you have put in here , but … rest assured , I shall have a boo !! Lookin’ forward to gettin’ back to you about them …

  16. Upon re-reading the thread Sam , I see that you were speaking to W1G , about my queries … I appreciate that thought … I thought you were agreeing that I was ‘ unduly undone ‘ … which of course I’m not …

    As for Arlene’s theory of ‘ government ‘ being the only reason in the constitution that you have to arm yourselves … I find that ludicrous !!! I’ll be the first one to trumpet the fact that politicians scam and cheat and are in it for the money … BUT !! ‘ We The People ‘ can change that !! And not by storin’ pistols and shootin’ everything in sight !!

    • morb, morb, morb, brother I will be the last one to be “shootin’ everything in sight”. Good grief.

      Yes after you review/do some of your own research on what the mobster in chief is planning; get back to me.

      o & one of his things is to take up your internet, computer and all the files on your computer. Hows that for liberty?

  17. God did not issue a right to firearms to Americans.

    But the US Constitution did…

    but what was the point?

  18. The right to bear arms is because of the revolutionaries and their abhorrence of the crown ie. their government. Thus, the 2nd amendment is to protect the people from autocratic government rule or tyranny.

  19. Morb lets discuss religion or abortion, LOL. The easy way or the rhetoric to this answer is similar in your response. Check the numbers on deaths by firearms all types, do some simple division by the population and you will find this is an issue created out of fear. Not so much fear of guns but the crazy guy or gal that might be wielding them. Fear has a way of distorting logic, and truth is hidden behind that veil. Car accidents, misdiagnosis of cancer, hell general obesity kill more Americans each day than firearms do. I say lets boycott McDonalds, and Burger King, they are the real killers!!

  20. A good reason to have a gun is because the Leftists dont want people to have guns…

    tickle tickle

    • hahaahahahhah ROFL, lolololololLOLOLOL!!! I wish I could put a wav of sound in here, it would be a belly laugh from me, I am laughing so hard! VF I am honored to have your presence here.

      THAT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tickle Tickle!!!!!

      Girl you are so funny! ahahahahah

  21. awwww why thank you sweete pie!

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