Inalienable Rights; The Constitution – TEA Party

Kevin Elkins Radio Talk show host and small business owner in Montgomery Alabama gave his three minute moving and invigorating speech on America.

Which include his poignant view of the United States Constitution.

Why doesn’t the President leave this document alone?

I will tell you. Because he is not of the people that this document was written by or for. 

He is acting on his “kill the infidel” agenda. 

BHO has the mentality of a spoiled four year old.


The US Declaration of Independence states that God Himself bestowed our rights and liberties upon us. The entire American political experiment is based on that unique premise. No other bulwark exists to safeguard the natural rights of human beings except Divine sanction. Remove God, and you also remove all claims to liberty, rights, meaning and purpose.



3 Responses

  1. Hey Come on, Where is the Rebellion?

  2. The person who wrote this blog is very wise and has very nice eyes.

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