Obama ‘whitewashing’ reality of Islamic threat

Israel and Palestine Flags

Israel and Palestine Flags

The head of a pro-Israel organization says he’s worried that the Barack Obama administration could be the most hostile ever to the state of Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to visit the White House later this month for the first time since he took office March 31. Netanyahu has not endorsed the creation of a Palestinian state, though that has been a cornerstone of Western policy in the region. As a result, there have been predictions of clashes between the governments of Obama and Netanyahu.

Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, admits he is worried about how Obama will deal with the Jewish state.

“This could turn out to be the most hostile administration to Israel we have ever seen,” Klein laments. “Remember, this isn’t good for America. A weak Israel is not able fight Islamic terrorism as a strong Israel can — and Israel is America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East.”

Klein says Obama does not even want to acknowledge what his own country is facing.

“He said we should not use the word ‘terrorist’ anymore — [instead] we should use the word ‘man-caused disaster,'” he explains. “And we shouldn’t use the term ‘war on terrorism’ anymore — [instead] we should use the term ‘overseas contingency operations.’

“So he’s trying to whitewash the reality and the fact that we are in the midst in a war against Islamist terrorism,” Klein concludes.

Netanyahu is expected to unveil his official foreign policy before heading to Washington in mid-May.


5 Responses

  1. When and if we are attacked again.. it will be because of the current administrations pre 911 mentality. Great post!

  2. Great Post!!
    I share their concerns for our own country. This Obamanation admin has done nothing but weaken our stance on our obligations regarding foreign policy and now they have even included law biding American’s as threats and dare call us terrorists. Things are getting worse every time they open their mouths!!

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