Michelle Obama’s Fury on her gay hubby ~~~ hit the stands today hehehehe

Gay Boy, Now we know why he's kiss the butts of...

Gay Boy, Now we know why he's kiss the butts of...


That title is typical of the Globe, because Michelle knows and loves the fact that bho is so effeminate and he loves the fact that she is so manly.

FIRST Lady Michelle Obama is spearheading a shocking White House cover-up, insiders say in a blockbuster GLOBE world exclusive. Sources detail the cunning tactics furious Michelle is using to muzzle the man who claims to have had gay sex and cocaine encounters with the President as she battles to protect her husband’s image. It’s must reading for every American!


We’ve all known this fact is true, it’s just that this trait does not keep him from becoming president as Proof of being a Natural born citizen would. However, this is so funny. Even to me. It does however mess up his Muslim faith thingy, you know they don’t like that at least not admitdantly.

We all saw the Larry Sinclair vids of BHO with the cunnilings and BIG DRUGS.

We all know about his gay lover (Donald Young) at the church that met up with the Obama Voodoo doll.

The only reason Sinclair hasn’t met with the Voodoo doll is because B. Hussein O. and company just keep playing the “You Know he’s a druggie and crazy” card about ‘ol Larry.

The next thing which is really not nice to say, but you know he does not wear the pants in that family. You know he’s the Woman and Michelle is the Man. It really is true what “they” say; there is always someone for everyone.

They are a perfect match.

Globe is portraying that his wife is trying to hide this fact, however we have all known this fact and she knows it too. I guess you could call Michelle an enabler.


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  1. Warrant
    I grabbed a copy of that globe news the other day. I read the article about Obama’s gay affair & that Michelle is blocking Sinclare’s book publication of the gay affair. It seem Globe has been the only print media to print this kind of information (including the lack of Obama’s REAL birth certificate).

    • Hey Arelene girl, yes it all fits together. I’ve said he was very effiminate since the beginning. Then the Sinclair stuff comes out, then Donald Young is murdered?????

      If you cross him you meet with the Obama voodoo doll! haahah

      I linked to your post on that one!

    • Hey I didn’t know Sinclair was doing a book.

      Sinclair has been dismissed for being a druggie wack job but as that book closes in…SINCLAIR will meet with the Obama Voodoo doll!

  2. Michelle is not really an enabler IMO. I think she is an opportunist. If Obama is gay, there is nothing that she can do to turn him back into being a real man (if he ever was one in the 1st place).

    • I agree M is an opportunist or she wouldn’t have married him. He is gay (you can’t change the spots on a leopard) because you know why?

      Arlene, where there is SMOKE, There is FIRE!
      Thanks for your comments.

  3. This Gay smoking gun keeps dogging Barry…

    I wish someone would video him in the act.

    They he and Franks could swap “war stories.”

    I would never post the following picture as I work to deal in facts… but it is pretty funny.

  4. War Stories, how about closets to craw out of? LOL This is the type of stuff that once posted can get you on the list of the voo doo doll. I’m going to cross blog this as well Lisa..We will meet at the goolag in the future.

    • hahahahahahah, “It was when I lie there on rotting prison straw that I sensed the first stirrings of good…” I’ve read/heard a little of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

      Hey man jc, don’t scare me becuase if you are scared, just say scared; SCARED. lol Really that is why S773, S778 and martial law scare me. Peep, I’m scared. The ever reaching voodoo doll!

  5. Stopped in to say hello — Hello :O)

    Larry SInclair may not be the squeaky clean, but Barry cannot practice law due to his cocaine use (which he admitted using).

    You know the saddest thing about this homo issue, is the fact that 3 homo men from Trinity Church (Obama’s Chicago Church With Bozo Wright), were murdered within 40 days of each other.

    I like your site, you have good information here and thanx for the kudos.


    • hey man, I know it, doggoneit! a fellow blogger did a post on the Obama Voodoo doll and I posted about Donald Young on there, I didn’t know there were two more besides Young.

    • What is so interesting about the strings attached is they have been cut as has virtually anything incriminating we dig up, I told warrantonegirl I wouldn’t post her stuff, but I guess I should before those links are broken to the you tubes J.C.

  6. The link I posted doesn’t work but I was just there!

    You can get to it using this link and then clicking on the first link in the first post.

    Scratching my head on this one.

    That is if this link works :O)

  7. Warrant
    Yes Sinclair wrote a book. He tried to get it published, but Obama had him black-balled. Then Sinclair had to self-published it & pay for the printing of the book. I went to Barns & Noble website to buy it, but could not find it.

    • Arlenearmy!!!!! Girl you have to keeps us all informed on this! TELL ME WHEN You find the book! I bet it will be on the Best Sellers List fast, behind the Bible and Bill O’Reily’s Bold Fresh! hahahaahah

      Thanks volubrjotr for you links here too.

  8. Volub
    That’s some scary stuff !! I went to that link. This tell me that personal involvement w/Obama is TROUBLE. What is weird is that no FEMALE has claimed to had been intimately involved w/Obama. Only men !!

    We all shall see how his life unravels during the re-election.

  9. Below is the link to Barnes & Nobel regarding Larry Sinclair’s book about Obama


    It is said that the book should be made available on June 28, 2009

  10. Arlene;

    There was one allegation about Vera Baker, but it could have been an attempt to divert attention away from the Trinity Murders. Supposedly Michelle had her sent off to some island – how dramatic lol.

    Well here’s the one of the links;http://seanhannityfox.blogspot.com/2008/10/obama-affair-vera-baker-found-exiled-to.html

  11. warrantone, I’ve decided to go with the pole smoker stories before they go down, I’m going to have one of my wizzards get a little humping action going on with Oblowma. HA J.C.

  12. jcscuba, you really might end up in the gulag if you do that! Gosh, you are crazy!

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