Obama’s Budget Is Smoke And Mirrors

New Era Of Socialism - Obama Style

New Era Of Socialism - Obama Style

• Posted by Grassfire.org on May 11, 2009 at 8:15am

Obama’s Budget Smoke & Mirrors

by Mark Demshock

Today, the Obama administration unveiled program details of its $3.5 trillion federal budget for the fiscal year beginning in October. Conservatives, don’t be fooled. Obama’s Socialist Budget is the largest budget ever proposed by a President with the largest deficits in American history. President Obama and his team are lying about their 1500-page budget and their supposed “budget cuts.”

In fact, if the Obama team was honest, the budget might actually be called something like this:

Obama claims that after Congress passed its budget resolution, his team scoured the budget and saved $17billion from next year’s federal budget. Unfortunately, much of what the White House is sending up in its documentation of cuts was already proposed as part of the budget outline that the White House already sent up to Congress in February.
They aren’t cutting the budget. In fact, Obama’s budget is over $400 billion larger than the government’s 2009 budget and $100 bill larger than the bloated budget resolution Congress just passed. This is the SAME budget as released two months ago.

In fact, President Obama’s bill still includes:
– The $2 Trillion Carbon Tax
– It adds over $9 trillion to the national debt—doubling the total debt accumulated from the start of our country through the Bush presidency.
– It includes the massive socialized healthcare overhaul
– It even ignores the $3.4 trillion budget Congress passed and reverts to Obama’s original $3.5 trillion budget.
Simply put, Obama’s team is lying. As the Chicago Tribune reported, the “news” of the budget cuts grabbed the headlines even thought the supposed “cuts” were all in Obama’s original budget! There is nothing new. No new budget cuts. Obama has simply repackaged his bloated budget—ignoring Congress’ meager reductions—as a fiscally responsible document.

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