What really must be done – Obama “Possibly” Filtering Money to Iran Through the Earthquake Relief Fund

What really must be done
by DefendUSx May 06, 2009

The wealth it has afforded these crooks in power, is not of my concern. What is my concern is the American way, the way of the free world.

I know how it works, so easy to get tax money when you set up non-Profit organizations for hand-outs, as many of these mostly liberal (far left) crooks have done. You can virtually come up with anything, for any ridiculous and meaningless study, and get a Senator to get the funding for you. Of course, the Senator expects his/her “cut” of the profit too. It is why so many Senators are crooked; as they get kick-backs from companies they helped get funds awarded to, even for the most nefarious of things.

Obama was different though, and it was easy to see right from the out-set. He did the same thing as other Senators, but for companies in Iran! For example, one company was called the “Earthquake Relief Fund”.

Middle Eastern operatives (or agents of Islam) learned this scheme quickly, as they studied how US Senators conducted their corrupt business practices to get taxpayer$ into their own pockets. So what do you suppose the goal was then? To get someone working for them to attain US Senator status, so they could funnel money to non-profit agency fronts like the “Earthquake Relief Front” for Iran.

So, what we really have is agent for Islam, now in the White House. He aims to take down America for Islam, while those that back him, the Western Globalists, picked him to forward their globalist agenda, because they believed he could unite Africa and much of the Middle East under their wing.

Like in Hitler’s time, many Western bankers funded Hitler’s regime for New World Order (under the Nazis), and now they do the same for Obama.

They always pick a Narcissist to do their bidding, because only a Narcissist (potentially and likely patholigical in this case) are the only ones’ arrogant, selfish and stupid enough to try and pull off a new world order. Or at least try to.

Remember Obama’s words during the campaign for Usurpership? “I am going to change the world” he says. He even said that in Germany where Hitler once spoke.

As Hitler did, he underestimates those in the world who are intelligent enough to see what he and his backers’ are up to.

Obama cannot be what several refer to as the AC (anti-Christ), because too many are on to any insidious agendas he may have. However, there is an Arab rising quickly – very much so, from the Middle East, who really fits all these characteristics and is now high-up in the running for President soon in the EU (European Union).

In order for America to remain America, no lawsuits or civil protests are going to do this. The only thing that will is the States’ succeeding from the Union, until the current government is inept, and self-governance and/or the formation of a new government can be instantiated to support the Constitution.

A former Obama client, Ahmad Baravati, changed the name of his tax exempt organization IRAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND to American Care Society which has
a NTEE (National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities) Classification System developed by The National Center for Charitable Statistics

Obama argues case for Ahmad Baravati

AHMAD P BARAVATI DOB: 10/12/1944 Age: 63
Address – 1544 OAKWOOD AVE, HIGHLAND PARK IL 60035
Address – 1544 OAKWOOD AVE, HIGHLAND PARK IL 60035
FEIN – 562426044
Stock Information: STOCK INFORMATION?????? WHAT????? Hello People
Change in Capital: 8/15/2000
Tax Capital: $ 1,000
Total Capital: $ 1,000

Type of Stock: COMMON
Shares Issued: 10,000,000.00
Authorized Quantity: 20,000,000
Voting Rights: YES

Lady Hawke is a member of the Resistnet and a Patriot.
Join The Patriotic Resistance www.resistnet.com


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