UPDATE! The Myth of Republican Racism: Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Republican

MLK was a Republican

MLK was a Republican

The Myth of Republican Racism: Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Republican

You can download this .PDF report written by a King family member at the following link:


NOTE: This is an awesome press release from the leader of the National Black Republican Association.
In this man’s opinion, it is a MUST READ for all members of the Patriotic Resistance.

By Frances Rice

In a moment that will live in infamy, President Barack Hussein Obama fostered upon America a gigantic Socialist Stimulus Bill that will plunge America deeply into the failed Euro-socialist psychosis.

Obama conjured up images of the Great Depression to intimidate the US Congress into voting for his $787 billion pork-laden stimulus bill that was crafted in the dead of night by liberal Democrats and read by no member of Congress before they voted the next day. Now, economists are revealing that Obama’s Depression analogy is historically false and fearmongering at its worse. History shows that FDR’s New Deal blocked recovery and plunged our nation into a deeper recession. What really got us out of the Great Depression was World War Two.

National Black Republican Association – DYK-30PIECESOFSILVER
Will we fight for our freedom, using the non-violent means of Republican Dr. Martin Luther … National Black Republican Association, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Please review this link From ArleneArmy as well. 


Location: http://www.resistnet.com/


20 Responses

  1. Democrats try hard to hide this fact.

  2. i have not much time to research into this matter, but i wonder why would king family endorse the democrat when mlk was a republican.

  3. I don’t think tha party lines are as clear as they were in the sixty’s. But let’s get all racist about it. a King would vote for a 1/2 black in a heart beat.

  4. Wow sorry it took me so long to check out your stuff, nicely written, had a minute from work to take a look, Karma

  5. The conservative American should be our President we wold be in a hell of a lot better shape! Great post and site Jim Do you know how to creat a widget so people can get your daily musings by internet in their Mail I can help you. We both use word press and I was told it can’t be done, no sign up at the right hand top of my page where it asks for Email Jim Keep plowing..

  6. Good report WG. :-}
    During the election, MLK’s daughter defended her father’s principals and stated that Obama was NOTHING like her father and that he was not following his ideology. Also, I recall MLK’s son not supporting Obama either??? I may have some facts mixed up, but that is how I remember it. Something to research anyway. ;-]
    Neither of them IMO sounded like they supported Obama???

    • Hey LisainTX, Thanks for that great information!

    • Lisa
      You may be correct on this about MLK kids who may not been supporters of Obama. I saw at least 1 of his kids on TV at the Democrat convention (after Obama won the primaries)…. & it appeared to me that they were supportive. But they could had been posturing.

  7. this is a very interesting video

  8. Thank you Arlenearmy, this video is great!

  9. Warrant
    Here’s another black conservative that is keeping it real & telling it like it really is. And some liberals will probably bash him as hating on his own race, but what he is saying is true.. VERY TRUE

    • Arlenearmy, Thank you very much I will be compiling for The new post. Right now, I just keep moving older posts to my front page (keeping the word out). xxoo

  10. Thanks WG
    I just found out about this dust up on foxnews website this morning.

  11. This is the confrontation between black panther QX & Black republican in Houston. QX has always been a trouble maker. He’s something similar to AL Sharpton, but in a the worst way.

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