The Federal Reserve – 9 Trillion dollars; Is Anyone Minding the Store?

I just watched this on and had to COPY it. Hey my next post will be original.

I do wish to be more like a VotingFemale I know, while I share the same belief system and support her 100% I am just not as creative.

The youtube video above is not coming through, please view it from here:

Could it be that maybe this video is being hit so many times?

Rep. Alan Grayson asks the Federal Reserve Inspector General about the trillions of dollars lent or spent by the Federal Reserve and where it went, and the trillions of off balance sheet obligation. Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman responds that the IG does not know and is not tracking where this money is.

May 06, 2009


3 Responses

  1. warrant
    i see your video. i had to install java update in order to see it.

  2. You are doing great warrant. You are creative as well. At least you stay with it … and sometimes I fall down on the job.

    I will be away for a few days, but will check back to see how’s you are doing when I get back.

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