Everything you wanted to know about B. Hussein O. but were afraid to ask…Part I.

Obama Muslim Relatives-What? No you didn't...say that.

Obama Muslim Relatives-What? No you didn't...say that.

Hello People Beautiful People, you know when this person of interest came on the political stage everyone (most Americans) were saying, “Who the heck is this?”. Guess what? We STILL don’t know “Who the Heck he is”, DO YOU KNOW WHY? Because the left wing (domestic terrorist) Media and SOME OF yours Mine and Our elected officials are committing, er ‘um covering and concealing his true identity.

Now, I will try to give you some information that is of public record as follows. However, until “We The People” Demand PROOF that he is constitutionally legal to be ruining running this country we will remain under Tyranny.

This family isn’t Ozzie and Harriet. It’s closer to “Ozzie and Sharon Osborne meet the Jeffersons.”

Obama’s mother, Anna, was a beatnick who was greatly influenced by left-wing and communist teachers in the Mercer Island High School, and Obama Sr. was a serial bigamist. He abandoned his wives and children. He became a wife-beater and drunk. His arrogance destroyed his government career. He killed a man and lost both legs in alcohol-related accidents and eventually killed himself behind the wheel — hammered!

The Obamas are members of the Luo, Kenya’s third-largest ethnic group, which is part of a larger family of ethnic groups, collectively also known as Luo. This group belongs to the Eastern Sudanic branch of the Nilo-Saharan phylum. The Obama family is largely concentrated in the western province of Nyanza.
Barack Obama’s grandfather was Hussein Onyango Obama (Grandfather). He was born about 1895 and died in 1979. He worked for the British colonial government and was a prominent and wealthy farmer.

He worked as a cook for a British army officer when he became involved with the Kenyan independence movement. Grandfather Obama was arrested in 1949 as a sympathizer for the Kikuyu Central Association, the organization that ultimately spawned the Mau Mau. There is no question that the Kenyan penal system of that era was a violent place; mere imprisonment was not considered sufficiently punitive; torture was ubiquitous. Grandfather’s wife tells of horrific torture of her husband at the hands of the Brits. Some of her recollections are questionable, however: one scene of hell on earth she describes is actually a pretty good description of the process of delousing.

Grandfather lived for a time in Zanzibar, where he converted from Christianity to Islam. He was one of the first Muslim converts in his village.

Grandfather, for whom Obama was given the middle name, Hussein, was “fiercely devoted to Islam.” He had at least 3 wives: Helima, who had no children, Akuma who gave birth to Sarah Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. and Auma Obama.

“What your grandfather respected was strength — discipline.” Obama quoted his grandmother, Sarah, as telling him. “This is also why he rejected the Christian religion.

“For a brief time, he converted, and even changed his name to Johnson. But he could not understand such ideas as mercy towards your enemies, or that this man Jesus could wash away a man’s sins.”

“To your grandfather, this was foolish sentiment, something to comfort women,” she added. “And so he converted to Islam — he thought its practices conformed more closely to his beliefs.”

Grandfather’s third wife Sarah is the one often referred to by Obama as his “grandmother.” She is not a blood relative and describes herself as a lifelong Muslim. “I am a strong believer of the Islamic faith,” she said.

Sarah became the primary caregiver for Senior after his mother, Akuma, left the family while her children were still young.
Habiba Akumu Obama was Obama’s paternal grandmother, and the second wife of Hussein Onyango Obama.

A photograph of her holding her son, Barack Sr, on her lap is on the cover of her grandson’s memoirs titled “Dreams from my Father…”

PART II Coming soon…


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  1. Looking good. All I would add would be a reference for the above.

  2. Don’t see a problem WG, Looks good! Good write.

  3. WG – get my home e-mail from Rose or VF

  4. Let er rip, and keep ripping, good stuff

  5. No Mercy… No Mercy…

    Sins Can Not Be Forgiven…

    Gee… so that is where his attitude comes from…

    • Hey VF! Please forgive me! I have sinned. I was worried about a few of the words in here and did not want to offend anyone, but yet get the point across.

      Thanks a million!

  6. Warrant, I definitely must print this.

    Obama is still being vetted.

    I think Obama Sr. was allowed to have several wives in Kenya. But I think that Anna may be the bigamist if she was married to 2 men at the same time (Obama Sr. & the Indonesian).

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