Obamanation Cannot Be Stopped! But they CAN be Debunked, Defunded, Derailed and Deposed

Posted by Lady Hawke on May 2, 2009
By JB Williams
©2009 USA

The Obamanation is steamrolling over the American people, the US Constitution, freedom and liberty and the momentum is clearly on their side at the moment. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals have already proven to be extremely effective when used by very extreme people on a do-or-die quest for extreme central powers…

In my opinion, the momentum is so much on their side, that there is quite literally NO means of stopping them. If you step in their way, you will simply get run over.

This does NOT mean that there is nothing you can do, however.

Hundreds of emails and thousands of comments from readers per day ask the same question over and over again, “What can we do?”

You can Debunk, Defund, Derail and Depose…

Let’s make this simple… Real American patriots should do all of the following, for starters…

Debunk every leftist lie coming from the White House, the Democratic Socialists of America Congress and their minions in the leftist press. Let NO lie stand unchallenged, anywhere, any time, especially in the press.

Defund their Democratic Socialism… Socialism requires the confiscation of YOUR earnings. As Senate leader Harry Reid put it on YouTube – “Taxation Is Voluntary” – They can only take away what you agree to let them take. Realize that your silence IS your consent and stop consenting! – Protesting “taxation under diabolical misrepresentation” is one thing, but refusing to go along with it anymore is quite another. One is easy to mock, the other, hard to survive…

Since you can’t stop a speeding locomotive, you have to derail it. The leftist agenda is only able to advance in an ill-informed society. Society is ill-informed when the press is not held accountable and forced to report the truth. Hold your July 4th TEA Party on the steps of Fox, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN, and watch them mock you then… While there, demand to know why they never asked for Obama’s birth or college records, and still won’t?

Depose the fraudulent Resident-in-Chief. If Obama had nothing to hide, would he be spending millions in legal fees to keep his birth and college records under lock and key and far from any US courtroom? Consider holding one BIG TEA Party on the steps of the US Supreme Court, focused solely on demanding the court hear the cases surrounding Obama’s eligibility. Sit a million-man TEA Party on the front steps of the Supreme Court and then see how long it takes to drag Obama’s file into court…

These are the four basics “must do’s” for every American patriot currently heartbroken by the daily attacks on all things American.

That’s because a massive united pursuit of these four things CAN derail the leftist locomotive currently rumbling down the track.


3 Responses

  1. Hey, come on “Where is the Rebellion” ?

  2. Warrant,
    Obama is digging himself deeper in doo-doo. He’s debunking himself.

    I think this black panther ordeal, has woke up a lot of folks has were in denial … or who were just plain scared of him.

    Obama can be STOPPED if folks lose their fear of him & stand up & speak out. I want to repeat myself: “Obama can be stopped”.

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