Arlene Army – For the love of America




Why some people love the color of their skin.

Do Not Tread on Her.

Arlenearmy Homepage:

Sometimes in our lives we are pleasantly surprised as our faith in America, Americans and the American Dream is revealed to us over and over.  Upon that thought someone comes to mind, a fellow blogger aka arlenearmy.

Arlenearmy’s love for her Race and the Heritage there of are obvious every minute of every day.  Arlenearmy can be relied upon to keep her family, friends and America at heart as she speaks her thoughts and works out her convictions.    This is especially revealed in her extremely active and passionate daily undertaking in Advancing the Conservative Movement. 

Working toward equality for her family and fellow man is obvious by her presence here.  Not only does arlenearmy demonstrate these qualities, she never ceases to assist and promote Veteran Issues.  I believe we all share arlenearmy’s passion and realization that this Country has been HIJACKED!

Arlene has my utmost respect in many ways; especially of her service to our country in the Army; for One Protecting Our Right To Free Speech. IMAGINE THAT!  Especially when in this world of bloggers it can be so cut throat. 

Speaking of Cut Throat, CNN’s IReport Community comes to mind. Ha Ha!

Now, on a lighter note and back to arlenearmy, she has introduced me to a few of her fellow Youtube bloggers of which I will include some of their documentaries.  These documentaries are very informative as well as inspirational; some are inserted below for your education, information, and enjoyment.  Thank you arlenearmy for sharing of yourself and your friends here on the net. warrant aka asil.


The Gullyjuice Show Obama’s Destruction


Colin Powell’s war against conservatives is a war he can never win.

The Gullyjuice Show Pastor Manning is Right


Other Persons of Color in our country that love this country and realizes it has been Hijacked.

Why I’m A Conservative Republican

Kevin Elkins speech is the first 3.20 minutes. 

ZoNation: Land of “Zo” spelled backwards

Katrina Pierson – Dallas Tea Party – April 15, 2009

ZoNation YES WE CAN!!!

Under my bus


11 Responses

  1. Well put together WG. Arlene from what I know of her does not talk alot about her service to country. Not that that matters so much, but that she has done her service does matter. It is people like her that we need to thank everyday. We are not a free country without those who help to keep it free.

  2. This is SO Great WG!! I can’t wait for Arlene to see it!

  3. Warrant, thanks for your concern. I’m almost lost for words … Im blushing a shade of brownish-red.

    Maybe I should had publicly defined myself.

    One of the things I hate is the stigma of Blacks as being Democrat. O

    I see the democrat party as party of inclusion in a

  4. Correction … my keyboard is jumpy:

    One of the things I hate is the stigma that blacks can only be a democrat. Most blacks vote democrat because they are stuck in that mode. Actually, its a habitual vote .. Democrat …. democrat … democrat …. and they are taught to not question it. This is a vicious cycle from 1 generation to the next.

    And when the few blacks who cut themselves out of the Democrat herd, they are slammed as hating the color of their skin or their “ethnic” appearance. A person should be thankful for what God gives. God made me darker, w/fuller lips & nappier at the root than most. No spending $$$$ on botox or getting a tan or frying my hair straight like Al Sharpton.

    God did his job. And I did mine by making the choice to be a Republican.

  5. Hey guys and gals, I think we can all see and know what is obvious about our fellow blogger and friend arlenearmy. She is unique in her own personality but is joined by so many other republicans-conservatives and “would be” democrats that I believe the tide is turning.

    What makes me angry are the iTrolls as VotingFemale calls them. Making FALSE states as truth. In other words GENERALITIES because the color of someones skin and then going on to post a negative post because the one doing the posting is so BLIND and IGNORANT.

    Thank you!

  6. Arlene, you never said what you did in the Army. Doesn’t matter. You served and they could have put you anywhere if it came to bad times. Your a patriot.

  7. Ahhhh I finally got to see the Under my Bus vid, funny stuff and that guy has talent. Love the site, nice job, Karma

  8. You are seriously a funny woman, you have a great blog, I cross blogged this with yours, feel free to use any of my stuff, we seem to uncover different issues. The only question is who gets to pound the last nail?

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